_________ January 12, 2016 __________

Boys at Dance

We got ❄ ❅ ❆ SNOW ❆❅❄ last night!  It’s so beautiful, here!  There’s at least three inches on everything, outside.  All schools are closed, so I’m wondering if there’ll be tap class, tonight.  Is it evil to hope that there isn’t?  I need another week to try to break in the new shoes – they’re still just STIFF.  My guy got on-line and found out that if you put a ziplock baggie half full of water in the shoes, and put them in the freezer, it stretches the shoes.  I… don’t actually fully grasp that, but okay.  (Wouldn’t it need a lid, so the water couldn’t expand upward, instead?)  Whatever, I’m blonde.  I don’t get a lot of things.  Not for lack of trying but sometimes?  It’s just *totally* beyond me.

Jakob died last night, too.  Curled up in the feed dish and breathed his last.  It’s been a rough year for ducks.  On the other hand, Jakob was something like Methuselah in duck years.  He was TEN years old… that’s an OLD. DUCK. for his size!  He was one of the first two we ever got.  I thought he’d never go – he’s hung in there forever.  But he really was a living fossil, anymore.  We’re just getting to where the elderly ones are starting to go.  Zeke will be next.  (<< the idiot goat).  I just hope he waits til spring, when the ground thaws.  And it looks like we’ll be incubating chickens AND ducks, next spring, along with breeding rabbits.

Brian wants the kids to shovel the end of the drive, but our road is SO busy.  I’ll probably go out and take care of it.  I took care of Jakob for him, too.  Shocked him, that I’d manhandle a dead critter, but what am I?  A sugar cube?  (Not.)  Besides, a little fresh air never hurt nobody.  I’m pulling up the glove, hat and scarf tubs and digging out the snowpants, though!  Good project for the day.

Isaac was… in top form, last night on his night out with the girls.   First, we had an issue, because the slider doors of the Uplander were iced shut (it’s a common problem – BFF’s back doors and hatch were all iced shut, too).  So Isaac had to climb over from the front seat into the back.  With snowy boots.  Multiple times.  And he’s a boy-kid – he doesn’t really know the concept of being careful.  Ah, well!  Then he sat behind Lydia (who brought ‘Owl City’ – her favorite music – on her MP3), and he whipped out his origami Yoda, and let Origami Yoda sing to Owl City.  Have I mentioned he’s perfected being annoying/obnoxious?  That one works it out to a fine art.  He was DR-iving his sister (and after a while, me) absolutely crazy.

He said I suck at swimming compared to the other guy.  (It wasn’t swim coach, this time.  This guy had a BEARD!!!  *Squee!*  Okay, so I can get a little geeky about a beard.  *Squee!*)  I missed swim coach’s music… but trading up for a beard is just about as good.  And no, I didn’t even say ‘hi’ or smile at the guy.  He had FLIPPERS on.  Cheater!  There’s nothing to say to that.  Yeah, Isaac, I was slower than the dude – he had freakin’ FLIPPERS to help him out!  I can’t even talk about that.  That’s NOT an even playing field.  As if it were ever even – I’m female: softer, smaller, not as strong, to begin with!  Bah.  (*grumble, grumble, cheater, grumble*)

BFF always likes to get those Keurig drinks at dance, and typically I don’t embibe, but Isaac was along, so we got one to share.  I’m… a little SHOCKED at how BFF doctors up her drinks.  She puts the Keurig cup in it, and adds TWO creamers, three sugars… and a hot chocolate packet!!!  I won’t say it wasn’t absolutely delicious (it SO totally was!), but it probably went straight to my hiney!

Isaac liked having a special night.  He liked watching his sister dance, checking out the other dance class, seeing the ‘dance’ puppy (The owner got a teacup yorkie/pom mix for X-mess, and he’s like this tiny chocolate Chewbacca that would fit in your palm.  Everyone loves that little puppy).

And then we went to Taco Bell, and Isaac was a little wide-eyed at the lively, psycho conversation.  We really get a little into it.  Moreso last night, because we were talking about books made into movies, and BFF’s girl was telling Lydia about Stephen King’s ‘Carrie’ – I didn’t know they did a remake – but I was telling Lydia that William Katt was on the original, because she knows him from Faerie Tale Theatre’s ‘Thumbelina’, and BFF knows him from ‘Greatest American Hero’ (the 80s TV show), and next thing I knew, she and I were belting out the show’s theme song together!!  (((O_o)))   I don’t know, and it’s one of those inexplicable things, apparently.

Anyhow, he had a good time, and now the other boys are all geeked about it.  Apparently I’m going to be Keurig-ing quite a bit in the coming weeks.  Won’t be good for my waistline, although I’m stuck at 200.  Everyday… 200… 200… 200…  I’m not breaking the barrier into the hundreds, and it’s kinda driving me crazy.  Yeah, there was a plateau in October, too, but it still sucks, y’know?

FRENCH. SILK. PIE.  Have you ever had French silk pie?  Well, I made those pizzas, and one of ’em was Oreo pizza (SO good), but there was double the amount of crushed (gluten-free) Oreos than was needed.  So I found the container of crushed Oreos, yesterday, and thought, I can make a pie crust with them.  SOOO good.  But what can I put inside of it?  So a simple on-line search pulled up a 5-ingredient French silk pie recipe!  Guess what we’re having for dessert, tonight?!  (And I had to dice turkey ham for the 7-layer salads, so there’s a container of sliced turkey ham in there.)  So it’s scalloped potatoes, turkey ham with pineapple (in glaze, of course!) and French silk pie.   Mmmmmmy poor waistline.  You realize that I’m *NEVER* going to lose weight.  At this moment, I don’t care (that will change in about 35 minutes.  It always does.).  But MAN, does that sound good!

And it’s 2016 – time for a new GoodReads goal.  216 seemed apt… ya think?  On top of that, I had to sign the boys up for swim.  They’re going to a NEW place – I’ve never been before.  And I’ll be tackling the whole sha-bang myself, this time: it’s on Saturday mornings, so Brian’s working.  No worries, though – I’ve got it.  😉  And they’ll have a great time.  I had to borrow from Peter (orthodonist fund) to pay Paul (swim classes), but there’s time to pay Peter back before it’s all said and done.  It’s fine.  I make Brian nervous, but that’s because he was raised to NOT do things, because it’s expensive.  My family did things and cost be damned – because you only live once.  I’m *TRYING* to strike a balance.  Not overextending, but pushing the boundaries a little – in a safe way – to stay in the black but still DO.  Not an easy thing, but it’s fine.

It’s more than fine – it’s still SNOWING!!  Big fluffy stuff, dancing around outside of the windows.  SO gorgeous!

Okay, going.  I feel like this one was… less than stellar.
It wasn’t meant to be, I swear!  Maybe I’m losing my touch?

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