_________ December 18, 2015 __________

People Post

Good morning!!  😀   How are you?
(Holy wOw, this might be a live one!)

Got our first X-mess card, yesterday!  It was just from George (next door neighbor), but still.  I tape them on the kitchen door in the shape of a tree, but since we only get like five – and that’s if State Farm Insurance and the Orthodontist have enough in the budget – it’s a VERY small tree.  I should draw a Charlie Brown twig on poster-board and just use the cards as bulbs.  It would be cute, then.  Not so pitiful-ish.  Don’t you think?

R**** didn’t write yesterday, in other news.  I figured I ditched Indy-‘Anne’-apolis (hahahaaaaaa, lame pun), and R**** ditched me for being an old dowdy house-broad.  Poetic Justice!   Or irony.  Maybe both…?   But he didn’t – morning has dawned, an e-mail from him has been delivered to my inbox, and he… seems aiiight.  For a foodie.  Who apparently has fond memories of bar hopping in Grand Rapids every weekend when he went to WMU.  [O_o]  So he’s familiar with my city.  (< He’s in Lansing.)   He is SO going to get sick of me, you realize this, don’t you?  I’ll ride it out, just for fun.  But it won’t be a shock when he moves on.  At least he’s dropped the ‘Gray Poupon’ thing.  Although he still signs everything R/Y  (<<  Respectfully Yours, abbreviated.  After his ad stated that abbreviations annoy him.  I. Can’t. Even…!!!!)

Speaking of people, today is my ex-fiancee’s birthday.  I’m torn: should I wish him a happy one on his FB?  He’s not really there – he just *has* one.  But does it make me look skeery, lurking ex-fiancee from 25 years ago to wish him a bleeping happy birthday?  See?  THIS.  This is why I hate people.  This is why I glare.  This issue-full-ness that always crops up.  I’ll wish whoever the heck I WANT a Happy Birthday, and damn the world!!!!  (It’s not like I still have a thing for him, anyhow.  He certainly turned out far different than he would’ve if he’d’ve gotten me.  Just sayin’.   😉

In other ‘people’ talk, Brian spent half an hour hiding at work yesterday, talking to a friend of ours.  Long story made really short:  Brian’s mom got super mad at me, and told the dance group we all went out weekly with something – I don’t know what – but for about seven years, none of them would speak to us.  We were ousted – and of course you know I claimed it.  It was my fault, I’m the queen of rejection, it was my fault.  But during that time that we were shunned, Brian’s mom got in a fight with Collette.  Then Bonnie tried to get them to make up, and Brian’s mom got in a fight with Bonnie.  Neither of them speak to Brian’s mom, anymore.  I don’t know what happened with Marcia, but she stopped talking to Brian’s mom, too.  Then Brian’s mom got in a fight with Cheryl (also in the group, and her best friend), and they haven’t spoken, since, either.  At which point the people in the group started to put 2+2 together, and realized that maybe Brian and I weren’t the problem… since we separated from his mom, first.  So we’ve been re-accepted, but slowly, and it’s kind of awkward, y’know?  It’s amazing how much damage one wretch of a person can do.

Anyhow, Marcia did people’s taxes on the side, so for the past five years, we’ve had her do them for us.  At first it was awkward and very ‘cool’, interacting with her and Greg, but as time has passed, we’ve become friends, again.  Except last year Marcia couldn’t do our taxes – she’d been having serious health problems, and they diagnosed her with MS.  Well, because we’re friends from the dance/thru Brian’s parents, I have Brian call every once in a while to ask after her, and let them know we’re thinking of/praying for them.  It’s been rough, because in September they found out the doctors misdiagnosed her, and she doesn’t have MS, it’s a rare cancer of the spinal fluid, and for a YEAR, they’ve been pumping the wrong meds in her, while the cancer has run rampant.

When Brian called yesterday, he thought he’d get the machine (Marcia’s at UofM hospital, now) at their house, but her husband was home, and apparently REALLY needed to talk!  He kept Brian on the line for a LONG time, on the clock at work!  (It’s a good thing they’re slow, at the moment.)  She’s doing horribly – she’s got pneumonia, they’ve had to put a respirator and vacuum into her lungs.  On top of that, the meds are turning her stomach acids into something horrible, and they had to trach her to feed her.  She’s been on her back so long, it’s starting to mess up her muscles.  But they say the chemo is working, and she’s making progress in some areas, while struggling in others.  Apparently none of the gang call them, except us.  That’s sad.  But at least Brian was able to be there for him, at least as a listening ear, although he didn’t expect that!   (After Cal, we half expected to hear she passed on.  These things happen in threes, you know.)  We’re glad she’s hanging in there, anyhow!

Last night was last swim class!  I… don’t have anything to say about it, other than that they gave the ‘report cards’ to the boys as they were getting out of the pool, even though I was standing RIGHT. THERE.  By the time I got them?  I couldn’t read them.  And my shoes had drip spots from them.  Wet, wet, wet.  I’m not even sure if they passed or not.  I’m calling it a yes.  It’s also known as creative interpretation of Rorschach Ink Blot images.  R’something.

Okay.  I’d really better go.
Dadgum dog won’t stop barking at the snowflakes.
They’re not sticking yet, though.And they’re talking 55 degrees for X-mess.
Boo!  Hiss!  Nooo!

(Now I’m going.)

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