_________ January 11, 2016 __________

Pending Planet X

I had a *terrible* headache, yesterday.  Maybe it was Nibiru’s encroaching proximity that was responsible for it.  Right around 2pm, and I never get headaches.  (Well, very rarely.)  I blamed it on being hungry – we didn’t get lunch until almost 3pm, and by the time we were there, I was feeling lightheaded and a little queasy, so I blamed it all (headache, t’boot!) on hunger.  It could’ve been an outside source like Nibiru, though.  The Autistics are saying (just this weekend!) that this is the year it makes it’s close encounter, and that the bunkers are all ready to house the important people of the world.  Not that I believe the Autistics.  But I still read them… just because there is usually a sliver of truth to be found in lies ‘given’ by ‘higher’ spiritual powers.  They’re just going CR-azy about Planet X, though.  They say it’ll be naked eye visible by the end of the year.  I guess we shall see.

Everyone in our house keeps stopping and studying the painting.  All day, yesterday… it was kind of crazy.  I think it’s the color – SO vibrant, and the photos of our pictures at the studio (with the orange-red to overpower them) don’t do it justice.  Anyhow, I’m hoping we do it again, sometime.  Just not on the 26th, when they have her painting, this month.  $35 a session is steep for us.  Next month would be better.

Well, our little part of Michigan got only about 2.5 inches of snow, yesterday.  It was cold – 18 degrees (ish) – but just not the accumulation we were hoping for.  It’s still flurrying, this morning, but nothing major… just a fine mist of snow.  I guess every little bit counts?  They did say we could have lake-effect snow thru Thursday.  One can hope.  Most Trolls (people living under the Bridge) don’t *want* the snow, and complain about it.  But I grew up mostly Yooper, so I really would rather have the snow.

HUGE sales at the grocers, yesterday.  Buy two, get THREE free sales.  I kind of got a few more of things than I expected to, as a result.  Ice cream!  Everyone loves ice cream.  I need to go get the sale flyer, tonight, on my way thru.  See what other things have that kind of a deal on them, and if we could use them.  I was pretty excited.  And got this weird hankering for 7-layer salad, while in the produce department… and ended up buying scallions and other stuff I normally don’t buy.  The salad was wonderful.

So were the eggnog cookies I made.  (They had packets of mix for them, regularly $3.98, on clearance for 60¢ each.  And it’s not like flour, sugar, and spices really go bad very fast – they just can’t have them on the shelf, and there were a TON of them, so they were trying to clear them out.  I think I got eight packets.  Made up one – they’re SO good!

Tonight is going to be odd – for the next while, every other week, I’m bringing a boy with us to lap swim/dance class.  They really want to be a part of things, to see what happens when we go away on Mondays.  They want to eat out with BFF and her daughter.  So – as something special to each of them – they each get to have a night out with the girls.  Tonight is Isaac’s.  He’s… something else.  He’ll be the tricky one, and so I’m kind of glad we can get him out of the way, first.  If there’s going to be a stinker, it’s Isaac.  He’s a very unusual child – very… animated.  Very Jim Carrey.  Very Jack Black.  Very… okay, he can be seriously, SERIOUSLY annoying and obnoxious.  There’ll surely be some tales to tell, come tomorrow.

Anyhow, this is long.  And rather rambly  I should go.  Don’t you think?
((WHY do I get the sneaking suspicion that you’re laughing at me?!))

Ah, well…! That’s Monday, it seems!

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