__________November 19, 2015__________

Daily Cold Update

Is that what I’m doing now?  Just updating every day on my aches and pains?  Oi, you’d think I was Cal’s age!  Or had K****’s med collection.  Lately, I swear I feel like I’m closing in on both.  Except that Cal is starting recoup from his cold, some, and has buckled down on the misery.  He’s the toughest, most amazing old guy I’ve ever met.  Blessed, I’m tellin’ ya.  So blessed to have found him.

Funny story:  He saw some old friends from Michigan, lately – I’m assuming they were on their way to Florida for the winter, as a lot of ‘snowcaps’ up here do, this time of year.  Anyhow, the wife told Cal that he’s getting such a cute little accent, being down in Tennessee all the time.  He has been blustering about that ever since – “I ain’t got no accent!!”  I been teasin’ him like crazy, writin’ like I’s a hillbilly ever since.  Never give a blonde ammunition – we rarely get a chance to tease back, and snatch up any opportunity!  Bwahahaha!!

As for K****, he’s going to HATE me.  I’m down SIXTEEN pounds since I started trying to lose in July.  Two more, and I reach my first goal.  Two more, and I *WIN* our challenge!  Of course, it hasn’t been fair – it’s because I’m on basically a liquid diet, what with hardly being able to swallow even without food.  Bone broth, honeyed tea, and juice has been it, all week.  But at this rate, I might be able to fit in my ‘big’ clothes, soon… instead of maternity stuff, like I’ve been stuck in.  He’d better step on it if he wants to beat me!   Never thought I stood a chance, to be honest, so this is pretty astonishing.

Cal got after me last night.  I screwed up, you see – with three pen-pals, it was inevitable – and I sent him the NUMBERS from my scale, thinking I was writing to K****.  GAH!  Was not supposed to happen!  He said, “We need to talk about this:  you’re not fat, you’re Reubenesque!  Some of us like our women with curves and a little extra flesh!”  He’s dear, but he’s larger, himself.  Brian doesn’t have a problem with me, either – but that’s because he put on as much as I did with each baby.  “We match,” he shrugs. “Besides, thin women have gnarly, vein-y hands, and yours aren’t.”  He’s right, but dimples are NOT supposed to be on knuckles, aside from infants!   These are NOT good judges to listen to.  Anyhow, I don’t want to be THIN.  I just don’t want to be this far overweight.

Where were we?  Oh – cold reports!  I can’t take Sudafed.  I did yesterday – in fact, Brian took Sudafed, too, before work.  He said it didn’t do much for him.  As for me, I had serious issues with it… it made me trippy.  Very light-headed and weird (considering I was still heavily congested while light-headed.  How THAT’s possible, I don’t know!)… and then about halfway thru the dosage time, my skin started crawling.  Everywhere – even my toes were crawling with a weird creepy feeling.  It was kind of like shivering without moving.  It didn’t start to fade until about 7am, today, so I’ve been all squirmy and weird for too long, now!  Don’t think I’ll be taking THAT stuff, again.  And it didn’t have the pain reliever, so it was full-on sore throat, all day (can’t take anything else with Sudafed).  I didn’t like it!

Anyhow… I’m still plugging away at pictures, and reading Percy Jackson for my kids – they REALLY want to see the movie, and Mama’s got to read the books before she’ll rent the movies, you see.  I finished ‘The Lightning Thief’ last night, and they’ve already got ‘Sea of Monsters’ on the sofa arm, for me!  At least they’re getting their mythology.  Not that they needed any more – I created free mythology trading cards when we studied the Greeks and uploaded them on-line for other homeschoolers to use.  I printed and laminated them, and my kids LOVE playing with those things.  They work out the family trees, and have the cards do battle… it’s amazing how much they like those things.:  http://www.keepandshare.com/doc/7658361/greekcards4-doc-769k?da=y   I’m pretty proud of the way they turned out.

Good news – FANTASTIC news.  Are you ready for this?  Yesterday was Brian’s work’s quarterly meeting.  They order lunch for the entire shop, have kind of a party, and then have their meeting, and usually there’s a little profit-sharing ‘incentive’ check (anywhere from $100 to $300… I think the biggest ever was $500).  Sometimes if it’s less, they throw in a gift card to Meijer for a turkey for the family.  We never know.  But anyhow, Brian came home and slapped a profit-sharing check on the desk… and it was a THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!  I was absolutely floored.  He says, “I thought it had to be a mistake, when I opened the envelope. I went up to accounting, to be sure there wasn’t an error.  Gary said that there were six guys the shop feels go above and beyond, and they wanted to recognize that.  So it’s no mistake.”  Brian is one of the six guys, and he got an astounding bonus.  I can’t believe it!!  It’s so… much, y’know?  Just so much!  We are seriously, totally blessed, that’s all I’m sayin’!!  And I’m so proud of him – he’s such a good man, in so many ways.

Not only that, but you know how the two boys’ swim class got cancelled?  Guess what came in the mail yesterday?  A ninety dollar refund check from that!  I hadn’t even thought about the payment part, just the loss of the class – so that’s amazing, too.  Just in time for the holidays.  🙂  So we were pretty happy with all of the amazing, unexpected surprises, yesterday.

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