___________January 28, 2016__________

Crash & Crunch II  (bonus: Church Talk)

I got people on FB all upset, this morning.  When I wake up, sometimes, it’s to a *thought* that is usually…

❄ ❅ ❆  Homigosh, it’s started *SNOWING*!!!!  ❄ ❅ ❆

…anyhow, when I wake up to a *thought*, it’s usually a prompting to do something.  Like the day I woke up and thought, “We’re going to conceive a baby, tonight.”  Weird thought, right?  But that was the night that Owen was born.  That happens to me, a LOT – and it freaks Brian right the heck out (as you can well imagine!).  And he *tests* them… like with Owen – we’d come off a period where we weren’t feelin’ the luvv for a while, and so coming together for Owen…?  He used it as a test – and abstained for two weeks after, just to see what would happen.  Which is why I can tell you to the half an hour when Owen was born.  🙂  Isn’t that weird?  It’s… kind of a part of my gift.  I mostly don’t ask, but go with it.

Long story short, I got one of those, this morning.  I woke up, and had that thought that it was time to go to church on Sunday.  ((!!!))  I haven’t been to a church service (except to check out that Notre Dame basilica for aesthetic reasons) in over a decade!  Going back to church?  That was a ‘hell, no’.  But I’m suddenly thinking that it’s time for us to go.  And it’s a STRONG feeling.  People on my FB are *NOT* happy.  They aren’t getting it.

This would *NOT* be a return to Churchianity. I’m just… I woke up with the prompting to go to church, because my kids are now of an age where they know enough Truth, but they don’t know how to defend against UN-Truth. Going to a church and hearing their UN-Truth would be the best teacher. It’s how I learned and came out of Christianity.  I’m thinking we go and use it as a ‘red-flag’ session – which is all church was for me, by the time I was twelve (worse when I was 15). We would arm them with spiral notebooks – to take note of ideas and questions (and for boredom doodling for the youngers and dragging times), but from there we could have some real discussion, and use the red flags and questions to grow from.

It’s not that we aren’t learning, here at home.  We read, do lessons, watch videos…  but it’s like trying to teach a med student important skills with only videos to watch. There have to be real cadavers, practice on each other, actual hands-on, real-time training. It’s not *real* otherwise. Or like a marathon runner trying to train for a big race watching ‘Chariots of Fire’ and getting on a treadmill every day. NOT enough… not the same. Y’know?

And I really want their faith to be *real*. How are they going to face the myriad of Christians out there (when, for example, dating or chatting at work or whatever) if they don’t know WHY we believe differently, and WHY we’ve rejected things… for themselves.

They have to know how to discern scriptural Truth from doctrinal lies. I’m pretty sure experience with it would be very, very good. Because I don’t want them to believe what I believe just because I’m their mom. I want them to believe what THEY believe because they see for themselves the difference.

Anyhow, so now I’m bracing myself for the experience.  And maybe the prompting is for another reason entirely.  To see if I can be obedient and go (and that would make it a one-time thing, no?)  We’ll see when we get there, I guess!  But I’m asking Brian if we can go back to our old church up north, because the pastor isn’t *TOTAL* BS… just severely wrong in some areas.  And he’s funny and a good teacher and an entertaining speaker.  I think he would be best for this endeavor.

The funny thing is that my Christchun (< on purpose) friends are all *LIKING* the post that we’re thinking of going back, while the Messianic and un-christian friends are seriously upset.  Like we’re r.e.v.e.r.t.i.n.g…!!!   G-D forbid!   They just don’t get the whole prompting thing.  S’okay.  As long as I do, it’s all good.

In other news (and hence the subject title)… things got a little exciting around here, last night.  It was 11:27, and we’d just climbed in bed (and I’d just geeked about the clock).  We curled up, I was doing my whole under-the-covers-breathing to-warm-up-the-space-in-there thing  (<< I’m weird), and suddenly we heard “crackcrackcrackBOOOOM!!” followed by a male voice shouting obscenities and what I thought was a woman screaming.  We jumped out of bed and ran to the back door, and there were headlights pointing at our back door.  Perpendicular to the road, btw.  Someone had smacked into one of the trees, out there.

Brian got winterfied and grabbed his cellphone to go see if they were okay, and I got winterfied and went out to calm Ellie (dog) who was absolutely going freakin’ nuts out there.  And there was more shouting and hollering and I could hear Brian on his cellphone calling 9-1-1, and the other guy (?) was on HIS cellphone screaming at someone, totally pissed off, and I was a little worried, so I stayed with Ellie and just kind of hung out.

Turns out that two 20yo guys (possibly drunk/drugged up) were flying down the road in daddy’s prized truck (with twin smokestacks – this is the epitome of ‘Redneck Life’, btw), and JD (<< really his name) lost control of the truck and thwacked it into a big ol’ tree.  JD’s friend was bleeding on his forehead, but it wasn’t a deep/bad injury, just a cut.  Cops and EMTs and firetrucks were dispatched, but Ma Redneck arrived first.  She’s sobbing and screaming about Daddy’s truck, and how this is the third wreck this year and she just can’t take anymore… and then girlfriend arrives and is a total basket-case… and by the time the cops get there, they can’t figure out what the heck is going on for all the obscenities and fighting and drama…

I got pictures and video and everything.  😀

They’re all okay.  Total crazies, but no worse for wear.  Daddy’s truck is ugly, now, though.  And I’m not entirely sure it’s even drive-able.  Someone’s in for a lickin’, I’m thinking.  But anyhow, we didn’t get to bed until real late, after all that.  Luckily the kids slept thru it all.  But wOw.  Just… wow.  It was such a circus, compared to my crash!  Mine was quiet and mostly sane and polite.  And it was basically the same thing, one night earlier – except that instead of a little cut on the head, my gallon of milk was dented.  ((O_o))  And I was the tree.  ((X_x))

Have I mentioned that it’s never a dull moment in my life?

And I’m a little high on the beauty of the falling snow.  It’s so GORGEOUS out there!!  And c-c-c-c-cold… I’m thinking going to get the estimate on the van can wait until Monday, and I’ll just stay in today and tomorrow, like I did yesterday.  Three days of not leaving the house could be really nice.  🙂  ((((((total homebody))))))

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