__________November 11, 2015__________

Bear with Me

I’m writing to apologize.  I’ve got NOTHING for you, today.  I’ve relapsed into the throes of sicki-hood-dom (or something equally as hideous), and I may just die of the worst head cold I’ve ever had in my life.  So far, I’ve lost three pounds from it not allowing any appetite whatsoever.

I was generally and pretty much entirely useless, yesterday.  I fell asleep during morning school.  May have slept thru a part of afternoon school, too… it’s kind of hazy.  I know there was a nap somewhere in between, because I was woke up from it by the door – I’d ordered Gypsy Tea on-line (based on that naturo-pathic class I took.  I just cheat a lot, and buy it pre-dried and in bulk you see.  Cheaper than EastTown Grand Rapids, that way).   So far it’s done a whole lotta whoppin’ nothing.

I also bought a bathing suit, yesterday.  That would be because Monday night while I was stranded in my old one, it came to my notice that it was so threadbare, it was kind of becoming… well, see-through.  I showed my guy and daughter.  They gaped and said, “Cover thyself, woman!”  So off to Amazon I went.  I wouldn’t have, but the check from the second set of side jobs came thru, and I had permission.  Besides, I really can’t swim with indecent part exposure going on, you know.  Luckily I’d already picked it out, so it didn’t require any serious amount of upright time or thought.  (Thinking is highly overrated when you have no equilibrium to help matters.

I did wake up when Brian came home, and again when he and the kids returned from getting take-out.  Told you I’ve been utterly useless.  You’re lucky the goats got hay (wait… yes.  I did give them hay, I think.  Leaning against the chain link fence whilst doing it.)  But Karate was obviously a no-go, and at the moment, I’m really thinking this whole vertical gig is not my bag.  So sorry.  We went to bed early (my guy: exultant over it), and I slept until TEN this morning.  TEN.  Absolutely pitiful.

So!  Guess this is it from me, today.  Just because I’m leaning towards going horizontal about… now.  You don’t mind, do you?  I hope not.  I’ll try not to pull this too often.  And I’ll try to cut back on the disturbing descriptions of it all, when it does hit.

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