__________ February 11, 2016 ___________

Tap-Dancing Mama

Another day, another school lesson…!

Speaking of school, we’ve added origami as a handicraft, and homigoodness, is that fun!  I can make a paper cup and a pelican, now – even did it out of a menu, when we went out!  They look really good, too.  So exciting!  It’s almost like those cool people who can make poodles out of balloons for people out in public.  Only most people don’t have balloons hidden in their pants pockets, so…  But paper is everywhere!  I can make pelicans for people!  Who would then think I’m probably half-crazy, right?  Eh, what’s new?  😛  I like the idea.  I need to learn more.  Maybe an elephant or… what the hey – a poodle!!  LoL!!  Wonder if I’ll be learning an origami poodle, anytime soon?  Isaac still makes origami Yoda-s out of everything.  That’s just him.

My pen-pal (well, one of the two) is in Forks with the sparkly vampires for a few days, this week.  I have entirely too much fun razzing him about it.  He does electrofishing, which sounds just crazy.  He also tromps thru a lot of woods.  He’s the one with the PhD.  How I landed a pen-pal with a PhD, I have *NO* idea.  Mostly I thought lame people like me went out for writing e-mails.  It’s kind of intimidating.  Not in a vampire-y way, but in a ‘holy crap that’s smarter than I’ll ever be’ kind of way.

… anyhow …

Last night was the kids group we’re trying out, again.  We learned how to make lotion via a ‘chemical engineer’ from Amway.  It was interesting, but he was dry with his presentation and unprepared and two hours later, the kids were SO over making lotion, because he hadn’t kept their attention and droned on too long.  I had to leave – I had tap class.  But c’mon, y’know?  These are KIDS.  Measure the ingredients BEFORE coming, so everything is set and ready to go.  He was seriously frustrating.  But I *do* like the program.  I just wish it weren’t in BFE.

Having the family come ‘observe’ my tap class didn’t go well.  My guy is *SHY* (no… cripplingly shy), and he got there, peeked in the door, saw 20 women looking at him and the kids, and he FR-eaked the heck out!  He found the waiting room and *STAYED* there, and wouldn’t go see BFF’s girl’s ballet class thru the observation window, didn’t go show the kids the studio puppy in it’s playpen, wouldn’t let the kids come watch Mom… he was DONE, after seeing the ladies.  The kids were SO frustrated.  And him being in shut-down mode, he wouldn’t let any kids ride with him to the restaurant, either.  (???!!!???)   And he freaked out about Ethan wearing his Legolas elf ears to town (two hours after the fact) and made him take them off.  He’s… a curmudgeon, have I mentioned this?  He’s hurting his relationship with the kids, and doesn’t seem to even REGISTER it.  Good night, it’s not that big of a deal!

I’d say he’ll get over someday, but it’s been 20 years.  At least he can use check-out lanes with people manning the registers, now.  We *have* made some progress over the years.  Just obviously not as much as I hoped.  You know how you grocery shop?  If it’s more than a jug of milk from this quiet little gas station on the way home, he can’t go there.  I gave him a list and the kids once… he FR-eaked out about having to get six things at an actual grocery store.  He’s… shy.  Introverted.  Kind of unbelievably strangled by his own comfort zones…?!

HomiGOODNESS, we went for Chinese for the New Years’, and… I think I half rolled out of there.  S’a good thing we only go once a year, because as good as it is?  It’s not good for my weight-loss.  Just sayin’.  And this particular place mislabeled something, and I ended up accidentally eating shrimp… so I’m unclean, as of last night.  No mi gusta.  That’s just not even fair – I didn’t do it on purpose.  But until tonight, I’m unclean.  *Sigh!*  There was a crazy sign there, too – see the picture post for details.  I couldn’t believe the warnings they had to put up…?!

I did come up with an ingeniously clever thing, last night.  ‘Nother confession:  I have a lot of shirts… that I can’t fit.  Use t’could, but then six pregnancies, and… see, material that used to go down and cover the hips is now stranded up trying to cover circumference.  (<< TRYING to find a polite way to talk about big-girl-girth.)  So I have shirts that fit, but are now a LOT shorter than they used to be, on.  But I love them – they’re cute, y’know?  So I figured out if I grab the front bottom hem and pull it thru the neckline, wrap it thru a few times, and safety pin it?  It makes a bolero-type thing (with a cute knot in the front).  So I can wear those shirts… as long as I have a long tank underneath, right?!  Yay!!  I did it last night, and it worked SO well!  Lydia said it was awesome, so if I’ve got the teen girl ‘stamp of approval’, that’s something!

Makes up for ripping out the booty of my nylons.  Don’t. Say. A. WORD.  They’re OLD.  Pre-kid, I’m pretty sure… I just haven’t had cause to wear nylons in years, that’s all.  Anyhow, they’re inside of yoga capris, so nobody knows.  But still.   (OKAY!  Maybe it’s not elderly nylons… maybe I’m just a little big for ’em, anymore.  WAS… was a little big for ’em.  They fit now that they’re ripped.  We’ve got to stop talking about this, now.  NOT appropriate for public admission.  Besides, you’re totally snickering – don’t deny it.)  You should’ve seen Lydia.  I went, “Oooh!!  Ripped m’pantyhose in the hiney!!!”  And she went, (((O_o)))  “Mo-om!!!!  What the heck?!!”  Like it’s my fault!?

Okay, maybe it is, but… nevermind.
Time to go.  And hide.

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