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Volume II:  Chapter 1
~~~~~ Review of Rome ~~~~~

We made it!  Story of the World, Volume II!  Woo-HOOOOO!  Isn’t it exciting!?!

What’s even better is that the next book ties itself to the previous one.  Chapter one of SotWII (<wow, that’s long!) is a review of the Roman Empire, how big it got, how powerful it was, and what happened to it, in the end.  It’s all done from atop a magic carpet, I might add.

Since I don’t have a SotW activity book for *any* volume, I decided that we would make flying carpets.  They would be able to be used in LEGO houses, in Little People, in play… and could be fun, right?

If you’re not that ambitious, you can scoot over to Homeschool Ways, and see how she found a picture of someone on a magic carpet, and let her kids cut a personal photograph and put themselves on the carpet.  It’s quick, easy, and probably best if you have very littles or no time.  I love her ideas, and have to nudge people over to her place, when I can.

_carpetMy original idea was to make plastic canvas magic carpets.  Something like this – which would’ve worked out REALLY well as a handicraft… if it had been just the older children and we had nothing but time.

I had all of the supplies – a package of plastic canvas squares (apparently $1.29 at HobbyLobby), plastic yarn needles, and I printed out a whole bunch of ideas for the kids.  When we sat down to do this, however, the littles were overwhelmed.  So, frankly, was I.  My best laid plans are often overly complicated.  If you’re up for a harder version of this project, I’d love to see you tackle this.

IMG_1140 (444x264)

We ended up doing something far easier (but not stick-a-photo-on-a-coloring page easy).  I cut out 3″x5″ cardboard rectangles, and used my steel yarn needle to pop holes along both ends.  Then we got out markers and colored them up in rug-fashion.  It went fast and was fun for the kids – the older ones being able to punch their own holes.  I’m pretty sure this would work just well if IMG_1145 (444x292)you wanted to do it with heavy card-stock or even Styrofoam from meat trays (or thin plastic, if you have a sharper awl?).  Use whatever you have on-hand, and just make it fun, no?

The kids cut their own yarn and while the really littles needed help stringing the holes, it went very fast.  We simply did one strand in each hole, tied it off, and IMG_1147 (444x273)cut it really short once all the strings were in.  This picture shows all three steps, bottom to top: the strings thru the holes, then the middle section knotted, and at the very top, you can see them cut.  They already were unraveling, so we just unraveled all of the strings further.  It made them look fuller and much nicer, having them spread apart like that.

IMG_1148 (333x254)

Finished ‘tassled’ edge.  It turned out pretty nice, actually!

IMG_1150 (444x218)
Our  Little People ready to fly over the Roman Empire

IMG_1152 (660x202)

They’ve new fun to play with, too!  It’s a win-win.  🙂


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