___________February 03, 2016__________


Hello!  Do you know what today is?  Today is the SIX MONTH mark from the day that I started writing to my Seattle pen-pal.  I never expected it to go that long.  That’s exchanging e-mails every single day, for six months!!!   Isn’t that incredible?   My faith in humanity has never been that strong, an admission that also factors in.  And still…!!  LOOK at this? Isn’t it amazing???  Holy wOw.  (Frankly, I don’t know how he manages to tolerate me, anyhow!  By now – by rights! – he should have run for the hills.

Brian says that it’s all shades of wrong to celebrate anything less than a year, and that I need to just pipe down.  He?  Is a curmudgeon.  How’s that for a word?  CURMUDGEON.  Just sayin’.  Okay… a cute curmudgeon.  (Think he’d cuff me if said *chubby* cute curmudgeon?  Because it’s one thing to call yourself ‘chubby’, and quite another to call someone else that, you know.  Although I was thinking about it the other day, and I’m starting to lean away from ‘chubby’ and favor ‘lush’.  Maybe I’m really just *lush*.  That might not be quite so bad.  But I *REALLY* kinda think he’d object to being called ‘lush’.  And with good reason – men aren’t lush.  They can be lushES, but not lush.)

Wait, what?!

Last night was tap class.  I caught my toe coming down into a scuff and it HAD to be THAT toe.  (I have an ouch-toe.  It’s a L.O.N.G. story that I wrote an entire blog entry about, once.  Anyhow, my toe hurts, again.  Always.  But worse since tap last night.  Although I’m still keeping up okay.

There’s this woman who has ‘friended’ me, there.  Well… sort of.  She doesn’t want to see herself in the mirror, so she uses me as a view-block (stands directly behind me).  Apparently I’m *THAT* freakin’ huge.  Come to think of it, maybe I should be offended?!!  I don’t know… mostly I think she’s just an idiot.  But she’s always around me.  And she talks a LOT.  Like she’s trying to make up for lack of coordination by being funny?  She’s… really out there.  But then, I’ve always attracted freaks and weirdos.  (No offense – I think it’s different on-line, because you can’t see the extremely broad range of facial expressions I’m capable of.  I think weirdos SEE me and realize I’m kindred r’something, based on my unspoken dialogue of eyebrow positionings and freaky expressions… r’something.)  Whatever.  Anyhow.  I’m trying to decide if I like her or not.  It’s a toughie…!   She makes what I do look better, but I feel a little weird.  Like I have a human weirdo tail.  A 45yo (ish) psycho human weirdo tail.

Life is a *TRIP*, do you realize this?!?!?!?!?!

We also went to a Makers workshop, last night.  I read about it on a home-school FB group I lurk up, and it’s basically an exploratory group for children to try different experiments.  Last night was circuit making with conductive Play-Doh, copper tape, and watch batteries (and little tiny LED lights).  We learned about ladder versus string circuits, made paper circuits… it was very interesting.  But it’s hard to get to, and I’m not thrilled with that side of town.  And of course it was just after rush hour, so we were on the ‘S’ curve downtown – TORRENTIAL downpour – during rush hour.  What. A. Mess!!   It wasn’t really very fun, but we’ll give it one more shot, next week.  (Mostly because the woman was desperate for us to come back… as we were the only non-family kids there.)

Did I mention that it HAILED yesterday afternoon?  It did.  HAIL.  And then it just gusted and poured and gusted and poured… and by the time we got out of NewMakers (Brian taking the kids and me going on to tap alone), it was thunder-storming.  What a day…!!  Today it’s just gusting like mad which helps dry stuff up, at least!

I also pulled the rifle down and shot my first squirrel, over breakfast, yesterday.  I love the black squirrels (we have a few with fire-red tails – black squirrels!), but I have no use for fox squirrels – they’re fat and invasive and eat my birdseed.  If they’re on our feeder?  I shoot them.  I’m a great shot, by the way.  And it’s just BBs… stings them in the butt, makes them fly off the feeder backwards.  Although once I accidentally got one in the eye – NOT usually that bad of an aim.  That one didn’t make it.  We used to try to trap them to relocate them, but squirrels are so high-strung, they give themselves heart attacks in the cage, while committing brutal suicide.  It’s nasty, so now I just pop ’em in the butt and get ’em off the feeder.

HomiGOSH, the gruesome tales I tell you…!

Wanna hear something weird?  I told you that half a year ago, I tried to contact Brian’s best friend in HS, and only last weekend did the guy’s sister see my FB message and give us his phone #, and they’ve reconnected.  Well a good nine months before I tried to find Dan for my guy, I tried to find *MY* BFF from when we lived in England.  We kept up with each other until we were about 20, and she married an Air Force guy in North Carolina.  After that, they relocated and I lost her.  She’s not on FB, but her sister is, so I did that whole message thing… and it’s been well over a year, and oddly, her sister wrote back yesterday!  What is this, everyone check their ‘other messages’ box week?  Anyhow, Audra has a different last name (than the AF guy!) and lives in OK!  Her sister gave me her e-mail, so now I can contact her and see how she’s doing.  Should be interesting.

Oh, and other fun from last night.  Brian brought in the mail, and there was a baby shower invitation for Lydia and I… from his sister.  This is weird, because I have no love of his family, at all.  (They had no love of me, first.  So it’s mutual, but since I took it and ran, they about-faced and made it out that I’m unfairly set against them.  It’s stupid beyond words.  If I did show up, they’d be evil, just like the FIRST ten years of our marriage, back when I was still stupidly trying to win them over.)  These days, if his mother is present, I won’t go anywhere near whatever event it is… and this is AT HER house!  Not in a million years, hello!  Why send us an invitation to anything?  Apparently Brian’s mom and sister are giving a shower for cousin’s wife.  Cousin knocked up this chick and now is marrying her.  We weren’t invited to the wedding, and neither was Brian’s sister.  But we’re invited to the baby shower, apparently??  So it’s all weird and crazy and… WHY would they even bother sending an invite?  Everyone *KNOWS* after a decade of avoidance, that I wouldn’t go anywhere near Brian’s mom, not for all the tea in China.  The invitation makes no sense.  Both Brian and I were both very ((( O_o ))).

Life… it’s just weird, man…!

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