__________December 04, 2015__________

Two days to Hanukkah!!!

Good morning!

At least, I hope it is.  I’m oddly very dizzy, today.  Let’s not worry about that, though.  Being blonde, it’s really not a big deal, not even unusual.  Although things feel very strange, in this state.  Wonder if I slept on the wrong part of my brain, or something?!    Like when an arm or foot falls asleep…?  I have a tingly cerebral cortex.  R’something.  Possibly.  How’re you?

Well, in the… hour in and a half since I wrote that last paragraph, we attempted to tape Isaac and I playing a duet.  “Chim Chiree” (The Chimney Sweep song, from ‘Mary Poppins’).  It was absolutely hilarious.  I have six or seven takes that are going to have to be put together, just so that the pen-pals can laugh at us.  Because it’s FUNNY.    Homigoodness!!   Bloopers are always the best part, anyhow.  >:D

I was actually going to edit up a video of the light show we inadvertently got to see, last night.  Three buildings down from the boys’ swim class is an auto body shop, and they have a whole radio station and X-mess light show going.  It was really fun – we watched the whole thing, and it was about half an hour long.  Thought Cal might like to see it, at some point, since he probably won’t be getting out a whole lot.  That has to wait, now – there’s a piano disaster to compile!

Speaking of last night, I got my shopping done… and I found the green carton of beer.  I was pretty excited that they actually had it.  Then I was in the toy area, and this scrawny redneck punk and his buddies came thru, pushing a cart one-footedly, like a scooter, and I almost squealed when I saw that he had a carton beer – the same thing I had! – in his cart!  Homigosh!!  I giggled to myself.  Apparently it’s more popular than I ever imagined – and not just with Pacific coast beer snobs.  LoL!!!  Anyhow, on my way thru the store, I got the harebrained idea to wrap it up for my guy for Hanukkah.  It’d make it even MORE fun, seeing his face.  I’m so tickled by the idea – because it really is THAT big a departure for us.  It’ll be fun.

Gotta talk about hair.  My boys thought they might like to have long hair, and I was fine with that.  Brian is NOT – he bad-mouths them a LOT over their hair.  They get mad, I get frustrated, he thinks it’s funny (rinse and repeat).  It got old a long time ago for everyone else, but he likes to do that.  Things like this?  Make me vow never to marry again (should he cack off before I do).  Anyhow, I figure hair is a minor thing, can change in a matter of fifteen minutes.  Let. It. Go.  But Isaac’s hair is SO thick, and Owen’s is so curly, I have to keep the fronts cut ‘boy-like’, even though it’s long in the back.  So I do half-cuts… just the front parts, mostly around the ears, and only on two boys.

Last night was THE deviation to that.  I had to admit – it was getting too long.  Headed towards the bottom of their rib cages, and it wasn’t looking right.  So I took four/five inches off all of the backs of the boys – brought it up to just below their shoulders.  (Brian was crowing in their faces, and Isaac was SO pissed about it.. *sigh!*  Always with the provoking the kids…!!)  Anyhow, the boys were seriously concerned about it, but it looks nicer.  And is still long enough for a ponytail.  I need to figure something out for around Aaron’s face, though.  He has THE weirdest part I’ve ever seen, and his hair just lays strangely.  Hrm.  (/end griping.)

Brian’s actually kind of out of his element at the moment.  His boss has decided to go to a machine show in ITALY in June, and he’s set on having my guy go with him.  TO ITALY.  So he’s supposed to be getting his passport around.  Yesterday the Italian salesperson who extended the invitation to the boss had lunch with my guy (the boss was out of town, and asked him to go in his place).  It drove home the fact that he hasn’t looked into passports at all.  I asked him to wait until next Friday – another payday – before he did that.  Because that ain’t cheap, and with Hanukkah, I’m a little nervous about another hundred dollars or so going out.  It’s so surreal, though.  ITALY!!

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