__________November 13, 2015__________

Blessings by the Dozens!

Homigosh, am I the only one running at double speed, today?!?!?!?  Because from moment ONE, it’s been chaos.  Sheer chaos.  What’s astounding is that I’m actually keeping up!  That’s so unexpected, I can’t even tell you!!  But man, it’s good to be back to it, again!

Yesterday was a ‘lay low’ day.  We watched ‘Speed’ and did electronic school… but not much else until Brian got home.  The kids made bowling pins out of Du-Plos and used throw blankets for lanes, and Beanie balls to get their strikes.  I napped by them.  It was going to be a full night, and I wanted to try to get as much down time before having to go away.  But it was my LAST dose of Dayquil, so… milking it out, and naturally it was let’s-hack-a-lung day, so that was fun.  (Not.)  It was okay having to go away – I could pick up more Dayquil.  (Brian takes Nyquil, but I have to have the Day stuff, because you know how I drop when sick?  Could you imagine that on Nyquil?  It’d be like Sleeping Beauty’s thousand year sleep!  Goodness.)

Anyhow, things actually started picking up again, last night.  Swim night for the two youngest boys, but I planned to stay in the car, away from healthier human beings.  Well, it was so packed with parents, that my whole gang ended up coming back to the car!  Too funny… I had lots of company.  Couldn’t hear a single one of ’em, but… yeah.  And what was really funny is that Brian hasn’t been able to hear for three weeks – and now I can’t hear, either.  Everything from up higher that had been squishing my brain dropped into my ears.  And he’s got that deep, rumbly voice, anyhow…

So he’s like, “mmrmrmrmrmrrr.”  And I’m like, “WHAT?!”  He goes, “What?!”  And I say, “I can’t hear you!”  And he’s like, “Plug your nose and blow really hard.” (aka, “mrmrmrmrrrmrmr,” because I didn’t hear a word of it)  And I shout, “WHAT?!?!?!”  And the kids are just cackling (as loud as HE should be talking, hello…!!)  And they repeat what he muttered, and he says, “I can’t hear how loud I am, so I don’t want to yell.”   (aka, “mrmrmrmrmrrmrmr.“)  And I throw my hands up and go, “Dude, I can’t hear a WORD you’re saying.  I don’t even think YOU can hear a word you’re saying.  SPEAK UP.”  And he goes, “WHAT?!!?!?!”  << because he thinks he’s SO funny.  Someday we’re going to make hilarious old couple, you realize this, right?

It’s easier with the kids.  We just switch to ASL.  Brian just lifts his hands in a “What the heck?!” sign.  And that would be the extent of the man’s ASL.  (I think he might know ‘loser’, because the kids flash that one at him, when he does his ‘WTHeck’ sign, a lot.)

Moving on.  The blessings started at the Dayquil (which was on the FIRST end cap in Walmart – isn’t THAT telling?!?!).  I noticed in the Halloween pictures I posted on-line that the curtains in our living room never got changed when we got the new (CL) sofas and look seriously wrong [read: anal], so I wanted to see if I could find anything cheap that’d work better.  Plus last week I got backpacks for the back of the car, but I wanted to add a small towel to each, permanently.  So we headed to the clearance at the back of the store.  Are you ready for this?  We needed seven towels, and three curtain panels.  You know what was there in Clearance?!?!?!  Exactly SEVEN smaller towels, and only THREE matching curtain panels!  Holy wOw, it couldn’t have been more perfect!

Then this morning was Lydia and my dermatology appt.  I was going to reschedule, but… better just get it over with, right?  So we get up, head out, and I’m a MESS.  I can’d hear, tok like I god a sduffed ub doze, and… naturally we’re in the waiting room and I’ve GOT to use the restroom.  And naturally there were three elderly ladies headed in there just in front of me (I hate leaving the kids like that…!)  Anyhow, there’s paper towel on the wall, so I figure I’ll at least try to clear my head while I’m waiting, right?  IT WORKED!  I’ve got one whole ear back!!  Whoo-HOOO!  I squealed and did a whole dance and everything.  (Those old ladies were giving me looks).  But I was cleared out enough NOT to sound congested for the WHOLE appointment, *AND* I still can hear!!!

I did get in trouble at the appt.  I won’t use the topical meds.  If I put *anything* on my skin, I break out.  Same goes for her meds.  Now the little yellow pill?  That’s made everything bad go away, and nothing new appear.  That I’ll take.  But the topicals?  No.  And they don’t like that.  They’ve assigned me a new ‘wash’ that’s for super-sensitive skin.  (Hmph.)  She thought she’d sway me by saying it reduces wrinkles.  (Hmph.)  I’ll TRY it.  But no promises.

On the way home, I realized it’s PAYDAY…!!!!  Talk about another blessing!  And we have those two extra side job checks (and the third October payday covered this week’s bills)… so it’s going to be a FUN figure finagling day!  I was so geeked, I stopped and bought fixin’s to make a nice Shabbat supper, tonight.  (Let’s hope I don’t lose my momentum before then!)  And I told the kids to start thinking about Hanukkah wish lists.  They’re ALL over that.  🙂  It looks like we’ve been blessed with just enough to set aside what we need for presents.  See?  It works to the good!  (Not to mention next week is profit sharing, which means there’s a chance of a quarterly bonus.  Some years they provide a gift card for the families to get a Thanksgiving turkey. We’ll see.  If not, I have roosters in the freezer.  😉

Have I mentioned that today it’s started  ✼ ❄ ❅ SNOWING ✼ ❄ ❅ !!!?!

Speaking of blessings (and I know nobody cares in the WORLD but me), but… I’m all done wiping hineys!  For the first time in FIFTEEN YEARS, I don’t have someone yelling, ‘♪♫♪♫ Mo-om!  I’m all done going doo-oo!!♪♫♪♫ ‘  You have NO idea how amazing that is.  No, seriously.  FIFTEEN years… and FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I’ve seriously talked TOOOOO much (·٠•● Recovering!!!●•٠·) and need to send this, so there’s time to print/look at bills before having to write to pen-pals (it’s Shabbat – weigh-in night, and I’ve LOST!!! so I can be geek-y about it).  See?  Blessings!  All around me, blessings!

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