_________ January 19, 2016 __________

Life is a Carousel Ride

It’s Monday.  Catalina Monday – you know comet Catalina is making it’s only near pass today.  It’s really done a number on my hair, this morning.  No mi gusta.  Be VERY glad that you can’t see.  (I have stickers over the camera thinger on my laptop, so even accidental video/photo isn’t an option.)  There was this site – it’s address was something like ‘Movies in Five Minutes’ – and it was hilarious… and an old friend linked me to the ‘Twilight’ versions that were there, and there was this thing where Jasper’s hair snarfled people.  (It was really, really funny at the time, probably not so much at the moment?)  But I’m pretty sure right now?  My hair is fully capable of snarfling, too.  I’d worry about it, but tonight’s swimming – I’ll just let the water in the pool conquer it.

It was NINE. DEGREES. yesterday.  (It’s eleven, this morning.)  But *NINE*… single digits!  People don’t enjoy being outside when it’s *NINE* degrees.  We did go out – first Brian went to his parents’ house for a tap from his Dad that he needed to finish the side job.  Saw his mom (for the first time in a year or so).  He said she was s.c.a.r.y.!  I don’t know what that means, and I’m not even sure I want to, honestly.  He said not as bad as my mom, but… yeah.  His mom is the polar opposite of my mom/people, so I figured she’d age a LOT better, but apparently not?  Hrm.

We also went to pay our [late] quarterly mortgage.  Stayed to chat for a while, got a load of trash, helped unload cat food from the car… it was okay.  And then I coaxed Brian into going out for supper.  Shouldn’t have, but I’m really not regretting it.  We had a good time, and we were careful not to be extravagant or anything.  The kid who waited on us was from a family the same size as ours, so he was having a good time with the kids.  They (of course) made origami Yoda, Darth Paper, and a Krigami Ewok out of their menus to impress him.  (Who wants to do another maze when menus could be folded into Star Wars figures?!)  It was fun.  We were the only ones in the restaurant, the whole time, so it was really kind of laid back and quiet.

Apparently my brother is back from Florida.  He has something to do for work.  He’ll probably head back down south directly afterwards, though.  Not much comes between him and volleyball, in the winter.  He’s the beach bum type… I don’t know.  I’m a *little* envious – to live a life where you get November thru April as a vacation?  Free room and board?  He’s actually got a really good gig.  He does a LOT of work in the summers, though.

Do you ever feel like life is just one big carousel?  And there’s Monday, again.  And there’ssssss Monday, again.  Annnnnnnd… there’s Monday, again!  Over and over and over, around and around and around.  I swear, it’s true.  Well, probably not for my brother.  He likely has no concept of days.  He’s brown as an Indian and fresh off the sand, happy, hale and healthy.  The rest of us are just on a hamster wheel, though.  At least it feels that way to me.  “Oh.  Monday.  Brian back to work.  Us back to school.  Piano lesson day.  Lap swim and dance class tonight.  Rinse and repeat.”   Ai carumba!!  Gah, I’m becoming DEPRESSING….!!

I baked more eggnog cookies, yesterday.  Except that I found the ziploc baggie of chocolate left over from New Year’s pizza decorating, and so I piped chocolate on the cookies.  Takes away from the spices… also no mi gusta.  But the kids love it, so there’s that.  Lydia says, “Just pick it off, Mom.”  Yeah.  I’ll… do that.  (NoTe: I’m not sure why all the Spanish is popping up in this.  Isaac’s actually got us listening to Italian tenors, this morning – Il Volo – so I should be speaking Italian.  I only know how to count in Italian.  That’s probably why. /endnote)

The big news around here is that there has been FIVE DAYS of snow on the ground, no grass peeking thru.  You have *NO* idea how important this is in our house.  *HUGE!*  Because when there’s five consecutive days of no grass peeking thru, then COSTUMES can come up for the winter.  My house is an *E.X.P.L.O.S.I.O.N* of costumes.  They’re in their glory.  Hats, belts, boots, vests, shields… it’s craziness.  It will drive me crazy, before too long, but at the moment I’m in the stunned phase of things.  Holy wOw, we have a lot of costumes…!  And the excitement is just a level I can’t even describe.  Because costumes are a seasonal thing, and they have been very, very, very impatiently waiting.  Save me…!!!!

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