__________November 23, 2015__________

Plenty of Projects

As ’emotional’ as yesterday started off, it didn’t get any better.  I spent too much time worrying that the e-mail I sent off came out way testier than I meant for it to, and I felt kind of sorry about that.  X-mess is just a topic that always gets under my skin.  Anyhow, hopefully now that I’ve had my annual Tree rant, maybe I’ll be okay for the rest of the season?  (One can certainly hope!!)

Our alternative to a tree morphed somewhat since I wrote, last : we went to a 14′ piece of trim, stain/sealed nicely, and decided to make three fasteners for along the wall, and mount it along one whole wall.

Away to Menards we went – got our wood, stain, polyurethane… did you know they make GEL woodstain, now?  Back when I used to refinish furniture (it was kind of a hobby in my 20s), it was just the liquid stuff.  They now have spray cans of stain, too, which… I can’t even begin to think…!!!  We bought the gel, since they were out of mahogany in the regular tiny cans.  I don’t like the gel – it’s weird, unfriendly stuff!  But I stained it  last night… and come to find out, it takes EIGHT HOURS to set up!  That’s not including the poly, which is ‘fast drying’, but takes 24 hours!  Mercy.  I don’t remember the not fast-drying taking more than 24 hours!  I think mankind is regressing in the name of progress, but we’re not supposed to notice.  I may be a conspiracy theorist, though!!!

So we won’t get the thing up and mounted until halfway thru the week.  Oi my vey!  Let’s just hope that it looks nice.

While we were out, we went to our favorite Mexican place.  Every time we’ve gone there, lately, they’ve done something horrible to it.  First they put these hideous murals on every wall.  They’re gaudy and big and badly done, and it kind of messes with what was once such a lovely ambiance.  Then they changed the management, and the new people were just NOT friendly.  They used to be so much happier.  And as a result, the waitstaff seems kind of testy and frustrated and not as easy to chat with.  Well, this time?  They changed the menu.  The meal I used to split for Lydia and I had two small burritos – she would have a beef one, and I’d have chicken.  Now it’s just one burrito, and… hrmph!  We asked if they could make it the *old* way for us, and they did for ‘old times sake’, but I don’t know that they’ll do it again.  They also have taken to throwing the salad on TOP of the food.  It used to be in a small, long dish, with THE world’s best guacamole in it.  Now they throw lettuce, tomatoes, and sour cream on the RICE for pity’s sakes, and took away the guac, entirely.  I wanted to weep.  It was our favorite place… and I don’t think we can go back, anymore.  I don’t even WANT to go back, anymore.

I needed a horizontal picture for the wall, while we were out, too… something long.  So I went to Goodwill while we were in town.  They have a whole FURNITURE department off the side of the store, now!  What is that?!?!  I went inside, and the cheapest picture I could find was $29.99!!  Um, they’re Goodwill!!!  I couldn’t believe it!  Absolutely astounding.  Well, Big Lots was across the street – a kind of dumpy store that nobody goes in, and so I brought the crew into Big Lots.  I just wanted cheap art, after all.  The only thing I go there for are my spices and soups, but they didn’t have any chopped garlic (which is what I really needed, this visit).  Bummer.  They *did* have a four foot long canvas art print for $12… brand new.  From a real store, I can get artwork in canvas for cheaper than Goodwill!  That’s surreal, you know that?  So we brought it home, and it looks really nice!

I did find an amazingly good idea, while doing my on-line option hunting, yesterday.  We could really use a nice, sizeable menorah for the top of the entertainment center – I’d like to do up a display for the holidays.  But anything big is just astronomical.  So I found this!   Do you think we could make something like that?  My guy says he doesn’t like how things aren’t even, but if we built it, I figure could fix that.  I *do* like the mix of stains and lengths, though.  And that it’s electric – no worry of fire or constantly replacing candles.  We’ll see…!  I’ve got to get them thru the new wall trim piece, first…

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