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A BIG Day!

I have this thing, where if something comes up three times in a row, it means I’m supposed to pay attention to it.  It’s one of my really weird quirky spiritual things. Anyhow, you know how scriptural I can be, right?  Well, last night we were driving into our old town, and the Baptist church sign had a rapture verse on it.  It read, “As for that day, no man knoweth when the Son of Man will return.” (!?!?!)) I turned to Brian and said, “Now WHY would they post that, now? It’s X-mess… that makes NO sense. Shouldn’t it be X-Messy?!”

This morning, I get on-line, and Shirat (on of my Jewish blog reads) posts about Yosef in jail in Egypt – how he languished there for a very long time, with no idea as to when he would be set free. Then one day, he was released, and it was IMMEDIATE – completely unexpected and fast!   She said “Yet when Moshiach comes and our moment of redemption arrives there will be no delays and we, too, will be rushed to our Land.”  And I lifted a brow. That’s TWO rapture references, in a row.

As if that weren’t enough, then I went to Tomer’s blog, and she has a new message from the autistic/prophetic Jewish children. Here’s what it says (for this coming week): “The forecast that I can foresee for this week is very bad and very difficult. Difficult for the whole world. The unimaginable will become reality IY”H. People will start thinking, start waking up from their stupor and start thinking. Things will happen in quick succession, one after another. People will be very surprised but of course most of the people of the world will still be asleep. But the more intelligent ones will be very afraid they will suddenly realize what a mess we are all in. But those that really and truly believe in Ha’Shem amid their fears there will be joy, because they will see it all as a definite sign that soon this terribly long Golus is finally coming to an end and the Geula Sheleimah is about to begin.”

Three rapture references in a row.  And…. you know how I am about the rapture.  It’s been my whole LIFE for a very, very long time.

What about the *three*?  Well, tonight at sunset begins Hanukkah.  Hanukkah is the time of Messiah Yeshua’s conception – the first flicker of the ‘Light’ of the Word, ON the Festival of Light – which, btw, He celebrated in the Bible.  (Colossians 2:17 says the feasts are ‘a shadow of things to come’.  Not just in Messiah’s time, but in our future, too.)  That’s why I’ve gone Torah Observant – because it’s all set up, from the beginning, that ON specific feast days, certain things will happen.  Messiah was born ON Sukkot.  He was crucified ON Pesach, risen ON the feast of Firstfruits, the Holy Spirit given ON Shavuot/Pentecost.  He was conceived ON Hannukah.

Having said, Hanukkah literally was Messiah’s arrival, but an unseen one – His ‘coming’ was at His birth on Sukkot, but He was *here* before that. So is it such a reach to say that the rapture is the unseen arrival before His Second Coming?  That Hanukkah could be the time set apart for things to be fulfilled?

Anyhow, let’s back off my ledge, shall we?  I’d put it away, when I got Novembered last year.  Got tired.  Worn down.  Still… it’s first and foremost in my thoughts, at this moment, and for the first time in a very, very long time, I’m actually feeling a little hopeful and excited about something scriptural.  It’s probably nothing.  It usually is nothing – just a reason to get sneered at.  But I’m silly and stupid and get giddy, anyhow.

Topic change!  Cal is doing so badly.  He’s using a voice recognition program to write (!), but yesterday he couldn’t eat, and fell trying to get out of bed.  He’s a mess.  I’m really, really worried about him.  Poor man, it has to suck to be reduced to that level of weakness.  He’s worried.  Almost sentimental in his e-mails, and when a gruff ol’ guy like him gets soft, it scares the ever-lovin’ crap out of me.  I don’t LIKE it.  What a horrible way to spend the holidays.

K**** didn’t write, either.  It was his big date with his other pen-pal… which I object to (his divorce is NOT final, he is NOT free).  But his not writing… What if she wasn’t nice?  What if he’s hurt?  What if it didn’t go well?  What if they spent the NIGHT or something together?!  Homigoodness, I don’t like ANY scenario my mind is coming up with.  What if he’s embarrassed to write and tell me what happened?   Pen-pals can be such drama…!!!

It was a crazy-busy day, yesterday, but then Saturdays are.  I kind of have this thing about having an adventure on Saturdays.  We stay home, all day during the week, waiting for my guy so that he doesn’t miss anything.  But when he gets home, he wants to just land and NOT do anything (or putter around home).  Which is what we’ve done all week, and are itching for a break from!  So we struck a sort of compromise:  Since he’s gone half of Saturday, anyhow, that’s the day we have a little adventure, and Sundays we spend home and putter the whole day.  That works, right?

Anyhow, our adventure involved being a little dressier, so I had to shower and do hair and gussy up with make-up and clothing (15yo girl had some severe wardrobe issues that… I swear, I have little tolerance for. Y’gussy with whatcha got, that’s all I have to say on that).

Then we drove up to our old hometown (where we lived the first eight years of our marriage).  The two singing groups I’ve performed with – along with my ex-theatre group – were all getting together to do a free community performance of Handel’s “Messiah”.  The town’s churches and musical venues all team up together, once every three years, and perform it.  I was in it – half a lifetime ago, it’s seems.  🙂  It’s been a while.  And this year, a good friend was directing, and asked me to perform with them, but…

I couldn’t.  First, the ‘For unto Us a Child Is Born’ at X-mess thing goes against everything I’ve come to believe as true.  I can’t regress.  Secondly – Classical music or not – ‘The Messiah’ is a dozen or so Biblical references that are contorted into vain repetition so as to become more about the musical presentation and ostentatious glorification of people, and strips the worship and glorification from the verses.  It takes the holy and makes it profane.  I can’t sing that.  I can’t be a part of that, not anymore.  That’s just me.  BUT…!  For the sake of music history and homeschool experience, we went.

Besides, I knew a lot of my old friends would be there, and I haven’t seen them in years and years, some of them.  And I was right – I saw a lady I was really close to when I worked at the Daily News, and a lady who directed me in two shows and was my co-star in another, and a man I took voice lessons from and did some shows with… and a WHOLE bunch of ladies I used to like.  And one lady, in particular, that I used to carpool to City Hall in GR with every day.  She’s had a neurological condition and didn’t leave the house (except for dr.s) for half a decade.  And she was THERE, tonight.  I was so happy to see her!

Anyhow.  Before we got there we went to supper first, and as we were pulling in, there was a car accident in the lane, right beside me.  It was so fast – it was kind of crazy!  Nobody was hurt, but that woman was flying, and she just rammed that other car.  Sheesh!  I’ve never been right up next to one, like that!  It shook everyone up, but good.  My guy went over to make sure everyone was okay, but nobody needed help, so we were okay to go.

After supper, we went to the dollar store.  I know the kids like to give presents, so every year I get out enough ones and fives from the bank so that they can each have $7 (six $1 gifts, plus tax), and two at a time, we let them go in the Dollar Tree (where everything is $1) – all by themselves!  They think they are SUCH hot stuff, lemme tell ya!  Anyhow, they buy one gift for each family member (except themselves.)  They pay by themselves and everything.  It’s a REALLY big deal, and then tomorrow I give them each their own pattern of wrapping paper, and they get to wrap their own gifts.  So everyone has stuff to give people for Hanukkah.  It just makes it that much more fun, y’know?  And today was their big shopping day!

Then came the show.  HomiGOSH, I love (the director), but his “Messiah” drrrrrrrrrrragged.  No, it was seriously slllllllowwwww.  It was probably the worst version I’ve ever seen, truth be told.  And as much as I love the soloists (most of which were my friends, from the theatre)… some of them are getting so old that they need to let someone else step into the limelight, now.  If that town is one thing, though, it’s cliquey.  They have their favorites, and those favorites will always get the solos, regardless.  We lived there eight years, and we were JUST starting to be accepted, it’s that close a community.  (I got roles because I can sing and was young relatively pretty at the time.  It helped us get our foot in the door, but we worked HARD for ten years to win a place, there.)  And while I applaud loyalty and rewarding years of hard work and camaraderie…?  I don’t know.  It wasn’t good this time, that’s all.  I liked seeing everyone, but man, time has taken it’s toll.  (Probably on me, too – and not in a good way, either!)

We didn’t stick around to say hello to anyone.  I was kind of torn about it – on one hand, I would’ve liked to have congratulated them on their hard work and have showed them my kids.  On the other hand, it was their night to shine, and with five kids, they kind of steal the thunder, whether that’s the intention or not, and I didn’t want that to happen.  Not to mention after a while I start to feel a little awkward about being back there and oddly ‘stranger-ish’, and I just want to leave and avoid any confrontations, happy or not.  I get weird.  You know that.  😉

So we barreled back down to Grand Rapids, and I thought it might be fun to take the kids for a treat (since lunch and dinner were combined and early), so we found a Steak N’ Shake, and split shakes – Aaron and Ethan had Banana, Isaac and Owen had Strawberry Fudge (!?),  Lydia and I had Peppermint Chocolate Chip, and Brian had White Chocolate.  We never do that kind of thing, so it was really fun!

I got pictures of the Messiah that I knew [director] would love to have (and besides, nine of my FB friends were in the show – five of them soloists! – so I wanted to share the pictures.)  My FB has exploded with likes, because of them.  Messy, messy, messy!  They’re in a public album on the group’s site, so if you did a search, you could probably find them (and me), that way, too.  I’d rather you not, but there it is, if you choose otherwise.

This is long.  Like… Homer’s Odyssey, long.  And weird… Kinda off.  Ah, well.

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