__________November 21, 2015__________

Snow – Shabbat – Saturday

Shabbat Shalom!

* 。 • ˚ ˚ •。 IT’S SNOWING!!!!  。*
° 。 ° ˚* _Π_____*。*˚ 。* 。*。 • ˚ ˚ •。
˚ ˛ •˛•*/______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛ 。* 。° 。 ° ˚*
˚ ˛ •˛•| 田田|門|• ˚ ˚ •。 ˚*。* 。 • ˚

SO beautiful out there, today!  We woke up to a total ‘Winter Wonderland’.  My guy had come home last night and warned that we should probably not take a Sabbath adventure, because they were calling for really slippery roads and snow, but I didn’t think we’d get THIS much!   Pictures included, naturally.  I’m so giddy over the snow, I had to change my text box color wintery blue on my cellphone.  Lydia just shakes her head at me.

We watched ‘Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief’, last night.  I was going to make everyone read it, but then I read it, and the characters were so lacking in virtues and admirable character qualities that I didn’t see the point.  So we watched the movie, with just Lydia, Isaac and I having read it (Ethan made it halfway thru).  They howled in outrage the WHOLE time – Hollywood slaughtered it.  It was absolutely nothing like the book… worse, if you can believe that.  I was stunned at how they could make such a leap, achieve such a departure!  We’re not reading the rest of the series.  I might go get the second movie, though – just because Lydia, Isaac, and I have read the second book, too, and I want to see if they got a different director and did a better job, the second time around.  (My bet is no, though!)

There’s a big debate going on in the house, lately.  Tree or no, this year.  Last year was the first year in my LIFE that we didn’t have a Tree up over the holidays.  I was Novembered, and was too big a basket-case for it to happen.  (Embarrassing to admit, but true.)  But we found that it was SO NICE – not having to rearrange the entire house to try to fit a tree in, and we didn’t even miss it, really.  We did our Hanukkah decorations – which (also embarrassingly) are STILL up, partly.  Just the streamers over the dining room table.  I considered taking them down at least a dozen times, but the kids always said no. They like them too much, apparently?  It’s been weird, explaining why we have streamers hung in the house, but I guess since nobody except my cousin (and Lydia’s BFF) has been here, it doesn’t really matter.

But anyhow, they think they want a tree this year.  I… am torn.  See, when I was a Christian, it… no, it didn’t make sense then, either.  The Bible says NOT to cut down an evergreen and decorate it, like the pagans.  It’s one of those bones of contention I’ve had with the church since I was a kid.  It’s WRONG.  Of course, everyone always justified it with “we’re not worshipping it, so it’s fine”.  And my mother (who goes overboard on every level) always put up the tree the day after Halloween and took it down the day after Valentine’s… so I had a LOT of tree in my life, growing up.  And I never *LIKED* it.  It felt wrong.  My mom said I was awesome at ruining the whole Christmas experience, every year.  She’s probably right.  I hated it all – the gifts, the tree, the obligations.  When we left Christianity, I weirdly did an about-face and tried to justify it.  I called it ‘Eretz L’Chaim’ – the Tree of Life.  It’s evergreen, like God’s eternal life.  Our garland is ‘snow’ – for He ‘washes white as snow’.  Our bulbs are dark red – like the blood of Messiah.  See how we can justify things so easily?  But it has felt like justification to me, too.

Brian likes the tree.  He hand-carves birds, and hangs them on our tree.  We go to Bronner’s, every other year, and everyone gets an ornament, so the kids LOVE to see their ornaments.  How can I argue with that?  Without staunchly, stubbornly clinging to Jeremiah 10?  (((GAH!)))  Anyhow, I think that if we put up a tree, it’s going up today.  We’ll talk about it when my guy gets home from work.  I wanted to go downstairs today and do some serious organizing, anyhow… while we’re there, bringing up the tree wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities.

I hadn’t realized Thanksgiving was so close!  It’s this coming Thursday!  Whoa.  Not sure what we’re going to do.  Last year was the first year since we separated from my mother, and we floundered.  Well, and I was Novembered… but we’d initially decided just to NOT do T-day, and last-minute changed our minds.  We had two roosters in the freezer, so we pulled them out and did a hasty run to the grocer’s, and ended up putting together a meal, after all.

And then my mother had Pop call at 5pm and leave a message that they thought maybe we could get together and order pizza or something.  At FIVE on Thanksgiving.  (!!)  That’s typical for my mother, though.  One year she served Burger King Whoppers on Thanksgiving.  The year after we left Christianity, she served ham (pork)… on purpose.  It’s always a fiasco, with her, and the pizza thing was just more of the same.  Are pizza places even OPEN on Thanksgiving?!  Anyhow.  We had our rooster dinner, and were grateful that we were no longer subjected to her insanity.  But anyhow, this year…?  I think we’ll be on our own, again.  I debated going to the Cracker Barrel and calling it good, but… there are three sizeable hens in the freezer, downstairs that need to be eaten up.  And I’ve got a hankerin’ for spiced apple rings.  I think we’ll be cooking together, for just the seven of us.  I have to admit, though – I wish we knew of people who were alone, like us, to get together with.

Anyhow.  Think we’ll call this a post and be done.

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