__________November 14, 2015__________

Earl-Eye in the Morning

Apparently Elohim wanted me to get up and get this out even earlier – instead of 4:44, I was rudely yanked from a hideous dream by the coughing fit I was having on-stage IN the dream.  That’s weird, btw.  It was 2-something at the time, but… here we are.  There was a lot of reading, this morning.

We don’t *have* snow.  It snowed, it melted, it became slushy, wet, crappy stuff, and then we were back to rain by afternoon.  But the sunset was SPECTACULAR.  Means it’s going to be a glorious weekend!  (Hope it is for your trip, too!)  My guy says it’s gonna hit 60.

This has NOT stopped me from pulling up the giant winter coat tub last night.  (Well… I had kids work as a team and shove it upstairs.  They’ve got bones in their arms.  And I was pretty much getting done by the end of the day.)

You have NO idea what *fun* it is, Coat-bringing-up Day.  Everyone has to try on their last years’ critter coat AND town coat, see if it still fits.  (They never do.  Kids grow.)  But see, part of my stay-home-and-save-money job is to hit garage sales and have a STOCK of coats to draw from in every size, as I find them for a buck or two.  There’s a big bar in the basement hung from the beams on chains, and on it is a coat for every size you can imagine.  So we bring ALL those coats up – we’re talking coats from 5T thru Brian’s size! – and figure out who’s in what.  And considering we have to weed it DOWN to fourteen coats?  It’s PANDEMONIUM!!!  😀  😀  😀  There’s just sleeves and hoods and zippers and pockets everywhere!! Kids are giddy and jumping in coat piles.  Stuff is found in pockets.  It’s just F.U.N.  You’d never think something so banal would be the highlight of an evening.

What’s pitiful is that the big tub doesn’t go down empty, oh no.  We have three or four sweaters, jackets, pullovers each from summer/spring wear that have to be traded out.  So that tub is PACKED with the light outer wear, now.  Which we will open come May, and the fun will happen all over again, in reverse!  ^_^

My pen-pal Cal … homigosh, I feel so bad for him.  He has my head cold from Hades, and he’s not even allowed pain reliever for the headache.  That on TOP of being off his arthritis meds, on TOP of the pain of the stuff he’s going thru with his heart.  He’s not writing at the moment, either, and I don’t blame him.  He says he can’t even sit in his chair, it’s so painful.  I wish I could lend him my hot tub, because he admitted that hot water pounding against him was the only relief. I can’t even imagine, but I’m SO praying for that poor guy.  And I can still write to him, regardless.  Maybe it’ll take his mind off things, even for a moment.  Maybe it’ll help?  I can’t do anything else for him, and I hate it.

Coat sorting wasn’t the only fun, last night – not by a long shot.  No, I didn’t have room in the cupboard for the Chex Mix (from our Puppy Sludge adventures), so I was *determined* to try making it, one more time.  Use up the leftovers.  The kids were like, “Seriously?  Seriously?!  Da-ad…!  Mom wants to screw up that recipe again…!!  She can?  Really?!  ALL RIGHT, LET’S DO IT!”  This time, we measured meticulously.  And I *think* it turned out.  Hoping to sneak it into the movie theatre, tonight in individual baggies.  (Bwahahaha!!!!)

YES, we’re going to the movies.  I need a Saturday adventure, and with everything so sloppy wet… and Brian was hinting about a movie.  So I went to see what there was playing, and… y’know what we watched when I was sick?  Bourne movies (Matt Damon) and ‘Speed’ (Jeff Daniels).  Y’know what’s playing?  ‘The Martian’, starring Matt Damon and Jeff Daniels.  It’s a SIGN, I swear it!  What are the chances, c’mon!  Besides, Cal said he went to see this (a while ago) and loved it… so that pricked my memory, too.  So we’re gonna go catch a movie at a kind of out-of-the-way, travel-for-it, very odd theater… that’s always cheap.  Anything before 5pm is $4, anything after 5pm is $5.  But it’s kind of a weird place.  More on that, tomorrow.

I also had the kids empty out the WHOLE back of the Uplander, last night.  THE STROLLER HAS BEEN REMOVED!!  It’s amazing.  Over a decade and a half of having a double stroller in the car, and it’s *gone*!  This is a milestone week, you realize this, don’t you?!?!  Anyhow, I went thru the stuff that gets stashed. (I have a master bag with first aid and things like binoculars and tools and such… and another bag with jumper cables, flares, tow rope, and stuff like that.)  There’s a box of extra blankets, and a fold-up shovel.  Anyhow.  But the 3-drawer tower came out, and all the stuff nobody fits… the life jackets and THE STROLLER…!!!

But then we all sat down in the living room and brainstormed stuff to pack in our backpacks.  Turns out I only have four space blankets – that’s not enough.  We have 7 hand-crank powered flashlights (something like this:  http://www.qualitylogoproducts.com/tradeshow-promotions/hand-crank-powered-flashlight.htm?variant=BLANK) that each of us have – Owen’s isn’t working, so my guy needs to look at that.  I bought whistles that have a thermometer on one side and a compass on the other.  We have P-38 can opener/blades for everyone.  And we made a list of what we needed to add: clothing, paracord bracelets… it’s extensive, and we need to buy some things to put it all together.  You know those little plastic travel soap containers?  I want to make a mini-kit out of them, with band-aids, safety pins, rubber bands, a credit card wrapped with duct tape… lots of stuff.  So we made up this list, and tomorrow while we’re out at the movies, we’re hitting the store for what we need for the packs.  The kids are excited about this.

Anyhow… It’s so early, I’m messaging back and forth my fifteenth cousin eight times removed over in Ireland.  If that isn’t a sign I need to go back to bed, I don’t know what is.

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