_________ February 04, 2016

I really will change this to “Thursday” one of these days…!!

This week we (((FINALLY))) finished Tolkein’s “The Two Towers”.
Saturday night was a HUGE ‘Lord of the Rings’ movie-fest…

But we did NOT like the way they did Treebeard in the movie.  He’s the oldest of the trees.  Old trees are broad – wide.  The older the tree, the more rings, no?  So we were all pretty peeved with a skinny Treebeard.  This seemed like a very good idea for a sketch project – draw Treebeard the way YOU see him.  The only problem?  None of us were able to draw what we saw in our heads!  The results were varied and good, but… none of us managed to capture what we imagined.  Isn’t that just the way to goes, sometimes…!

As always, click to enlarge.


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