___________January 29, 2016__________

The Ultimate Homebody

I went absolutely nowhere and did absolutely nothing Wednesday and Thursday, and this is going to be another packed-full posting.  Just can’t seem to help it!!  But this time, it’s a half a million little things.  Good things, yes, but little things.

First, my ‘Choice Gleanings’ daily journal came in the mail!!!!  It has all sorts of literature with it, most of it mentioning my ancestors, which is always fun.  But more importantly, it’s not as ‘large print’ as I thought it might be – I’ve read ‘large print’ books from the library before, and it can be almost garish, the largeness overwhelming.  Not so, this.  I’m LOVING the way it’s set up.  I just hope it’s user-friendly when I dive into it.  Today!

In other news, the parable of Matthew 22 keeps coming up, everywhere I go.  I don’t know why or what it’s supposed to signify to me, so it’s kind of disconcerting.  Especially since it’s not exactly a warm-n-fuzzy story.  But I realized that we skipped the parables when we read the NT last year (after supper, every night)… so maybe we should do a study on those?  I don’t know, but I printed off a list of them, yesterday.

We’ve begun Volume 2 of our history curriculum (aka ‘book series’) – and if I’m continuing the way we’ve been before, that means a project/craft for each chapter or section.  I’ve decided on plastic canvas ‘oriental rugs’, for Chapter 1.  That’s today’s fun project.  I’ve had to print out a whole bunch of pattern ideas, and I’m figuring on (since I don’t have SIX yarn needles) simply scotch taping yarn to a toothpick or something and letting them go at it with that.  We’ll see how it works out.  But it *has* to happen today – we read Chapter 2 last night, and I’m going to get behind!!!!  ((((O_o))))  No. Can. Do!!!

Here’s a story:  I never get spam my pen-pal e-mail addy.  At the other three, yes, but not this one.  And then yesterday there was spam mail from a ‘Kathryn Evers’.  So… I went to FB and typed in Kathryn Evers, just to see what would happen.  In my defense (!!!!!) I type in E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E who happens to come across my radar – even scientists that do papers on Planet X.  ((This morning I was visiting the FB of some wack-job named Gill Broussard, who wouldn’t know Bible prophecy if God wrote it on his *ahem*.  << Lunatic.  Don’t even ask.))

Anyhow, we spent a delightful quarter of an hour yesterday, looking thru Evers’ photos on FB.  She has a WHOLE bunch of really good ones, and I forwarded one to Lydia (“And then Satan said, ‘Let us add the alphabet to math!'”), and a waterskiing-behind-a-fighter-jet one to my friend CP.   But isn’t that quite the story?  A silly spam mail message shows up, and I have a wonderful time getting a whole bunch of ‘Photo of the Day’s by visiting some total random stranger for a while on FB.  Isn’t that fun?  (Also kind of creepy… now that I think of it… but THIS is why people should be more careful.  R’something?!)

We finished ‘Two Towers’!!  (It’s about bloody time…)  So this weekend we’re apparently having a ‘Lord of the Rings’ marathon (of two), watching the first two films, back-to-back.  The kids are beside themselves geeked.  I’m thinking that’s a LONG dadgum time to sit.  My hiney is going to spread.  (STOP TALKING, ANNA!!!!!!!)

Oh yes.  I got on the scale, yesterday.  First time in TWO weeks, which… I’d weighed in every single DAY since July in 2015, but when the new year hit, I dropped off intermittent fasting (Food tastes good.) and while yes, there’s tap and lap swim and a once-a-month hike… it doesn’t feel like very much, y’know?  I figured I was putting something(s) back on.  But it’s ever 200, 200, 200, 200.  Good night, I think the scale might be broken.  Which… if it is, and I’m actually something like 256, I’m *GLAD* it’s broken.  It can lie all it likes!  But at the same time… I’m *N.E.V.E.R* going to break into the 1xxs… you know this.  I know this.  I should just be happily rotund and jolly.  I got the upbeat part of it down, anyhow!  Mostly…?…!

Found my next piano song (for February)!  Actually, I hate to admit it, but I barely even worked on January’s song.  I don’t know it.  I don’t have it.  It’s… bad.  I should be ashamed.  Might even be, a little.  But *ANYHOW*, for February, I’m doing “Axel F”!  No, no… now, don’t you start laughing!!  It’s cute, and you know it!  Besides, I think mid-winter calls for something fun, don’t you?  Anyhow, last week I realized that half of my kids were too little to remember Crazy Frog, so I pulled up his ‘Axel F’ and ‘Can’t Touch This’ videos on YouTube, and the kids are *totally* hooked.  Again.  So anyhow, I have the sheet music for ‘Axel F’, but never worked on it, before.  (Lydia would roll her eyes, lean over and say, “She has the sheet music for EVERYTHING.” in a very pleasesavemefromthiswoman kind of a way.  And she would be right, but that’s beside the point, and she needs to not be snarky towards her mom – she’ll appreciate having all that music at her fingertips, someday…!!!!)

I had the kids figure out the timing of the Great Flood yesterday based on the genealogies in Genesis 5 and 11.  I’m thinking I might have them take it forward to Moses, from there.  It’s a good math project (and gets Lydia out of algebra, which is her current goal in life).  So that was fun, yesterday.  There are crazy numbers in there.  Noah’s father lived 777 years, for example.  Enoch lived 365 years.  There’s one dude who lived 430, had his heir, and then lived  another 430, exactly.  What is that?!?!  I wish I knew more gematria.  In ancient languages, letters aren’t just letters – they have numeric values.  It’s called gematria.  So maybe those numbers (or the people’s names?) might have values that are interesting, too?  Or give more information, and I’m MISSING it ALL??!!?!?  I don’t know, but it piques my curiosity and makes me seriously sad for being unversed in such kinds of abilities.

Oh, and I’ve been working on German, French and Spanish on DuoLingo.  They’re going to have Hebrew available, too – so excited about that!  And I want to do Welsh and Chinese, eventually, but… it’s a lot, just with the three, right now.  (Hindi is only 71% developed, and ‘coming soon’).  But with the three, and ASL and Morse and Binary?  I think we’re okay, for now.  I just… wish I had a photographic memory.  Wouldn’t it be nice to learn and not forget?  I forget *everything*, I swear it.  And you know these things just get worse as we get older, too…!!!

Might have to go away, tonight.  Brian is pressuring me to.  He says if I leave at 4pm, I can get the car estimate, and then go return overdue library crap, and then go to the thrift store (He’s a fiend to even say such a thing), and then meet him and go grocery shopping and to dinner.  I would add going to the hardware store for a metal trash can to put birdseed in, so the 50lb sack can be REMOVED FROM THE BATHROOM… it’s DR-iving me crazy, in there.  (Squirrels chew thru Rubbermaid anything.)  BUT…!!  Do I really want to leave the comfort of this very nice, warm, cozy, relaxing haven?  Yes, buying food would probably be a good thing, and I do want to find a solution for the birdseed issue, and the fines are accumulating, and yes I need to get a car estimate.  BUT…!!

★* 。 • ˚ ˚ •。★  HOME!!!!!  ★。* 。*
° 。 ° ˚* _Π_____*。*˚★ 。* 。*。 • ˚ ˚ •。★
˚ *★˛•*/______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛★ 。* 。*★ 。* 。*
˚ ˛ •˛•| 田田|門|˚ ˛ •˛•˚ ˛ •˛•˚ *★˛•

Y’know???   I just… it’s a cold, unfriendly, sucky world out there.  Why leave here for *that*?!  Especially when Lydia made me coffee, yesterday.  Talk about just *asking* me to nestle down and not leave the house…!!  All of that can happen on Monday.  And Saturday afternoon.  I *have* to go out then.  Staying home tonight sounds good, doesn’t it?

Anyhow.  I should probably go.  There are plastic canvas rugs to make, and LEGOquests are due, today.  This week it’s ‘Make a Musical Instrument’.  Should be fun to see what they come up with, no?  And I probably should put at least a *little* time in working on photos, which may never. EVER. be caught up…  (((((((((( 0_o  )))))))))))

Have a great day.  (Really, I do mean it!)  And we’ll talk again, soon.

Until then…!

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