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Shouting a Swear

On the heels of my telling you that I would try to be more prompt, I immediately oversleep and don’t even open my EYES until 10:10am.  What. Is. THAT?!?!!  (Gasp and horror -> insert here!)  Luckily my kids stayed up later, last night, and slept in part of it, themselves.  And they tolerate me amazingly well.  But that’s just WAY off – I have no idea what happened!!

Adding to that, it’s Monday on Tuesday, since we had school off, yesterday.  Which means squeezing the extra in, a little.  I’ll squeeze the rest, tomorrow, but we had some stuff to do, today!  And on top of that, I got on-line, and the e-mail before yours was GRKids.com’s holiday event calendar, and… ***OVERWHELMATION!!!***  I’ve got a good dozen windows open, and have some serious stuff to check out – haven’t even gotten there, yet.  And it’s already after eleven!!  I’m behind!!!!!!!!

You know what blows my mind?  I’m going nowhere today, nowhere tomorrow, home until Thursday night, home all day Friday… and I swear to you, I STILL have a whole boatload of things to write about, every single day.  Isn’t that crazy?  Brian goes to work, sees people, hears news, passes places, spies new things – all day, every day… and is amazingly news-less for me!  Okay, once a week he might fire something off about my cousin or Joe (night CNC guy).  It’s craziness.

No e-mails from Cal or K****.  I’m worried about Cal – it’s likely he went in the hospital (would be my guess, considering things).  I’m NOT worried about K****.  Actually kind of hope that I ticked him off, because I don’t want to write to him at the moment, and having him give me the silent treatment would be just fine, right now.  I’m peevish with a pen-pal.  Pah!

It’s DANCE RECITAL week – which means the kids skip watching the educational half-hour show they’re allowed to see after Daddy’s noon call, and instead they’re watching old recital videos.  I don’t have all of them – Miss Marci-Anne sold her studio and moved to Hilton Head (NC? SC? Too lazy to look), and she took all the master videos with her.  *Sigh!*  Anyhow.  I have enough of them.  Lydia’s been dancing since she was three.  Isaac, Ethan and Owen have all taken dance, too.  They watched Owen’s dance yesterday,  since it was his birthday.  They’re good about that stuff.  Lydia’s a little nervous – this studio is new to us, and doesn’t do rehearsals (letting the kids try it on stage).  They get ONE shot, and that’s in front of the audience.  Kind of harrowing!!  I’ve been to see BFF’s girl at this venue, and know to nab the back row (or stand in the back) to get pictures/video.

My problem is that I do photography.  In order to get a video of her dance, I need someone else to do that, or I don’t get pictures.  You should SEE the volunteers lined up.  Brian’s using his phone.  Aaron’s using his phone.  Isaac’s using his camera.  Ethan’s using Lydia’s camera.  Owen wants to do it on my camera.  GAH!!!  Okay, okay… I’d *REALLY* better get the back row, then!  (The floor isn’t on a descent, so you have to stand up or get in the aisle to get over everyone’s heads.)  At least we’ve got her required dance-wear all squared away – and they said she’s allowed to wear her hair down – since she’s never done that, before, she’s digging that idea.  🙂

Recital is Thursday – at the same time as the boy’s swim classes (an hour away).  Obviously we have to skip swim.  S’okay.  I talked to their swim teacher.  Have I told you about her?  Miss Patty is *exactly* how I want to be, when I get to be sixty.  She has long, beautiful silvery hair, and is very chubby/loveably cuddly – like Mother Earth meets Mrs. Claus, only with a love of chlorine and children… but very no-nonsense.  She’s like a twist on my Grandma Fern.  I loved my grandma *SO* much – I wanted to grow up to be like her, when I was little.  I’m getting there – I look more and more like her, every single day.  But I will never be as sweet and gentle, quiet and kind (and okay, submissive and cowed) as my grandma was.  So the next best thing is to grow up to be like Miss Patty.

Last night!   I swam (of course) – HATE swim coaches sticking around to watch what happens in the pool at open swim.  ((((Stop lookin’ at me!!))))   I’m still stuck at 200lbs, and K***’s down FOUR pounds, this week!!  KNEW that he’d whip those pounds right off, and smoke me!  I should be trying harder, but… Hanukkah.  Eggnog.  Cookies.  And this week is a LOT of fried foods, because the Festival of Lights revolves around an ‘oil’ theme – which means deep frying.  Can’t talk about it. : P  Except to say that three girls have joined my weight-loss group, and I feel better, now.  One is 325, one is 287, and the other is up there near that (don’t remember).  They’re not tall, either – and they all have 100lb goals.  Mine was just 45 pounds, as a goal.  I guess that’s somewhat heartening, considering, no?

Then Lydia had dance – I was going to run up to 54th St. while she was in class – since BFF wasn’t going to be there, anyhow – to get gelt candy.  We forgot candy for the Hannukah gelt cups!!  I had five Tootsie Roll Pops in a cupboard – Blessings! – and that got us thru this morning.  But on our way to dance, we made good time, and come to find out, there was a store right on the corner to save me the trip!  Some panhandler stopped my car (!!!) walking out in front of me, asking for ‘a dollar for gas for his car’.  He looked bad – possibly drunk.  I told him flat out, ‘NO’.  Then pulled out my pepper spray to get us in the store.  Not a good area, in case I haven’t mentioned that.  Anyhow, on our way out of the parking lot, we saw him walking up the street, away from the businesses.  Dollar for gas, for WHAT car, hello?  (I don’t trust people… and he looked like a scammer.)

I settled in with Triple Town on my tablet, while Lydia’s class was combined with a jazz class (trying to fit in one extra practice for classes later in the week)… and about a half an hour later, in comes my BFF!  Her daughter had an extra class for her Thursday tap class, so we got to catch up, after all!  🙂  It was so nice. We even stayed later, to keep her company, but I had told Brian he could keep the boys up ’til we got home – to open presents and light the hanukkiah (another name for menorah).  So we did cut out a little early.

But she *REALLY* wants me to take adult tap class with her come January.  I don’t know – I’m too old.  Things flop that shouldn’t, in a tap dancer, you know?  I’d have to wear my mucho snugg-o swimsuit under my clothes to pin all the wiggly bits in place!  It’s pitiful, you know.  I don’t mind getting older – I feel more comfortable each year.  It’s just the gravity thing that’s a problem.  But tap dancing?!?  I can line dance, and cha-cha and two-step and square dance.  I’ve even done belly dancing, once – before the kids.  And I’ve danced on stage, in a few shows.  But *TAP* dancing?  I’m not sure I’m that coordinated or fast!  And besides, it’s so expensive, and I can’t spend that money on ME.  She’ll have to try a lot harder to talk me into it.

We headed out to Taco Bell for supper, and were the only people in the store when we ordered.  And then we waited.  And waited.  And waited.  And waited.  And waited some more.  And then more.  And then it was FIFTEEN minutes, and nobody had come in, so I flagged down a person and said, “Is there a problem?!”  Because we do order things specialized – sour cream is of the devil, I’m tellin’ ya.  It’s fattening, and paste-like and doesn’t contribute to the flavor or anything — it HAS to go.  But even with a special order, twenty minutes is WAY too long.  And we were already behind, having stayed longer with BFF.  And I was testy.

Then this Mexican boy comes out with a tray full of stuff I did NOT order.  Like cinnamon twisty things, and lots of sour cream, all over the place, and I was like, “What is THIS?!”  He nodded at the tray.  “For wait.  Is for wait.”  Obviously NOT fluent in English.  *Le sigh!!*  I went to the table, with a fork, and I’m pulling stuff apart, trying to scrape the white crap off, and Lydia’s like, “What happened?  Send it back!”  And I was all, “Well, it took half the night to get the first dang order, I don’t have a half an hour to invest into this!  Just… (and this is totally NOT like me, but I was testy, and I exclaimed) SONUVABITCH!!”   Usually I soften it to sonuvagun or sonuvabiscuit… but I was pretty irate.  Us being the only people in the place, they heard it, behind the counter.  The manager came out, and… well, c’mon!   Let’s just state the obvious – the reason it takes over a quarter of an hour to make one small order of fast food is because the help can’t read the screens to know what they’re making.  It’s riDONKulous!  And twenty minutes is extreme.  Just sayin’.  We didn’t get out of there until after ten!

I feel guilty and really bad about it, this morning.  That’s NOT like me, at all.  Not sure where that came from.  And there’s no excuse for it.  Bad form.  ((smh @ myself)).  Embarrassed.  Gotta make sure never (((NEVER))) to do that, again.

We brought cinnamon twists home for the boys.  And lit candles, and read our Hanukkah page, and the kids got Owen’s presents, tonight.  And from us, 4D coloring books… that apparently require a phone app to activate whatever is 4D about them, now that they’re out of the plastic wrapper.  THAT should be fun to try to figure out.  Being so uber techno-savvy, you know…

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