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Volume II – Chpt 2
~~~~ Anglos, Saxons & Beowulf (oh, my!) ~~~~

Still playing catch-up, but this should be the last one to get us caught up!  🙂

This week we read about the ‘barbarian’ people that came over to England and settled there.  The two largest groups of course are the Anglos and Saxons, but there were a couple of others from Europe and Scandinavia.  The best thing for this, of course, is a map, so we printed off copies of this to put in our Book of Centuries:


The second half of the chapter is dedicated to ‘Beowulf’, the oldest written poem and one of the most important pieces of literature in Old English history.  It’s also likely the most horrifically gruesome.  I didn’t know this, though – and thought “Oh, cool, another action adventure for us to watch!”

There are TWO recent movies done about Beowulf: one with Gerard Butler that is rated ‘R’, and one that is ‘PG-13’ that has Angelina Jolie, Anthony Hopkins, John Malkovich, and Ray Winstone.  We opted to rent the ‘PG-13’ one, although I had my reservations.  ((NoTe:  Parents should understand that anything newer than the year 2000 that’s marked ‘PG-13’ is actually rated ‘R’.  It’s like the guidance board went lax about then.  Everything has gone downhill since 2000, I’ve said this before.))

I DO NOT RECOMMEND either movie to parents using ‘Story of the World’.  We only made it about 20 minutes before I turned it off and we were so grossed out, we could hardly stand it.  It was animated, believe it or not (in the same manner as the ‘Shrek’ movies, only these characters looked SO like their human counterparts, it really shocked me, at first!).  But it is GROSSLY underrated.  Don’t show your kids this movie.  Please.

I had originally thought that we would watch the movie and then make a paper mache of Grendel’s hand (like this one:  http://meandmylaptop.weebly.com/grendels-arm.html).  But frankly, 20 minutes of that movie turned both my stomach and my desire to do *anything* even similar to gore.  If you’ve a stronger stomach than me, maybe you’d like the project.  At the moment, I’m trying to purge my memory of the whole disgusting thing.

There are a list of fun alternative projects for studying Beowulf here (https://sites.google.com/site/englishwithmrsjones/beowulf-projects), where students act it out, do puppets, create the King’s hall… lots of things.  Have fun with that.  I’m not going back to Beowulf’s world ever, ever again.  It’s icky.

I will simply let this comic (by SquareSpace) sum things up for me:  _Beowulf

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