___________February 06, 2016__________

Angsty Anna

I’m still playing a little bit of catch-up… forgive?

Thursday afternoon we had another science event to try out.  It was a LOT easier to get to, and was all things cars, which geeked the boys.  There was a model engine (clear glass, so we could see how it works), and car parts to build cars, and the decal sets and light boards to design our own cars…  I took the kids mostly so that we could find out if we like the Makers group better, or this Jr. Discoverers thing.  I’m thinking this one is closer and less… *guided*?  Is that a way of saying nobody’s hovering over you while we’re doing things?  We used the car design as our ‘Sketch Thursday’ – they’re supposed to make the pictures nicer, here at home.  It’s a change from the norm, anyhow!

My guy had a good time going for beer and wings with his friends from the shop he worked in for 10 years when he started in the trade.  It was nice for him to get out, last night.  Weird for me, because when he got home, he was huggy and oddly appreciative in my direction… and even said those three words.  (You know… THOSE three words.  The mushy ones.)  That’s not like him – he’s not a demonstrative kinda guy.  We do well together, but it’s just usually more of an amiable camaraderie, not so… ‘relationship’-y.  Not even sure how to explain it!  I don’t know what the others were saying about their wives, but I can only assume it made me look pretty good?  R’something?  It was kind of surprising!   Not that I’m complaining.  🙂  It was kind of nice, not having to get my romance from a book for a change.  😛

He even brought us a few wings.  Which is a BIG thing for me.  I have a wing-thing.  I know places have them in all sorts of flavors, and yet I’ve never had anything but plain and honey-BBQ.  And I *WANT* to.  I hear about people ‘going for wings’.  I never have.  I want to.  Someday.  Brian isn’t a fan of the wings (prob’ly why he brought a bunch home).  Lydia doesn’t like them either- they’re messy.  And I asked BFF out for wings, once, but somehow we ended up having a picnic at some park.  ?!   It was fun but… not the wing experience I was hoping to have.  Don’t get me wrong – I loved the picnic, but…   Anyhow, *SOMEDAY* I’m going to go out with SOMEONE who likes ’em, and I’m going to try half a DOZEN different flavors.  Ranch or Pepper or Honey Mustard or… whatEVER the heck they have!  I don’t even know what there is!!!   But it sounds fun… and it’s this silly desire that’s out there, just out of reach.

I’m waxing poetical about chicken meat.  Sorry!!!

Friday thru Sunday, Lydia was stolen away for a sleep-over WEEKEND.  No mi gusta, but I know that teen girls are all about getting with their besties and stuff.  She’s pretty happy, because we’re supposed to watch ‘Beowulf’ films, this weekend, and she it hoping to totally miss that.  Girls… I was hoping I wasn’t raising a Miss-Priss, but apparently she’s got more of Brian’s mom in her than I can counter.  (<< She acts like Brian’s mom a LOT.  No mi gusta that, either.)

I had another cashier altercation, yesterday.  I don’t know how it is where you are, but here there are stores that have ‘savings cards’ to get deals.  If you have the store’s ‘rewards card’, you can have a deal.  I don’t carry 65 store cards, and don’t think they need my name/address/personal information… so I don’t have cards.  And avoid stores that have cards – I like stores that have sales for the customers, not the ELITE, special, la-ti-da select few.  Exclusivity is highly overrated.  (<< I’m going to grow up to be a crabby old lady, aren’t I?)

So we were buying (flouride-free) toothpaste, milk, and some multi-flavor Twizzlers for Lydia to take on her sleep-over… okay, and I got a pack for the boys to have during ‘BeoWulf’, because I’m push-over mom.  And at the counter, the cashier says, “Do you have your Rewards Card, today?”  And I said, ‘No, I don’t have one’.  She says, ‘Would you like to input your phone number for your Rewards Card?’ and I looked her in the eye and said, “I don’t HAVE a rewards card.”  And she said, “Well, do you have a Rewards Card to [this other grocery store]?”  And I was seriously FRUSTRATED, and said,  “I don’t HAVE A REWARDS CARD.  I just want to buy my milk.  Is that okay?”  So what does she do?  She pulls out a store-use Rewards Card she keeps alongside of her register, and scans that.  Well HECK!!!!  Why make people have a card, if they can just do that?!  And why have that when they could just have a stinkin’ sale like every other grocery store?!?!  Ho. Mi. GAWSH!!!!!!!  (I can’t think like this…)

It might behoove the world for me to just avoid shopping.  For *anything*.   ((((O_o))))

Friday was a rough one.  I was up at 3am with some seriously horrible snake dreams.  Got up, spent too much time (three hours) editing/sorting/deleting pictures), and then went back to sleep from when Brian had to get up until 9, when I had to be up to get the boys around and ready for swim class.  But I had a weird headache.  That’s the second one, this year – and I’m not a headache person.  I wonder what up wif dat.  Nothing three Advil won’t kill, but still.  Wrong.

Lydia not being home just made things more wrong.   Those boys are *OFF* when the sister is gone.  Just INSANELY wound up… I can’t stand it.  Just screaming and shouting and smacking each other and jumping on the furniture…?!?!?!?!  Like I’m not going to totally go postal for that crap, hello?!  My gosh, they should know me by now.  I can take all four of them and still have a hand free to knock a cat off the table.  You think I’m teasing, but I’m not – grown people are afraid of me.  These boys?  Seriously had no sense of self-preservation.

Actually, I tried hard to give them *extra* attention to try to ‘fill the gap’ – as if there’s a gap?!  It’s like they don’t know what to do with the new sister-less dynamic, or something.  I don’t know, except all is not right in our world when someone’s missing, apparently.  I tried to keep them busy – we did some major toy scrambles, vacuumed, and we took a trip to the library for Beowulf.  They were still psychos. I had Isaac and Aaron help me make spice cake with maple flavored cream cheese frosting for Shabbat.  Then I had Owen make pudding for supper with me.  Licking beaters/spoons is always special.  But they were still… just OUT there.

I meant to watch the ‘Beowulf’ films, for our history lesson.  There are two, but I could only get the ‘PG-13’ one, and said it had Anthony Hopkins, Angelina Jolie, John Malkovich, and Robin Wright-Penn in it.  I had NO idea that it was animated.  No kidding – very much along the same animation likes as the ‘Shrek’ movies, only really dark.  And the animation looked EXACTLY like the people – it was uncanny, seeing Anthony Hopkins, animated like that.  It was also horrifically gory – I had to turn it off, less than 20 minutes into the film.  It was horrible.  But then, I’m of the mind that the movies that are PG-13 and made after the year 2000 are all actually rated ‘R’.   It’s gotten really bad.  And my boys do NOT need any more violence than they wreak, themselves.  It was so sick, I couldn’t stand it.

We ended up watching ‘The Princess Bride’, instead.  🙂

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