___________January 25, 2016__________

Playing Catch-up

It’s been an interesting morning, so far.  Apparently one of my Jewish reads says that the Tribulation (time of wrath leading to the end of the world) is going to begin in 61 days.  !!!!  I would *NEVER* be so presumptuous to set a date (although I did give 6-month increments for the seal judgments, but they weren’t part of the ‘Trib/Wrath’… but ‘the beginning of sorrows’.  And while that was enough to be considered ‘date setting’, I swear, I did provide the news/science articles to prove what I was saying, and was NOT setting *a* date.).  This guy has some guts… and I’m kind of anxious to read what he has to say (after I’m done here, with you, of course).  But it’s going to be an interesting read, to say the least!

I also found a really interesting Jewish homeschool blog, yesterday… and read the nicest little story about trees (for Tu B’Shevat): http://jewishhomeschool.blogspot.com/2015/12/tree-trimming.html if you’re interested.  (If not, or busy, please don’t worry.  It’s just a cute story, really.)  I plan to read back thru ALL of her stuff – that happens a lot when I find a blog – so that’s something to anticipate enjoying.  🙂

And now, for the stories you’ve been waiting for … Behind the scenes of our Tu B’Shevat!!  ((****Yay!****))

We started out by making watercolor and crayon place-mats for our table settings.  We used a forest green bed sheet for our tablecloth, and pulled plants and trees from all over the house and completely jungle-fied our dining room.  It looked SO good!  And doing it early in the day put everyone in the mood for the feast.  Except MAN, were those trees dusty – hadda take ’em outside and shake ’em off, and I was coughing and sneezing…!!!  Silk plants are dusty.  Especially in our house.  But the places where they were *supposed* to be looked SO bare and weird!  People were pretty wiggy about it – and missed the greenery throughout the whole house!

Then we got cleaned up and took off for town.  I did peek on-line at ‘Max Lockwood & the Michigan Basement’, and they looked pretty interesting.  How they would play in a more formal setting for library patrons (read: older people) would be interesting, to say the least!  They’re more suited to open mic night at some bar, I think.

“Max and the Michigan Basement” were kind of bluesy country alternative-ish rock.  R’something.  I can’t describe them.  Except to say that the lead singer could NOT sing.  (Brian says he sounds exactly like Neil Young, but I’m not familiar.  Or impressed.)  I thought he sounded off-key, but that’s just me.  I’m apparently more purist than most.  If they ditched him, they’d be a LOT better, right there, IMHO.  Although he did remind me of my middle school choir teacher – also a rocker wannabe.  But I liked him – he got me started playing piano for the school choir (since he couldn’t read music beyond one staff and a melody line).  It was fun – I got to play ‘St. Elmo’s Fire’ and a lot of then-contemporary music.  🙂

As for the rest of this band, the banjo player needed a pill for his epileptic seizure, or whatever it was he was doing.  (Is it possible to head-bang to a banjo?!)  And the girl harmonizing needed a little more weed – she never made eye contact with the audience or smiled, not once.  Couldn’t hardly hear her, and while her shirt was pretty, she forgot her pants at home.  But we LOVED the drummer – he was having a blast, up there, grinning and improv’in and having a generally good time.  I don’t think my kids have ever seen a live drummer, before.  They were really into that whole thing.  But the lyrics this Max guy wrote?  ♫♪♫  I am not… where I am… ♫♪♫   ?!?!?!  It’s like he wanted to be deep but… he was definitely tokin’ on something when he wrote the songs.

And to be honest, I think if I were 420, I would probably have enjoyed it a LOT more.  I’m not even sure they hadn’t stepped out for a little use before the show.  Just a guess.  But then, my experience is extremely limited with bands.  Except to say that if they wanted to play to each other, they should’ve stayed in the mom’s basement.  *None* of us wanted to look at their hineys, the whole time.  Spent more time face-to-bottom with Max Lockwood…  I wasn’t pleased, and I don’t think the snow-caps were, either.

Which, by the way… most of the people there were ‘culture aficionados’ and library patrons – senior citizens that went to church, had lunch at Wendy’s, and went to the library for a concert series.  They were NOT expecting some garage band guys that thought they were deep *and* talented.  It was pretty funny – at intermission, over half the audience got up and left.  The guys in the band mingled some, but they were… special.  We teased about them all the way home.  They were all, “dude, those duuudes, dude… they’re old dudes, dude to… dude, y’know… listen to our riffs, dude… But, man, dude… I could go for some Doritos, dude. Dude, I gots the munchies, dude…!”  (Okay.  So we’re a little snarky, over here.  Dude.)

Brian really liked it though – much more than the rest of us.  For the rest of us, it was an experience.  For a look at the audience (and tons of empty seats) click here:  https://scontent-ord1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/12552644

(NoTe:  At the end of the whole thing, Max informs us that we’ll be seeing a lot of him – he’s got a job at that library, part time, at the information desk, now.  LoL!!  Okay, then!)

When we got home, it was critter time (I get weekends off – yay!), and then time to start our feast preparations.  We had fish baked with Parmesan panko that my guy caught on a deep lake fishing trip in October, and some strange quinoa and mushroom pilaf that I cobbled together, with pumpernickle rye bread and salads with lots of fruits and nuts in ’em.  It was like a symphony of funky but good tastes, and we were eating in the trees… very fun!

Of course because Saturday was ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’, they asked for ‘Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom’, last night.  I’m thinking we should just do the sha-bang and get it over with, and NOT revisit it.  But honestly?  I really prefer ‘Temple of Doom’ to the first one, by a LOT.  It was just a lot funnier.  The kids were shrieking and hollering and hooting out loud… and of course I had to make them close their eyes and warn them about stuff (like monkey brain desserts and such).  I think they liked it better, too, though.

Anyhow.  I’d better go.  Mondays are frantic but I have feast clean-up, and we’re finishing off the scarves, today, and Ethan is SO wound up, because tonight is *HIS* night to go to swim, dance, and supper with BFF.  VERY exciting times, indeed they are!  ((grins))  Anyhow, I hope your Monday is a good one.

Until tomorrow…

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