__________November 20, 2015__________


It’s a very pensive kind of a day for me.  First, I hear that the US Senate has passed a bill to stop funding Hezbollah.  It might not pass the House… but if you’ll pardon me, WHY are we funding terrorists organizations, anyhow?!?!?  I can’t think like that.

In barely related news, the US is releasing Jonathan Pollard, today, I’ve read.  HUGE, *HUGE* thing on my Jewish morning reads.  Pollard was a Jewish American who was caught spying on his own country for Israel.  His has been the longest sentence in US history for this crime.  The normal sentence for sharing classified information with a friendly nation is two to four years.  He served THIRTY years.  Unbelievable.  Anyhow, there are rabbis who have prophesied that when Pollard is released, Mosiach will return… so this is really big stuff in some circles.

If you’re interested, there’s more on Pollard, here:

Jonathan Pollard: Separating Fact From Fabrication


In other completely unrelated news (and this is more the reason for my funk than anything else), my brother posted pictures on FB of his family down in Florida.  Apparently he’s left for the winter, already.  What bothers me is that he didn’t so much as e-mail or message – not even a TEXT to say when they were going, how long they’d be gone… nothing.  I had (stupidly) hoped that we could get together once more before they left, but then we got sick, and it’s been three weeks of waiting in order to keep his kids healthy… and so I didn’t contact him (although we talked about it). So it’s partly my fault, too.

Yesterday was insanity.  The third Thursday of every month is our homeschool co-op. Two counties over.  Which is kind of a long ways away from where we are, but they have a really great homeschool group, over there.  Today was ‘Create your own Country’.  It’s so funny, because (as everyone knows) most homeschoolers are Christians.  So these countries the kids were creating had rainbows and crosses and churches on their flags/seals, and candy as their export, and it’s all luvvy-luvvy… and then there’s my heathen bunch.  Their country exports dragon’s milk and enchanted diamonds, they have vast forests and mountainous regions full of caves and deep pits…  LoL!!  Isaac (12) went to the event armed with their country’s motto:  Braccas mia Venicium (Latin: ‘Eat my pants’).  He got that from Percy Jackson.  The other kids were like:  *blink. blink.*  Ah, well!  They actually wanted to model their country on Tolkien’s Middle Earth, but I think one Moria is enough, don’t you?

Then we had to find I-96 somehow (it was a new way for us to go!) and work our way back to Grand Rapids, because I ran out of little yellow pills for my peri-menupausal B.S., and had to pick more up.  Along with Dayquil (for me) and Nyquil (for Brian).  They come in two-packs, little shrink-wrapped ‘his-n-hers’, isn’t that funny?!  My other ear is popping today, so there’s slightly more normality, returning.  It’s about bloody time!

Anyhow, yesterday was better.  Back on the Dayquil, I started to swallow, again.  We went to McD’s for lunch, and I managed french fries, so that’s something!  We do our charcoal sketches, while we’re in the restaurant (after eating)… this week’s subject was ‘Scarecrow’.   We’re still working on understanding the concept of ‘sketch’ versus ‘draw’… but we’re getting there.  And for the record, Isaac’s *always* has a frog involved.  I can’t tell you why.

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