_________ December 20, 2015 __________


It’s DONE!!!  It’s done, it’s done, it’s done… the MENORAH is finished, and it looks SO. BEAUTIFUL!!!  It still needs to be polyurethaned, and somehow we lost the bag of light bulbs.  Not sure where in the world a whole sack of light bulbs would pick up and hike out to, but they’re nowhere to be found.  Very weird.  But using assorted lights from under the sink in the light box (including a blinking green one), we got to see it lit and everything.  It… needs matching light-bulbs.

It’s different than the one in the original picture (in my Hanukkah menorah post).  I was doing something near it, and knocked one of the ‘candles’ askew… and it was on a 45-degree angle from the others.  And standing back and looking at it?  It gave it some dimension, made it even BETTER.  So I talked my guy into allowing us to turn every other ‘candle’ so that it has more depth, isn’t so flat.  Isn’t it cool?!?!  I love it.  (Really need to find those bulbs…!!)

Next big project?  A pool cover remover/stand.  It won’t be until January, sometime, but I’ve already got the idea ready to go:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnS2wZsumyQ   My guy is thinking 3/4″ steel pipe, though.  Conduit just doesn’t seem very sturdy, to me… and he knows better than I do what would work as an alternative.  🙂

I send out end-of-year letters annually with our cards.  Nobody ever reciprocates mine, either.  And I wasn’t going to do it, this year.  Thought I’d quit.  I was reading a(nother Macomber) book, last night, and the girl in the book was SO pissed off at having to get a cheerful “we did this, we did that, we’re so happy” holiday letter… and you know how much I worry about annoying people.  But tomorrow we go and pic up the kids’ pictures (which came with holiday photo cards).  Can I just send a picture?  No.  NO.

Yesterday, I went off and found the free sheet music for Debussy’s ‘Reverie’.  It’s public domain, so it’s easy to obtain, now.  And it’s pretty easy – I’m thinking I might try to memorize it for January.  December’s song is shot – I never got to it.  First Hanukkah, then I didn’t play for a week, while I was mourning Cal… with the trip to Indy?  It’s not going to happen.  I can mess with it, a little, later, but… [shrugs]

Went to the library, yesterday (to get the Macomber book, and a movie called “The Monuments Men”)… and while we were there, I tried to locate that ‘Outlander’ book.  (Both my friend Shannon and my WA pen-pal really want me to read them.)  They had four of them, but not the first one.  So I’ll have to wait until we go to another library.  Which might be a while – there’s no homeschool group, this month.  Dance is done for the month, swim is done, we don’t pick up karate again until after the new year… it’s going to be quiet, for a while.  I won’t complain about that!

I’m going into a major reading phase.  This happens in cycles, it seems.  I’ll read like mad for a while, then I’ll put that down and go into a crocheting kick (actually, this weekend I crocheted up a bunch of curtain tie-backs for the parlor and living room.  They look lovely, btw!), then I’ll be thinking about the books that sucked, and sit down and take the general idea and flesh it out and take it in different ways and do it better… which becomes a writing kick.  And round and round it goes, with scrapbooking thrown in there, somewheres, too.

My roots are starting to show, again.  This means a decision must be made.  Usually, I go golden blonde in the summer, and darker blonde in the winter, but I’m SICK of dying my hair.  The real color has darkened up to an ashy, mucky, dishwater blech, and I don’t know what to DO.  (And who knows how many silver strands there are in it – I have no idea.)  So what to do?

I went on-line, and found long, dark gray hair, and it’s just GORGEOUS.  http://40.media.tumblr.com/7c2266712af84d6e50cfb35aec0022aa/tumblr_mrwaelreG11qh20b1o1_500.png  My guy is NOT happy.  He doesn’t like the idea.  He doesn’t want it.  He thinks blonde will be fine until I’m… oh, about 104 years of age, actually.  Both of our mothers dye their hair (his is black, my mom’s bleached a really light ash blonde.  Or they were, a few years ago, anyhow.)… it’d be strange for me to go gray if they aren’t, he says.  But it’s not a geriatric gray, it’s a solid, gun-metal, gorgeous gray.  An alternative gray.  And I’m always pretty dramatic with my make-up, anyhow, so it’d look good.  And just LOOK at these!  http://hubpages.com/style/DIY-Hair-How-to-Get-Granny-Gray-Hair  How can he say that looks ‘old-lady-ish’?!  It’d have to be done at a salon, this time, obviously, but…!!!!!!

I have to somehow talk him into it.  Maybe recruit my BFF… who know doubt would blackmail me with the adult tap class in order to secure her help.  Oi, vey…!  I can’t do it without him on board.  Maybe if I promised that – should it not look nice – I’d go back to the dark blonde?  I don’t know.  The man can be obscenely stubborn…!  But I think it might be fun to do something completely different, just for fun.  It doesn’t hurt anything, after all.  (I’ve teased that I could go dark red, which is what Aaron’s is, right now.  Brian *HATES* red hair, so that is totally out of the question, though!!  LoL!!)

Last week, we studied the Ghent Altarpiece in our art history lessons. The information we had said that it was stolen seven times, once by Hitler, when it was rescued by a group called ‘The Monument Men’. The paper we read also said that there was a movie with that name.

Well, tonight? We got to see the Ghent Altarpiece rescued by Matt Damon, George Clooney, John Goodman, and Bill Murray. The kids LOVED it – the history, the art (they knew a LOT of it from past lessons), and the story. And y’know what? I never knew any of this stuff, either. And I loved it all as much as they did.

I *LOVE* homeschooling.

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