___________January 18, 2016

Story of the World:  Chpt 42

~~~~~ The End of Rome ~~~~~

The point where comic book heroes meet the stuff of history.

Did you know that Romulus Agustus – Rome’s last emperor – is a superhero?  ((wink!))  Okay, maybe not, but if you have boys… this is definitely going to grab their attention!  According to Wikipedia:

Personal Information

Tyrannus (real name Romulus Augustulus) is an immortal supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.  In the Roman Empire, Tyrannus claims to be a “sorcerer”, but is actually a scientist far ahead of his time. He was exiled by Merlin to Subterranea, a network of caves and tunnels miles beneath the Earth’s surface when he tries to conquer Britain. There Tyrannus discovers a race of orange-skinned semi-human Subterraneans who are eager to find in him a new master to serve. He also discovers a pool of liquid which he drinks to maintain his youth through the centuries.

…Tyrannus is reverted to an old man when the Mole Man captures his “fountain of youth”. Tyrannus uses the Hulk as a pawn by teleporting him underground and recapturing the fountain. Banner succeeds in teleporting himself back. Tyrannus forces scientist Ralph Roberts to design a gigantic robot for him to use in his war against the Mole Man, but is defeated by the X-Men.  He decides to gain revenge on the Hulk by using advanced technology to temporarily drive him into destructive rampages.

… [Later] Tyrannus then adopted the guise of Dr. Tyrone. As Dr. Tyrone, he transformed a number of alcoholics and drug addicts into serpent men, and enslaved Spider-Man. Tyrannus then battled Daredevil and Doctor Strange.

Powers and abilities

Tyrannus was granted superhuman longevity and youth after drinking from the Fountain of Youth ; he is dependent on this fountain of youth to maintain his youth and immortality. He possesses various lingering psionic abilities after his merger with the cobalt “Flame of Life” in El Dorado, including telepathy, mind control of others, and the ability to drain the life force of others.  He is an extraordinary scientific genius that Bruce Banner has acknowledged as superior to himself, and has achieved mastery of the advanced technology of the [peoples] which he found in Subterranea, upon which he has made further advances.


Tyrannus often uses ancient Roman weaponry (e.g., swords and spears), but also has access to weapons created by [subterranean] technology, including guns projecting various types of radiation. He has designed other devices … these include teleportation devices, flying vehicles, and gigantic earth-borers.

It’s all for fun.  We’ve reached the end of the book, and why not have a little fun?  We know that Romulus Augustus was not really the emperor, and wasn’t even allowed to reign for very long.  He certainly never made it to Britain.  But isn’t it fun to see where people’s imaginations can take them?  From a boy-king barbarian to a superhero who invents flying vehicles!  And if that isn’t a great segue into ‘Story of the World, Volume 2’, with us about to climb on a flying carpet…!

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