_________ January 16, 2016 __________

A New Pewl

I’m running late.  I tell ya… change *ONE* thing, and the whole day goes t’pot.   The whole weekend!  It’s truly pitiful.

Well, (working backwards) Saturday morning the boys started their new swim lessons at a different pool.  I was concerned about directions, but we found the new swim place with little trouble.  It’s basically the physical fitness side of a high school, all fanci-fied and with a different name.  I wasn’t sure how it would go without Brian to help the boys, but basically I buddied them up and sent them in the boy’s locker room.  Isaac helps Aaron, Ethan helps Owen.  Isaac & Ethan have class the first hour, and Aaron & Owen have classes the second hour.  We sit out on the pool side, and whoever’s not swimming can play games on the tablets.

Isaac & Ethan are (((*finally!*))) in the right class for their level, and I really like the woman who’s teaching them.  There was an autistic kid that wouldn’t participate and wouldn’t listen and was starting to melt down.  We’ve seen this before – and last time, we had to quit the class, because the ENTIRE hour was devoted to dealing with the autism issues, and everyone else’s kids just spent the time clinging to the side (this was a couple years ago).  But this woman simply said, “I need you to participate.”  And when he shook his head no, she said, “Okay, please use the ladder and go find your mom.”  !!!   Yesss!!   Did I mention I like this woman?!  🙂

It all went well, until it was time to leave, when Isaac (it’s *ALWAYS* Isaac) did something to Owen (he shouldn’t have been NEAR him, they weren’t buddies) and the screaming could be heard out in the lobby.  Oi…!  I swear, Isaac makes everything 1000 times worse.  Always.  It gets very, very tiring.

Because of scrapbooking Friday night, we didn’t have our Shabbat meal/reading last night, so we picked up rotisserie chickens on the way home from swim.  That might just work, every week…!  It’s an hour round-trip to swim, and it’s lunch when we get out, and… these things just have to be worked out, I guess.  (Isaac found a stick in the car and was hitting Ethan with it while I was in the grocer’s.  And then he was hitting Ethan on the way home (Seriously?!?!  I was WATCHING in the rear-view mirror!!!!), and I’m having to punish him…  ((((((Isaac!))))))  That one wants to drive me to drink.  I do NOT find him amusing.  And then he’s SO. SAD and mopes and pouts and it’s all, “Woe is me, I’m always in trouble, nobody likes me, it’s always my fault, it’s not fair, I’m so persecuted…!”  (<< from him, after.)  Well… YEAH, it’s your fault, hello…!!!!  Grrrrrr!!!!!!!  (bangs head against desk repeatedly)  That boy writes more lines

Scrapbooking *was* productive.  I got 36 pages done in five hours.  I wouldn’t know that, but one of the nosy biddies asked as we were packing up, so I counted. She was all, “Oh, my!  I’ve only done four!”  Yeah, we heard that while you were sitting back, gossiping the ENTIRE time.  I… don’t like Christian women.  They’re THE biggest blow-hards, ever.  And they talk about e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e. that they know.  I think there may be a verse or two that says not to do that, but then again, what do I know?  ((insert eye roll.)) They get nothing done because they’re too busy flappin’ their gums.  I’m really not that type.  We keep to ourselves, do our thing… bring the MP3 players and earbuds, in case of JEE-zus music, and get something done.  (Thirty-six is extreme.  Lydia managed 18 pages.  You know I’m an over-achiever, though.)

I’m now thinking that maybe I might ask at this 24-hr McDonald’s that I know of if they might let us buy our drinks/food/snacks from them and set up at a table after hours, out of the way, and just do our thing, there.  Because I may be allergic to churches.  But we get SO MUCH more done, if I get away from home and don’t have the distractions to pull me away, y’know?  Only I forgot my font book… and that’s a *BAD* thing.  (I have a book with pages and pages of fonts that I printed off the Internet [ http://www.letteringdelights.com/lettering/fonts-c1c3 ], and then I look at the one I want and replicate the letters on the page I’m working on.)  I really missed my font book, last night.  I’m blowing your mind, right?  Sorry.

I’m kinda cranky, today.  Is that coming across?  It’s a lack of sleep.  The sump died in the middle of the night the other night, and the alarm kept going off… and going off… and that was after I couldn’t sleep so I’d stayed up til 2am reading, anyhow… and then scrapbooking until midnight… somebody’s cranky.

And this is getting to be very, very late.  I’m blaming you – hadda get the address for LetteringDelights, and… *shiny!*  You know it’s like a child in the toy aisle.  Can’t talk about it.

Have a good afternoon.  😉

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