__________November 18, 2015__________

A Scrappy Post

I don’t do sick.  I don’t LIKE sick.  And mostly we aren’t sick.  This is *HIGHLY* unusual!!  A friend got me into essential oils a year or so ago, and they do NOTHING to help, contrary to what those people peddling tiny bottles of junk have to say.  And as for that seminar I went to with Rebekah on natural healing?  Bone broth may be warm and tasty, and gypsy tea sound like it’s good… but they don’t have healing properties.  Either that, or I have the ‘Incredible Hulk of viruses.

Yesterday was completely uneventful.  I started working on photos – something that happens here every six months.  If I don’t keep up, it’ll fall by the wayside, you see.  Besides, it’s something I can do that doesn’t involve speaking, hearing, or breathing, and minimal moving.  It’s daunting – a HUGE project, anymore.  I used to love it, but that was back (in January) when there was just my camera, and maybe a picture or two on Brian’s crack-phonecam.

Now?  There’s my camera, Lydia’s camera, Brian’s phonecam, my phonecam, Lydia’s phonecam, Aaron’s crack-phonecam…!  And all of them have different numbering systems, so the events on my camera aren’t falling in the same place as the ones from other devices, when I upload them to my PC in a folder by month.  So first I delete all the crap/repeats from each set.  Then I have to go thru the folder again (with five small windows open at the same time) and have to renumber everything so that I can add in photos from different devices all in chronological order.  Oh. My. GAWSH, it’s insanity!!!  Thank goodness that we do extensive calendars for school.

After that I get to choose the best (is Lydia’s Artprize eagle a better shot than mine?), and get rid of the excess.  Then I COMBINE multiple pictures on one print, so that I can fit more on the pages in the scrapbook.  So (for example) the pictures of each child’s costume, I’ll put two on each print, so that I have smaller versions of the pictures, and can fit them all on one page in the book.  I can put three or four Artprize photos on one 4×6 print.  But it’s time-consuming.  Worse when there’s a dance recital or it’s our spring adventure trip (the May folder has two thousand pictures in it from our trip!)  You know what they say about how to eat an elephant, though…!

I have looked at some of these sites (yesterday!) – they offer ‘yearbook’ style photo albums.  You upload your photos right to their program, plug them in and size/crop/label as you’d like, and they print it all off in a book.  But honestly?  I can’t afford that.  And it’s not as safe as my plastic page protectors – even if my books are three times as fat as theirs.  But I had to check it out, you know.

I was talking to BFF about it last night – whoa, wait!  Let’s back up and add that I didn’t swim – can’t.  Not just now.  When I go back, I’m going to be in bad shape, but the ability to breathe is kind of necessary to swimming.  I messaged BFF on FB and told her that I’m sick and was taking Lydia to dance, but planned to stay in my car, far from everyone.  She said she understood, and I was relieved, because talking/swallowing KILLS my throat, and I can’t hear people to talk to them, anyhow.  But when I got there… she goes in, pours herself a Keurig cup, and saunters outside and over to my car!  She spent the ENTIRE hour dance class standing six foot off the window, chatting my EAR off.  (I was working HARD to hear her, and by the time we were done my throat…!!!!!)  But apparently getting to do BFF time is a big thing for her, and she wasn’t going to give it up?  I’m flattered, but it was kind of embarrassing, too.  Being the one who totally SUCKS, that is.

I’m… kind of embarrassed to admit that I’m starting photo album #29.  It used to be one per year (starting in college), but since Owen was born (and I have FIVE kids to take pictures of!), it’s gone to an album every six months.  I know.  A lot.  But I mostly keep up, and it looks great, and we love looking thru the albums.  And now with the bookshelf.  (Brian – the farmer – keeps going in there and looking, and saying, “Wow, I never realized how much I hated the set-up before.”  !!!!!)  Not even going there.

Did I tell you that for the month of November, I’m learning to play ‘The Pink Panther‘ as my piano memorization song?  I’m a whole week behind, because of this stupid cold, but my kids are hilarious, ‘duh-doo-n-doo’-ing around the house, singing it.  It’s something fun, lighter than last month’s (and it’s fun to change things up, no?).  I’ve already picked out December’s piece, except I’m going to have to buy the music for it.  It’s going to be Sarah McLachlan’s “WinterSong”.  Absolutely, whole-heartedly LOVE that one.  But for now?  I’m Pink Panthery.  😉

Anyhow.  This wasn’t the most upbeat, was it?  I wasn’t boring though… right?  Gah, this is why sickie posts blow so bad, just sayin’.

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