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Tales from the House

Last night was FRY NIGHT – the thing about Hanukkah is that there’s a heavy oil theme running thru the holiday.  Everything is deep fried in oil… yeah, let’s not even talk about my weight challenge in relation to that, hm?  Anyhow, we got out the Fry Baby, and deep fried onion rings, breaded mushrooms, mozzarella sticks, jalepeno poppers, popcorn chicken bites, and more.  Lands in the gut like sludge, and homiGOSH, the rest of the night was a total groaner!  Still, it sounded good, at the on-set.  And it’s become tradition.

Then our Hanukkah reading, lighting another candle, and opening more presents.  Am I giving a run-down of who got what?  Well, tonight ETHAN (10) got to give out presents.  Oh, let’s see… Lydia got a Kincaid-like cottage puzzle, Isaac got a deck of Star Wars playing cards, Aaron got a matchbox, Owen got little car erasers (with wheels that really spin), Brian got a little toy motorcycle (?!), and I got those colored beads people put in vases.  (!?!?!?!?!)  They’re… pretty.  Very odd, but pretty…   From the parents, Lydia got gold temporary tattoo jewelry (it’s crazy – they’re bracelets, necklaces, arm bands, and more, and they’re really pretty.  She’s *very* unsure about them).  The boys got wooden race cars that they can paint up however they’d like, and then race them down the hall.  They’re geeked… and of course everyone set down to painting (Lydia making her puzzle).

After that we got on the computer as a family (don’t ask!) and watched “Simon’s Cat” videos on YouTube.  Since we have a 50/50 split of cat lovers/haters in the family, it’s fun to watch the cartoons of this naughty, obnoxious kitty getting into (and destroying) everything.  Only solidifies my personal stance as a cat-hater.  Just sayin’.

Have you ever heard of ‘Prince EA’ ?  There’s a tap dance number at the dance studio that’s really crazy, because they’re doing it to Prince EA’s “Can we Auto-Correct Humanity?” – it’s like a rant with not-really music chording in the background, but I was checking out some of his stuff yesterday (Trying to figure out the name of that song.  He’s too emo for me – he makes me cry, and that’s just not even right!!!!).  But you would totally agree with that particular song – it echoes what you’re saying about social media.

Personally, I’m not sure I agree.  I think he throws out the baby with the bathwater.  He says don’t take photos, live memories.  You can do BOTH, and have a record of the memories you lived.  He says get off the computer and live life.  Except that the computer – yes, even Facebook! – is a tool that can help us bring MORE to our lives.  I wouldn’t even know about Luminary Walk this weekend (a candlelight hike thru the forest during the Geminid meteor shower) if it weren’t for social media.  I wouldn’t be able to look up Prince EA without the internet – or have a smile waiting in my inbox every morning.

Not to get all spiritual, but it’s a green thing.  The color in the middle of the rainbow is green – the scriptures say that the throne of Yehovah is emerald – green.  Not red, not violet.  In the middle – symbolic of balance.  Anything can be taken to an extreme… but I don’t believe life – WE – are supposed to be that way.  What is the saying?  ‘Everything in moderation’?  It’s true.  My mom always said, “A little bit goes a long way”.  There’s ying and yang, and all sorts of other stuff that talks about balance.  Mostly christians think it’s an Eastern concept, but I believe it’s a Biblical one that is highly underrated.

HUGE surge in views at the blog yesterday – apparently some popular site linked to one of my freebies, because all of the views were for a particular lapbook.  That happens, every once in a while.  It always freaks me out, though.  I take the anti-social bit a little too far one direction, these days.  Bad past blog experiences, mostly.  It’s nice to know I’ve done something GOOD, though.  Useful… helpful.  At the same time?  It makes me nervous, having that many people in my space, anymore.  I need to figure out a balance in all of THAT!

It’s Wednesday!  Electronic school!!  I’ve upped the ante – they’ve got to have all their Morse letters by the end of the year.  Hey, I had them by Halloween – if I can do it and I’m an old girl, they can do it with no problem.  But I found out they were cheating and not working the whole alphabet.  Not gonna happen – so we’re blitzin’ those letters!  I’m waiting for them, before I start to learn my numbers (although I put an app on my phone that has already started testing me on ’em, and I’m picking up on a pattern.)  🙂  Don’t you just wish you homeschooled?  It’s SO educational!!  Bwahaha!

Actually, I’m learning *so* much more, this time around.  And it’s so much more fun, too. For example, our art history this week is the Ghent Altarpiece, which was stolen something like seven times – once by Napoleon, once by Hitler (and was recovered by a group called the ‘Monument Men’ – it was a movie made last year with Matt Damon and George Clooney in it!).  So I’m off to find it at the library, one day when I’m up for leaving the house.  MUCH more interesting than public school… and for being an international treasure, I’d never even SEEN the Ghent Altarpiece.

And last week we studied the architectural genius of gothic art of the Chartres Cathedral – it has mis-matched spires, because one of the spires built in the 1100s was destroyed, and it being the 1600s, everything was so ornate, they couldn’t STAND not to build a fancy spire!  It’s supposed to be home to the Virgin Mary’s tunic, given to the church by Charlemagne… except that Charlemagne never went to Israel, so it’s a fake they just labeled ‘Mary’s Tunic’ so that the church could say they had a relic.  And of course there was the heroic story of Colonel Welborn Griffith… which was my favorite part of the Chartres story.  (http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/the-american-hero-who-saved-chartres-cathedral/article/2552585)  Have I mentioned I *love* homeschooling?!?

Have I also mentioned I don’t even have to go anywhere to have TONS of stories for you?  It’s kind of embarrassing, being such a history/ art/ music/ literature/ poetry/ math/ Bible/ astronomy/ science nerd.  But there’s just so much out there to learn and see and KNOW… y’know?!  I can’t seem to help it…!

Wanna hear the bad thing?  Cal hasn’t written in three days, now (I’m still writing to him, but I’ve no idea what’s going on, and have concerns).  K**** hasn’t written since the date (and my response thereto… which he didn’t want to hear and is probably pissed at me for.)  So those are my downers.  But other than that…

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