__________November 08, 2015__________

A Better Day

Thanks ((a lot)) for letting me off the hook with my crappy, not-so-fun post yesterday. I fully intend to kick this thing in the hiney in a fraction of the time my guy does (and he’s still got his version of it, going on three weeks, now!)  I’m thinking three days is enough, don’t you?   😉  We’ll see.

Man, was I an embarrassing mess.  Fell asleep at every turn, throughout the day, yesterday, and that’s highly unusual for me!  The first time I was so cold, I went and burrowed back into bed and stayed way down under the covers in a huddled mass.  Then my guy called (he works half-day, Saturdays, and always calls at 11am to see if we need him to bring anything home).  The kids had to track me down – they lost me, completely!  Owen (5) was walking thru the house, calling, “Mom… Mom?  Mom…!  Mommmmmm…  Mom!  Mom?  Mom…”  It was kind of funny.  “Does anyone know where Mom is?”  (silence from the others)  “Mom…  Mom…!  Mom?   Mommmmm….”

I’m really lucky that the kids are so good at playing without me having to be right there, all the time.  I told you about the marketplace booths in the living room on TV trays on Friday.  Well, they did a variation of that same game the next day, with Lydia doing beads, Aaron taking over her eye-shadow and being a ‘tattoo’ artist (!!)… I think they wanted a repeat of Friday’s candy visits.

I meant to visit again yesterday, but… when I hit the living room after nap #1, I was still so exhausted, I kind of asked them if I could have a minute on the sofa, first…?  And they said I fell immediately asleep and was snoring!!!  (Homiword.  They assured me it was ‘soft and cute, not like Daddy’.  But still!)  I slept all the way thru until he came home, barely dragged myself to consciousness for that, and then they all made lunch while I sacked out even MORE.

As if that wasn’t weird enough?!  I fell asleep again later (and apparently was snoring) in the CAR!   See, when I get sick, I just kind of drop.  My guy LOVES it, because otherwise, he can’t get me to slow down, and it drives him crazy.  So when I get sick, he’s exultant – we can just stay still and watch TV!  We watched two more Dr. Who episodes after lunch, and then I dragged myself into the shower, hoping that would wake me up.  We had tickets to see a play, last night – ‘The Snow Queen’ – and I figured I’d be fine.  Chicken noodle soup, orange juice, tons of honeyed tea and D3… all those naps?  I’d be fine.  (And you know I would never admit if I wasn’t, so there’s that.)  So we gussied up, took off, and I… didn’t even know I fell asleep in the car until everyone was laughing at Mom snoring and woke me up!  So pitiful!!  What a loser.  But when you can’t breathe for crap…!  ((Blushing))

The show was great – it was an interactive production, which means they called for audience participation, and came out in the auditorium to talk to the kids and make them a part of the play.  My kids LOVED it – it was my replacement for the homeschool group’s half of ‘The Nutcracker’.  Same price, and we got a full show.  It was great.  And since all I was required to do was remain upright and still and watching, it was cake.  (*snort!*)  I did take a few pictures (no flash – I know the rules).  I’ll put a couple in here, for you.

At any rate, things seem to be getting back to normal.  I was up at 6am (not sleeping like a log, anymore), and it’s a good thing, because holy-oh-my-house!!!  ONE DAY of not being on top of things, and this place is so seriously trashed!  With seven workers, we can whip it into shape fast enough, but… every so often, STUFF closes in on me, and I have to purge.  I think we’re coming upon one of those times.  It’s closing in on me.  We’ll see what I can do, today.  Usually I ease back in – do some work for ten minutes, rest for ten… like that, all day, trying to push back to normal as much as I can.  Brian will be sad that I’m not still down for the count – he really prefers me whipped.  (Confounded man…!)

So today I picked up.  Did dishes, did laundry, swept, cleared the sink, made fresh tea, vacuumed three rooms (before my vacuum bit the dust – pun intended).  We took a cuddle break, and then got ready to go.  Took our big monthly load of cans, plastic, and glass to the recycling center, went critter food shopping, and I bought a blonde hair dye to try dyeing Aaron’s hair back.  (My BFF warned me that going light from a dark color usually ends up orange, so I tried to go with an ‘ash’ blonde, to avoid as much of that as possible).

Oh, and my guy FINALLY found the book Ethan lost – it was in the basement stairwell, of all places!!  So next I get to read Percy Jackson & the Olympians.  The kids are STOKED about seeing the movie, after I finish.  So I guess I’m on a time crunch, now!

Well, this was a little better, wasn’t it?  Not quite the *snore* the last one was?  (Hehe!)  It’s a better day… it’s just that everything stinks, now.  Colds are weird, dude.  Anyhow, I’d best upload those pics before I forget (a habit of mine, you may have noticed).

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