__________November 26, 2015__________

This Auspicious Day

Why do I feel like I should write or *do* something special in this post?  Just because it’s a holiday?  I don’t know what to do differently, anyhow.  It’s too busy a day for that, anyhow.  It’s  justone of those expectation days… where everyone feels like there should be some culmination, and then after the meal, we’re all like, “What now?”

Or maybe that’s just me?

Our Thanksgiving was fantastic.  No, really, it was – the hens came out so good. I cooked potatoes in the bag with them and they were tender and perfect, and there were rolls, squash from our garden and green bean casserole… all the little things from the store.  My apple rings – the kids love them as much as I do.  It smelled so good in here, all day.

I pulled up decorations for the first time in 20 years, seam ripped the stitches in my Galadriel skirt, so we’d have a fancy tablecloth (LoL!), got out the fancy dishes… it was beautiful.  Just looking at it made me happy.  I spent a lot of time looking at it, this afternoon, while stuff was cooking.  My guy likes to just hang out and relax, so we sat and talked and I got to just look at it.  I’ll show you my view… because I’m pitiful, that way.

IMG_0323 (444x237)

The kids loved everything, too.  They kept coming out, walking around the table, snitching candy corn.  They put up Pilgrims and Indians on the windows, and then spent a LOT of time taking pictures of each one of them.  Kids are so crazy.

It’s okay that we’re alone, right?  Thanksgiving isn’t about connecting with people.  It doesn’t have to be.  It was five hundred times better than last year, when we didn’t even consider making a meal until something like noon.  Brian even raided my stash of hidden stuff, and found the candy corn I mentioned.  I haven’t had such a good meal since I was a little girl, at my Grandma’s house.  It’s good that we had it here, just us – my kids had a REAL meal, something that was the stuff of Thanksgiving legend.

After, we seem to have started a tradition a couple of years ago of watching ‘Pieces of April’.  It’s one of my favorite films, but it’s HARD to watch.  I cry, every time… because I so relate.  Not that I can’t make/host a meal, or that my situation has *ever* been as difficult as hers, but… my family has always treated me the way that April’s treats her.  I don’t know – maybe it’s a BAD tradition, to watch that movie.  I always come away, smarting.  On the other hand, it’s a Thanksgiving movie – one with such a moving story.


I think there’s time yet to play some games – maybe Outburst or TriBond or something… and we’re saving the pumpkin pie for a little later.  At the moment, it kind of feels like ‘intermission’.  The only thing happening is that I’ve got two big kettles of bone broth/turkey neck soup going.  My hope is that I can do the same as I did, when I was sick.  Broth myself down a few pounds.  Not a bad idea?  Either way, it smells really good, in here.

I hope your holiday was as successful, that you’re having a good time, making memories.

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