_________ December 24, 2015 __________

T’was the Night Before…

Good morning, Happy X-eve… Whatever!!

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ ONE DAY TO INDY!!!!!

The laptop is coming along – that’s just how we roll.  It was SO handy when we were in the deep woods of Wisconsin (and lost), so it’s become a thing with us, to have it.  We’re more ‘plugged-in’ than I thought!!  Getting nervous about being that far from home and in a state capital on a major X-ian holiday.  Too late, now – my paranoia better sit down and shut up!

Okay, on to the more interesting stuff.  This morning, I got contacted by a guy I used to be good friends with on Xanga.  He freaked out on me with conspiracy theories and Catholicism to the point where it was affecting my credibility with others and I bailed.  Today he messaged and said he’s come full circle around to what I’d tried to tell him, and he’s now a Messianic Jew… and that he’s sorry for being so antagonistic.  I don’t know if I should re-friend him or not.  He extended an olive branch, but he was just so OUT there, before…!  Everyone deserves a second chance, though.  I can always unfriend him, again…?  Leery.

Am supposed to call Rebekah, thank her for the gluten-free basket, and invite them for New Years.  Since this involves a PHONE… it’s not happening so fast.  Today.  I’ll do it today.  Maybe.

Pope Frankie MaGog (an amalgamation of nicknames from sites I read) has announced today that this is the last X-mess, and the end times have begun.  He’s behind by about twelve years.  No shock, there.  He’s got full moon panic, likely.  (< you heard about that, right?  The X-mess full moon?  Not that full moons have *ANY* significance – in scripture and with Yehovah, it’s always new moons, but I digress.)  Hey, I’ll take a rapture anytime.  NOW would be great.  😛

Had a terrible nightmare yesterday in the wee hours of the morning.  I was in this huge old farmhouse for some sort of party or open house.  The woman who was hosting it was unfriendly to an extreme – like she didn’t want me there.  I couldn’t find Brian, but didn’t want to be clingy, so I kind of wandered around, and accidentally ended up in a room where the host’s husband was laying – he had cancer, and was in kind of a hospice type situation.  Everyone was mad that I’d gone in, but he was kind to me.  I think he was lonely.  But I had to leave, so I resumed making my way around, and ran into my mother – she had my sister and the girls with her (naturally), all of them dressed in ruffles and lace and satin ribbons.  She sneered at me and said I look like trash, and why don’t I do something with myself, I’m so fat.  I was outraged, and everyone was mad at me for disrespecting my mother with a retort.  So I left the house to go find Brian and saw his mom – she was glowering at me as I walked by.  I saw one of Brian’s friends’ sons, and he told me that Brian sold the truck so that I couldn’t leave.   I was more frantic to see him, so I ran to this barn, and found him with his dad and our friend Shawn – they were busy with machines and didn’t want me there.  Brian snapped at me – said he was in the middle of something.  Said he bought a puppy, but it wouldn’t be weaned until 9pm, so we were staying all day and night, and I’d better find something to do with myself.  By the end of the dream, I was crying.

It threw yesterday off, completely… although reality compounded it – I woke from it at 7:51, and immediately realized that Lydia had an orthodontic appt at 8am, and I forgot to set the alarm.  *PANIC!*  Luckily, even with six of us, we can move.  We were there ONE MINUTE late.  !!!!  And it’s nine miles away!  Talk about fast!!!

We went EVERYWHERE , yesterday.  It was last minute running around before trip – gone one from morning until night.  But it felt good to get out.  I hadn’t left the house since… no idea.  We went to a library last Saturday.  I don’t leave the house, much.  But we hit three libraries, went to pay two bills, stopped at the post office… and then later at night we ended up going out to Pizza Hut.  Just because.  It was nice… but…

Y’know how I get things backwards?  The nightmare and frenzy of yesterday just compounded that.  I was talking about how we were on 86th street (There is no 86th street, it’s 84th… and actually we were on 108th, anyhow.) commenting to my guy about Bradford-White (a company out that way) and he was LAUGHING at me… apparently I’d called it Bradley Cooper, not Bradford-White.  Never even caught it.  Oi my vey!

Our last remaining X-mess visit got bumped to New Year’s, too.  Unexpectedly NICE!  See, we go to Brian’s Grandma’s on X-mess eve, so that she can give the kids presents.  She’s *never* ready – most of the time, she’s wrapping them in front of us and handing them to people.  Don’t… ask.  But this year, her house is so bad (over-cluttered to an extreme) that X-mess really should be cancelled.   She won’t – so they’re shoving everything from the over-run living room into the already packed and unusuable dining room, and apparently people are going to bring cold cuts and eat on paper plates on their laps.  We stopped going, years ago – everyone else needs to, too.  Send a message.  But anyhow, X-mess eve is going to be busy, shoveling out the living room.  So we’ve cancelled going to Grandma’s until New Year’s.  She’s relieved.

Today is the last day of school today before Indy.


Today?  Brian is out of work half a day, but the guys from work are going to the bar, together.  He should have a good time.  But with all the alcohol this year, we should call it ‘Merry Beer-Mas’.  O_o

Anyhow, I should go.  I have cards to assemble and packing to get started!

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