_________ December 10, 2015 __________

*~*~*~* BLESSINGS! *~*~*~*

I was just talking about this with Brian, last night.  I’m constantly giddy about little ‘blessings’ and silly stuff, writing e-mails that be-bop along, and… the pen-pals have to think I’m such a twit.  Ditsy and childish and too easily pleased by little things.  But honestly, those are the things that matter to me.  Is that such a bad thing, I ask you?  I know very few people who are actually content with their lives.  (But then, I know very few people, so there ya go.)  Still, I suspect most people aren’t quite the same way as we are, over here in our little world.  It’s got to be a serious departure, peeking into our simplicity.

Blessings.  Yesterday was a HUGE day of tiny blessings.  Last night was night FOUR of eight – halfway thru the feast, so we were going to do one of the two BIG present groups (and keep the second BIG group for the ‘grand finale’).  Only both of Ethan’s big presents were ordered on-line, and hadn’t come yet.  I was having faith that they would come… and lo and behold, Ellie started barking – the alert that someone was here.  It was the white USPS truck, and it was a HUGE box!  It had *six* presents in it – both of Ethan’s big ones among them.  See?  Blessings!  Just in time, no problem!  : )

Then I was going to work on the blog for a while (it being Wednesday and electronic school, so I’m not needed as much in the afternoon session of school).  I’ve posted maybe six or so blog entries since August, and I was concerned about fitting in around them, but the days those six blog entries were posted on?  Those were *EXACTLY* the days I didn’t have things to insert on!  I couldn’t have worked it better, if I tried!  I was so happy!!!  😀  😀  😀

Mid-Feast night went SO well!  I suggested some happy Hannukah hot-tubbing, so we had pizza and ice cream, then ran for our swimsuits and spent entirely too long outside, playing in the water.  Thirty-seven degrees in the air, one hundred degrees in the water.  It was steamy, splashy fun.  We stayed in and goofed around until we turned pruny in places best not even mentioned!  But it was a good time had by all.  I’m actually kind of glad we didn’t drain and winterize it, now.  I may have to string some lights over the pergola, though.  For ambiance.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

Hot-tubbing of course put us behind on presents.  (Did I mention they were BIG presents, this time?)  Lydia got thousands of colored tiny rubber bands (she weaves them into bracelets).  Isaac got an MP3 slash camera slash radio slash video player that he is just SO geeked about.  Ethan got the LEGO Bat Cave (I couldn’t afford the real one – I got the ‘Junior’ Bat Cave, which basically is less pieces.)  But with all the LEGOs we already have, I figured he could supe it up and make it even better.  He was utterly speechless – I think it was one of those things where he asked for, thinking we wouldn’t be able to swing it for him.  Aaron got another LEGO set, with a book full of all sorts of things to make.  So far he’s done the lighthouse, sailboat, buffalo, sheep, and a cottage.  Owen got a DU-Plo set (big kind of LEGO) of cars that have mix and match parts.

And of course I had to let them stay up late, playing with everything.  Put me WAY behind in writing Cal, but he’ll understand.  When kids don’t hit the hay until 10:40?  There goes parent time.  But it was totally worth it, just the same.  Even this morning – they were racing thru school to be able to get to the LEGO table.  : )

I got a David Winter Cottage (that I bought, remember?) – of course.  Asked Brian to wrap them, anyhow… just because it’s more fun that way.  I’m really lucky he humors me, you know that?  And I gave my guy the beer that my WA pen-pal talked me into getting for him to try.  He was absolutely SHOCKED that I would buy beer!  Come to think of it, I’ve never bought beer in my life, before this.  Hadn’t considered that.  I was a little worried about bottles clinking together and giving it away, but they didn’t – another blessing?!  Anyhow, I got to taste it – for beer, it didn’t make me scrunch up my nose.  (Brian says it’s the Budweiser that’s *skunky* and does that).  Anyhow, it wasn’t too bad!  He was so funny… kept shaking his head at me.  Said he couldn’t believe I’d buy BEER.  And he said it was ‘actually pretty good’ – which is HIGH praise from Brian.  So it’s all good.

Wanna hear a funny?  Thursday I told BFF all about the beer idea and how my pen-pal is this “beer snob” and in the know, and she lifted a brow and said, “Oh, no.  He’s NOT the beer snob – *I* am the biggest beer snob in the world!”  (I didn’t even know she drank!!)  Anyhow, she had a recommendation for Brian – something called ‘Full Circle’.  She says you can buy bottles individually at Meijer, and that I should get one and let my guy compare, and taste the difference.  I can’t help but laugh.  People are so funny about beer!!  I had no idea how *serious* this whole thing is!   I’m going to have to stop for a bottle, tonight, now.  Just to see the difference.  I think my guy’d like that, anyhow.  Silly blonde wife scampering into the store for *one* bottle… then scurrying back out, triumphant?  He gets a kick out of me.

On top of all this – ADDED bonus blessing!  I get green bottles!  (It’s a long story, I’ll have to tell you another time, but I want to make bottle bushes.)  I have forty brown bottles, but no green ones, so this is REALLY good!!!  Twelve green bottles, just for me!

I’m STILL unable to use my phone – I had to call BFF Tuesday night, and you know what I did?  (You know what I did.)  I forgot to turn it on speakerphone and turn it upside down, and ended up muting myself with my cheek, again.  I cannot use a cellphone to save my SOUL, I swear it…!!!!  She’s on the line going, “Anna?  Are you there?  Hello… Where’d you go…?”  And I’m all, “Gol-darn celllphone’s a piece of… hello?!?!  What the… oh.  OH, man…!  Not again!!”  And Brian’s laughing in the kitchen, calling out, “You muted it, again, didn’t you?”  And BFF’s saying, “Just hold the phone away from your face…” and the kids are all, “Mo-om…!  Not again!  You don’t have to eat the phone…!”  All of them on me at the same time, and I feel about 80-old-lady, and it’s just *SAD*…!!!

Okay.  It’s getting late.  Gots t’get going!!

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