__________November 07, 2015__________

Rearranging Day.

Just a heads up – today I’m going to throw everything into upheaval, here.

Remember that month or two that I didn’t write, last year?  Well, it turns out that there’s a place on WordPress that shows which days you posted and which.  And I’m FAR too anal for missing days.  The other problem that I’m running into is that I need to ‘protect’ instead of ‘privatize’ personal posts, or they don’t show up.  See the big space of *nothing* below?


Yeah, that.  There are posts almost every day of it, and I can’t work around them, because I can’t SEE them.  (I miss Xanga.)  Anyhow, my plan is to post stuff for school/adventures, and then MOVE them to fill in spots, afterwards, and fill in the spots with stuff that matters to *me*.

I know that’s weird and kind of confusing and all sorts of other stuff.  I don’t frankly care.
It really will be okay – and the links will be fixed, and everything will be fine.

Speaking of broken links (and other unfinished business!)… do you remember the Mythology playing cards I always meant to share, but couldn’t because the file was too big?  Well, this week I learned how to compress graphics in MSWord docs…!  Long story short?  The mythology cards are uploaded to the Internet, after THREE years.  Is that not amazing?  (And pitiful?)  Better late than never, I suppose.  Anyhow, you can access them via Story of the World post #20, in the homeschool section.  Just… as an FYI.

So there’s what’s happening, today.  In case anyone wondered.

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