_________ December 05, 2015 __________

Tids & Tads

Guess what?  I got *RESERVATIONS*, yesterday!  Hotel reservations, in Indianapolis.  I’m so excited!!!!!  We’re really on for it, now!  And thank you for the AirBNB link – I checked that out, first, but for us (because of the number of people, and additionals beyond four guests usually cost more), it’s easier and in many cases cheaper to get a hotel room right down on the canal.  (Not to mention the hotel has a pool, two mornings’ worth of breakfasts, and we don’t have to worry about kids messing with other people’s stuff.)  Yes, doing right IN TOWN is seriously splurgy for me – we usually find someplace on the outskirts, cheaper and remote, and then just drive in from there.  But…  I don’t know, it just sounded fun, being right downtown this time.  And if we can walk everywhere?  Even better!  Not sure if that will work, but I’d definitely like to have the option, if the weather stays the way it is (in the doggone 50s.  It’s terrible!!!)!

It was the first time I’ve ever tried one of those on-line sites that are supposed to get you the best rate of all the hotels available.  Orbitz… is that what it’s called?  Something like that.  It didn’t work – their site is set up for 2-4 person traveling groups, and didn’t offer any LARGE room packages – and the site didn’t have the option to adjust the number of guests.  BIG problem for me!  So I tried to do it via their ‘1-800’ number?  I got sent to India where some la-dee was try-ink to get me rum, but she was hav-ink trouble with sys-tum, and if I could juss holt for moment lon-ger…?  I held a LOT, with her popping in and out trying to wrap her head around ‘five chil-dren, two ah-dult’, before she finally asked for my number to call me back, so she could call some hotels.  I told her I’d save her the trouble and just call them myself.  I’m thinking the hotels appreciated that, because she was REALLY hard to understand.

But even THAT was an adventure!!!  🙂  🙂  🙂

Speaking of accents, last night our Chinese lesson was ‘the 50 American States’.  You have NO idea how hilarious it is to hear the Chinese names for our states.  They’re almost exactly like our names for them, but pronounced crazily.  My kids were totally busting up, and even Brian was laughing.  I don’t think we have to worry about learning how to pronounce the state names in Chinese.  They’d get the gist without us altering it.  You know how Dori speaks ‘Whale’ in “Finding Nemo”?  Pretty much if we put on a Chinese accent and say the state name?  We’d be speaking Chinese, in this case!

I’ve been getting back into reading, some.  That whole GoodReads challenge thing, and all that.  But I like holiday romances – (I’m a chick.) – and my book buddy Missy would be SO thrilled to hear that I’ve taken up her favorite, Debbie Macomber, for the first time.  I don’t think I like Macomber, to be honest.  Usually if you read two or three of an author’s book, you can pick out their pattern, their flavor.  This writer likes to do stories revolving around snotty women and cocky, jerk-ish guys who are smug about how sexy they are.  I don’t like either, which is why I don’t think I like Macomber.

But I think Macomber’s from Seattle/Tacoma, because all three that I’ve read in the last two weeks take place near Puget Sound, Seattle, Tacoma, Snowqualmie, or… where was the one last night?  Puyallup.  Just… kind of ironic.  Anyhow, the Puyallup novel was about fruitcake (!?!?!) and how it’s symbolic of life, and love, and tradition, and… it wasn’t too bad, actually.  Had three fruitcake recipes.  Almost made me want to try making one.  But it’s just crazy, reading about how they were taking off in a plane from Lake Union.  I’ve been there!  🙂  (And is it evil of me to exult in cocky jerk-off guy falling in the lake?  Probably.  << Pretend you didn’t read that, then.)

I need to find a holiday romantic comedy about a chubby woman.  THAT would be better.  😉

Milestone, this morning!  For the first time since I started e-corresponding, I *didn’t* write to my WA friend first, today.  It surprised even me… but there it is.  I wrote to Indianapolis guy, first – and ditched him.  He called me ‘Anne’, people.  Anne.  My name is not that dang hard to get.  It’s the same backwards as forwards.  Palindromic, even.  😀  It’s a short name, it’s not uncommon…  What. The. Heck?!!?   On top of that, his second and third e-mails were nothing like his first (or his ad).  It’s like he had someone else write them up for him, because he can’t spell, has no grasp on grammar, and the entire thing (and it’s LONG – the man types fast) was one big run-on sentence.  As if that weren’t enough, he shared his real e-mail (which – shocker – had his whole name.  Sheeple.), so I traipsed off to Facebook, looked him up, and he’s… NOT my kind of person.  If I were a catcher’s mitt, maybe, but no.  He’s obsessed with sports – his page was a long feed of on-line games, like that ‘Candy Crush’ BS.  NOT my type of person!!!  (Did I mention he called me ‘Anne’ ?  SO the nail in his coffin!!)

Fact is, I knew one of ’em was going to have to go.  I don’t have TIME for two newbies.  That might’ve even been part of my problem with K****.  A very tiny part, but worth mentioning, nonetheless.  They were both third wheels, metaphorically speaking.  At any rate, I’m down to two pen-pals again, and I’m HAPPY with two.  That’s good.  Plenty.  Let’s just hope this Robert guy works out.

Enough about pen-pals.  Going, now.

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