__________November 15, 2015__________

Our Adventures:  The Martian”

In the middle of quite possibly THE worst cold I have ever had in my life (ever NOT be able to swallow, before?)… I collapsed on the sofa in a mass and had a movie marathon.  Schooling was impossible – I wasn’t eating or talking.  I lost six pounds in one week!  It was absolutely insane.  So we watched some movies, and called school.  (We school pretty much year round, anyhow.  We always clock way more hours than our PS counterparts.  I’m not worried.)

First up were ‘The Bourne Trilogy’ films.  Love watching Matt Damon kicking global booty in my stead.  Then the next day I pulled out ‘Speed’, and we watched Keanu and Jeff Daniels go after homeland terrorist booty.  (It wasn’t called that at the time, but you know.)

So… you know how I am about threes?  Well, my pen-pal Cal (he’s 73 and ex-USAFSS, and an amazingly great guy to talk to) said that he’d gone to see ‘The Martian’, and that it was a good movie.  Then another pen-pal (why am I telling you about them?) said he was thinking of going to the movies that weekend.  Then later, I asked Brian what he thought we should do for our adventure of the week.  He had no ideas, except “maybe a movie”.  That’s THREE.

I got on-line, and started looking, and Cal’s movie, “The Martian” was still playing.  AND it had Matt Damon from the Bourne films, and to my utter shock, it had Jeff Daniels from ‘Speed’.  You know me… it’s a sign!!  But the movie was LONG.  And not going to be for kids.  Would they make it?  Could we do it?  We decided yes.

We chose a theatre we never go to – a place that has $2.50 before noon, $4 before five, and $5 evening shows – and these are newly released movies!  So we piled in the car, drove down to the theatre…

‘The Martian’ is a fictional story about a team that goes on a Mars mission, and there’s a giant storm that causes them to have to evacuate the planet or lose their ship.  Just before that, Mark Watney – the botanist on the mission – was trying to get back to the ship, was hit by equipment and flung into the dust storm, wounded.  They realized there was no way he could make it, so they called him a casualty, and evacuated.

Mark should’ve been dead, but because of the clotting of the blood to his suit, it sealed up the hole that would’ve cost him his oxygen… and he lived.  Except that he’s alone on Mars, and has to survive at least four years before the next ship arrives.  He goes into depression at first, but then decides to fight for his life, by ‘sciencing the hell’ out of the Mars station (‘Hab’) and trying to grow his own food, etc.  It was SO fascinating, and the kids were absolutely riveted to the film, the entire time.

WP_20151114_006 (510x666)Later, when we got home, I read the trivia on IMDB about it, and NASA says that the story – excepting for the initial storm – was completely possible, where there a station on Mars.  The science behind the film was all completely believable.   I learned a lot, watching the film, seeing how he worked out problems, how others tried to help him.  It was very, very good!

… and I’d forgotten that the theatre that we went to was… well, a little different.  The floor in it is red-orange and cement, done in such a way to be cratered and uneven.  We went to ‘Mars’ to see the ‘Martian’!  How fun!


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