___________January 26, 2016__________

A Tiny Post (for me!)

I don’t have much, today.  That’s okay… isn’t it?

Last night was Ethan’s turn to have a ‘night out’ with the girls.  We went to swim (it was HORRIFIC there – parent/teacher conferences, so there wasn’t a parking place for blocks, I swear).  He got bored, even with his grammar along to do to occupy him (and the crazies on the diving board to amuse).  No bearded flipper guy, though.  Men apparently have no swimming staying power.  Are you noticing this, too?!?!

Then we went to dance, and I got to tell my BFF all about my new jeans… and realized I hadn’t written about them to you!

When we were getting ready for the concert Sunday, I’d… well, I take care of everyone else, and am always the last one to get ready.  So I was rushing along, and ran for the bedroom and threw on my jeans, which were laying on the bed… and as I’m buttoning, them… something’s *wrong*.  These… are not my jeans.  Um…?!  And my guy walks in, and says, “What are you doing in my pants?!?!”  And I swear, it was NOT intentional!!  And then it occurs to both of us a the same time… they FIT!  And not only that, but they look NICE – nicer than my own dang [muffin-topped, stretched out, ill-fitting] jeans!  WTHeck!?   And they were blessedly LONG enough, too!  I apparently have the same length legs as my 6’1 husband.  I’m a *giraffe!*  Oh, merciful heavens!!!

He said he never cared for the fit of that pair, anyhow, so I could just keep them.

(He also said, “You FIT my JEANS.  I should go kill myself, now.”   HIM, kill HIMSELF!?!?!  I’m a chick, and I fit my two hunn’id-fiddy-pound, 6’1 man’s jeans!  I’m the one who should be utterly sobbing, hello!!  HomGAWSH, **t.r.a.u.m.a!!**)

So apparently I gots new jeans.  They fit nice, too.  :::: Blush!!! ::::

Swim was good, BTW – I’m finally back to where I’m not counting the minutes until I can get out.  I actually wanted to stay longer, last night.  Taking time off over X-mess really screwed me up, but I’m getting back to it, again.  Now I just have to get back to intermittent fasting.  I’m terrible about it, anymore.  (It’s because I like food.  It’s tasty.)   I’m not gaining, I’m just not losing like I was.  I’m going to have to run, you realize this, right?  When spring comes and the quarter mile drive is no longer ice?  I’m going to have to run.  Tap class, lap swim, and intermittent fasting isn’t going to cut it, sadly!

Oh, and I found out that there was a FOURTH Indiana Jones’ movie.  BFF told me – I had *no* idea.  Exciting news, that!  So now there’s one that even I haven’t seen.  (How will I warn them when to close their eyes?!?!)  It’s okay… we’re still going to see it.  We have this thing about completion and following thru, you know.  She told us about it over Taco Bell… she had something called ‘The Boss’.  Biggest bleepin’ nachos plate I have *EVER* seen in my life.  She’s one brave chick.  (Although now that I told him about it, Aaron is determined that he and I share one when it’s *his* turn to go out with BFF.)

Did I mention our order number was 172… 127 inverted?  Yay!!!  😀  😀  😀

When we came home, it was to be greeted by a snowman Isaac apparently built.  We were informed this morning that his name is ‘Nico’, and that Aaron’s is ‘Vinz’… but it hasn’t been built, yet.  Aaron assures us he’s gonna be BIG when he’s built.  Considering it poured rain, last night, he’ll be lucky if he can manage a small one.  *Sigh!*  [[[[[ Lower. Michigan. ]]]]]   <<  Spoken by a Yooper who has NO use for the snow-thaw-ice cycle.

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