___________January 31, 2016__________

Slightly Better Sunday

Well, it’s taken the better part of forever, but things feel much more positive.  All’s it took was an ordinary ‘Saturday’ on Sunday.  It *felt* like Saturday – the old ones, before swim classes.  It was relaxed, with charcoal and coffee, some yarn crafting, a lunch trip out to dump off recycle stuff at the station and McDonald’s fries.  (<< I’m utterly addicted.  We shouldn’t talk about it.)  🙂

It was actually the world’s suckiest January day, today.  Everyone woke up cantankerous because of a late (((late!))) night watching two ‘Lord of the Rings’ movies back-to-back.  Even starting at 5:30, yesterday, we didn’t get to bed until midnight, and for the kids, that’s *late*!  They weren’t pleasant upon rousing this morning.  But then, neither was I.  Partly because I’d wanted to do the church thing, and with a late night, it wasn’t going to happen.  It won’t happen next week, either… Lydia’s sleep-over has been bumped to next weekend.  ((*Sigh!*))  Thwarted… that’s never fun.

Anyhow, it rained.  All day – up in the 40s and everything soppy, puddly, slush-melty and gross.  The sky was sheer fog.  But I had my new infinity scarf (HATE the word ‘cowl’… it reminds me of some sort of cloth yoke, r’something.  All shades of wrong, don’t you think!?!).  So I didn’t get too wet, and I got to look semi-lovely (< for me.)  It was nice.

Which… I should tell you about.  I wore the scarf I made to town Friday night.  It was ill-fitting, too thick a yarn to lay nice, and was *SCRATCHY* and not at all pleasant.  I got more and more frustrated, all the way to GR.  (I had to go to a nearer-by town to get the car estimate, and then another town WAAAAAYYYY over on the other side of the world to drop off library books, so I left a LOT of time, and it ended up being way more than I needed.  So we went to Big Lots (do they have those out there?  They’re one step crustier than K-mart, here… which is one step below Wal-mart.)  I got some interesting looking soup mixes with funky European names and spices.  Should be good for some Sunday afternoon.  And some beautiful canvas prints – long story, they didn’t fit when I got them home, but they’re not going back because they were super cheap and beautiful.

But by the time we got out of Big Lots, I wanted to chuck that crocheted monstrosity to the ground and stomp on it.  It was miserable and ugly and all wrong.  We still had time, so I resolved to go find ‘scarfie’ yarn or something so soft it would be nearly airborne, I swear,  and I would DO SOMETHING about that dadgum scarf.  So we went to Meijer and I got two skeins of really soft, pretty yarn (on sale!)  On the way up to the front, we were going past this display, and there was an infinity (cowl) scarf thing on a clearance end that a lady was putting together.  I had to stop.  It was BLACK (You don’t know my love affair with black.)  It was SO. SOFT.  It was SO. Beautiful – a stitch I could never replicate (not without extensive reading/practice).  And it was $18 on clearance for $9.  That’s… too much.  I looked at the sign and said, “Half off the ticketed price.  Even at $9…”  Because I talk out loud, a lot.  And the sales lady said, “Oh, no, dear.  That’s half off the marked clearance price.”  $4.50 is less than the yarn I was getting!  That’s… unbeatable!

(They also had 2-packs of those one-size-fits-all cotton gloves for $5 clearanced to $2 and half off for one day only, like the scarf.  So I got six pairs of gloves for the boys to use/lose for 50¢ each, too!)

Anyhow, we went out to Pizza Hut for supper.  Won’t be going there anymore, either – they used to have all size pizzas $10, but that deal is apparently over, and it was just too much for pizza.  But I brought in the scarf I’d crocheted, and cut the tie-off, and had Lydia unravel it while I rolled it into a ball, again.  Our waitress thought that was hilarious, us sitting back and chatting and winding yarn in the restaurant!  We had this fun conversation about being TV-free, canning veggies, homeschooling, and… I’m a freak, you know this?  But people are always so *interested* and approving of what we do.  It’s reassuring, I’ll tell ya.  It’s like they agree and would do it, themselves… if it didn’t involve change.  Always kind of funny and sad at the same time.

Anyhow, groceries are bought, recycle is disposed of, we had lunch involving McDonald’s Coke and fries, today (<< They have *THE BEST* of both), and then we came home and relaxed.  I’ve been doing some Revelation chart-making, again – Brian had a nice (I hope!) nap.  Kids got to play on electronics for fun for a while… and then critter-time, followed by coffee and charcoal, since we didn’t do Sketch on Thursday.

Last night, we were ALL unhappy with Hollywood’s rendition of TreeBeard in the movie.  So today’s charcoal sketches were of what WE thought TreeBeard should look like.  The irony is, none of us managed pictures that matched what we were imagining.  Go figure, right?!   😛   Anyhow, we even got Daddy sketching, so that’s something.

I was SO productive this morning.  I got up and hated the entire world… and made my way to my FB feed to try to be ‘encouraged’ by my ‘friends’.  I haven’t read there in a good three weeks.  I made it back 18 hours, and at that point wanted to unfriend every person I know, just to put an END to the crap memes and annoying articles.  I ended up unfriending 13 people, and whittling off thirty ‘liked/followed’ sites.  It’s not much, but it was a start.  I kind of wanted to bring it down to 100 on the friend list, but I was talked out of being too hasty.  And Brian’s probably right – I get wild hairs that totally send me off on purges, and after the fact I regret things, sometimes.  ((See?  He’s good for something, after all.  LoL!!!))

At least things were better, today.

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