_________ December 28, 2015 __________

Return to Normalcy

There’s just SO much to talk about, and you know I can’t seem to shut up for not even ten seconds.  It’s pretty pitiful.  And a serious problem.

I finally got around to calling my cousin’s wife (Rebekah) while we were on vacation.  We needed to thank her for the holiday food basket, and Brian said Steve’s been asking what we’re up to, a lot.  He thought Steve was kind of hinting that they wanted to get together.  So I invited them over for New Year’s.  My idea of doing desert pizzas?  It fits perfectly, because she wants to do ‘Shake n’ Bake Pizza’  (< ???  I couldn’t hear her for the screaming on her end of the line, and I’m not sure if that’s even right, but I think that’s what she said she wanted to do.)  Even if there’s trouble, I have a ton of pizzas in the freezer that we can supplement with – Taco Pizza, Spinach/Feta/Mushroom, BBQ chix, Chix Parmesan…  But I was already thinking we’d do crazy themed pizzas, when it was just going to be us.  I found some good ones!  Now I’ve got THREE DAYS to figure out how to make them gluten-free!  (O_o)  Here’s some of what I was looking at:

Apple and Pear Dessert Pizza with Gruyere


Pizza Pie Cafe Inspired Dessert Pizzas: Oreo and Cookie Dough

I know, right?  Absolutely decadent!  I’m an over-achiever, you know this, already…  It’s got to drive you crazy, though.  (Or maybe inspire you?  I don’t know.)  THIS is why my blog got so much attention, back when I wrote there.  It’s always *something*… isn’t it?  I can’t seem to help it.  So anyhow, my newest project is working out how to do this.  Starting TODAY!!!
Oh, and they want to go in the hot tub… which is going to be fun, too.  And we’ll probably talk them into watching ‘Home’ with us (got it for Hanukkah!), and we have a ton of games for the families to play.  It should be fun – but they aren’t planning on staying very late.  Their kids’ bedtimes are 7:30 (!!! Homeschooled… WHY!??!?!?!), so they’ll be leaving pretty early.  Means more dessert pizza for us.  (< Like I need it.  Hrumph.)

I’m all like Ms. Social Interaction, all of a sudden.  Don’t expect it to last – I’ll be *DONE* New Years’ Day Night – because New Years’ Day is where Brian’s grandparent’s X-mess got moved to.  I have to put something together to give them, yet, too.  Usually we do a homemade ornament.  I was thinking maybe one of these:

It’d be fast/simple, anyhow.  And I have some milk jug rings I could probably do it around.  Plus I have to throw together a frame of the kids’ pictures for them – also a tradition (because they don’t NEED anything).  It’s going to be a REALLY busy week… on top of taking my car in, tonight, and trying to work out the finances from the trip – not to mention an abbreviated school week, working on pictures…!!

I’d better scoot – get started now, while I’m ahead!

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