___________February 01, 2016__________


(((((((*Happy February!!!*))))))))  That means it’s ‘Calendar Day’ for us.  I’m excited – I’m going Chinese New Year themed this year.  Thumbing Valentine’s Day right off.  It’s the year of the monkey.  Did you know that?  (Well, now you’ve got your new factoid of the day, then!)  😛  All W-2s are supposed to be mailed by today!  Brian was scrambling, last week – had to get 1099 MISC forms out.

Mondays call for every shred of ‘blessing counting’ that I can muster.  Especially since I forgot to take my socks off again, last night, and got to see one of my children fall off a very, very high bridge in my dreams last night.  Good merciful heavens, somebody’d better remind me to take the SOCKS OFF, or I’m going to lose my mind just from bad dreams!  (O_o)

For the first time in my life, I was drunk e-mailed.  [My new second pen-pal] is… something else, you know that?  I was also hangover e-mailed, which is a little less funny.  At least he’s no longer into world domination – sobriety crash into reality, that.  LoL!!  Homigosh, this pen-pal thing is hilarious, sometimes.  *snort!*

And last weekend (for the first time in… almost 20 years!) Brian got to talk with his best friend from high school.  I’ll be honest – I met Dan when I was dating Brian.  He was… not someone I will ever like.  Ever.  But Brian has nostalgia (even though he admits that Dan grew up bitter and bitchy and kind of messed up and floundering).  He lives in Arizona with his mom and kid (divorced, with custody), and he’s gone one week OTR driving heavy equipment across states, and home the next week – his mom cares for the boy while he’s gone.  People have crazy lives, you know this?

In other news, a FB friend posted a picture of her doing this awesome yoga move, and yesterday I thought it looked easy enough to try.  It wasn’t.  I’m pretty sure I pulled something.  I also couldn’t breathe.  Chubby and chakras don’t mix.  Just sayin’.  I’d better stick to swimming.

BFF’s mom died Sunday night.  My heart goes out to her.  We ended up going to supper with her and her DD, even though it wasn’t our week for that.  Having someone to chill and smile with seemed important, so we went out.  Oddly, she invited us (me and all FIVE kids) to go to the mall shopping.  She was going to buy a dress for the funeral.  I… couldn’t believe she’d want me and FOUR BOYS along, so I did decline.  But that was very unexpected.  (And I feel a little guilty saying no, but… Malls.  Shopping.  Four boys.  Missing school.  My groove, thrown off…?)

Tonight swim coach was there, again.  He spoke to me… which freaked me ALL the heck out!  But I managed not to be an idiot, and just told him that I’d missed his music (he brought it, again.  Makes swimming SO much more fun!)  Anyhow, he’s *FAST*.  Well… relatively speaking, sea turtles are fast compared to me.  I have no strength, anywhere.  I used to tell people I ‘swim pretty, not fast’, but I’m pretty sure the ‘pretty’ part has LONG gone.  Now I just… drown/swim.  But I love it, and everyone else can just look the other way, kthxbye.

I never learn, you know that?  He was taking a breather at the end, and I was like, “DANG, you’re fast!” and he said, “I’ve got fins on.”  And you know what the dumb blonde does?  She calls him a cheater.  (((((((BLUSH!!!!!!!)))))  HomiGAWSH, I need to be drowned and put out of my misery.  And anyhow, WHY am I talking to a swim coach?!?!  Focus.  Swim.  Ignore him.  He thinks you’re a peon.  You *are* a peon.  Remember your place.  Don’t be friendly.  Friendly means all sorts of things that could all be misconstrued and… and… PEOPLE should be avoided, you know this?  They really, really should.  They’re great for a little healthy motivation in the water, but that’s *all*.

But anyhow this morning?!?!?!   I made it!!!  I’m 199(.7) lbs.  Weighed in before breakfast, so by now coffee and those two Oreos have put me back over, but still.  I MADE IT TO THE ONE HUNDREDS!!!

✭✮✭ Woo-HOO!!! ✭✮✭

Okay, but it has to be more solid and lasting than that.  No teetering on the edge of the ‘2’s, y’know?  That’s not going to cut it.  I have TWENTY-EIGHT to lose this year.  An early spring means an early thaw which will lend to earlier running (homiGAWSH, do I really have to?  YES… but I don’t have to really like it).  But I can do this.  I can get down and out of Brian’s jeans.  I can.

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