__________ February 13, 2016 ___________

Investigating Indiana!

I’m TRIP-planning, today!!

I told you that I found my “Family Fun in Indiana” book, right?  No?  Well, when we pulled out all the books to paint the hall, I found my Indiana trip book – it had fallen behind the other books, of course.  But the timing was perfect!  I took it and a spiral notebook to the pool this morning, and managed to get thru the whole thing in the two hours we were there.  Wanna see my notes?  You’re not allowed to laugh, now… okay?

IMG_1171 (423x555)

Isn’t that INSANE?  I’m running into a problem with planning an Indiana vacation… and it’s this:  Indiana leads from Michigan to everywhere else.  There are things in the NW corner that are on the way to Wisconsin, Chicago, Iowa, Minnesota, and Illinois.  There are things in the NE part that lead to Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York.  There are things down at the bottom that lead to Kentucky, West Virginia, Missouri, and Tennessee.  And having places to ‘pit stop’ along the travel routes to break up the driving would be good.

So half of my notes are ‘on-the-way’ places for other trips, and some of them I’m not sure if they should be put off or not.  Then there are the places that *may* be worth a stop, but are TOTALLY out of the way from everything on earth, so… I have to take my notes on-line now, and find out what could be crossed off the list.  So this is just the ‘rough draft’ – the first layer being chipped away from a sculpted masterpiece, if you will.  LoL!!  Taking the places to Pinterest and their websites is next.

Last night I barely skimmed the surface of another big project – cleaning this laptop up.  I have(had) this ex-friend from Texas before…  Well, she sent me a flash drive (computer doo-hickey that my mom calls a ‘pik’ and Brian calls a ‘thumb drive’- not sure WHAT that thing’s called) and she *claimed* it was full of homeschool resources.  I pulled all of the information from it to ‘My Documents’ to go thru, someday.  Well, three years later, ‘someday’ has arrived.  And that’s… some serious CR-ap she gave me.  Homigosh, I ditched 3.8 GIGs of garbage, last night.  She had e-books… hundreds and hundreds of e-books!  Most of it wasn’t even homeschool related – she’s a Star Trek, Star Wars, Sci-Fi freak, so there were ALL of Piers Anthony and all of these other… Outlander!  There’s ‘Outlander’ books on my PC from her!  I had no idea!!

A lot of the books, I already have in hard copy.  A lot of the classics, Harry Potters, L.M. Montgomeries… I still can’t believe there was an entire library – in TRIPLICATE – on my laptop!  Because she didn’t just have them on there, once – oh, no.  … She had all of the book files in a ‘Calibri’ file, and again in a ‘Literature’ file, and then there was an ‘Ebook’ file!  And some of them were there three times, some only once and in all different places…!  HomiGAWSH, what a disaster!!!!

And the homechool stuff… it’s either 800pg .pdfs that I don’t think even SHE would slog thru, or this twaddle-y stuff that’s free to download from HomeschoolHelper.com.  Just mucking up my system.  I got a lot of it deleted, but there’s so much more to get rid of!  And I know for a fact there’s NO way she ever read all of those books – or manuals.  It was just book gluttony.  Craziness!

Another big project, yesterday – I haven’t been able to work on/edit vacation pictures from last May, because there were over a THOUSAND in that file, and it was just too overwhelming.  So yesterday I broke the file into sub-files and split the pictures up by day of the trip.  That should make it easier to start working on things.  But I’ve GOT to get caught up on this stuff!!!

We finished the ‘Indiana Jones’ movies, last night!  (Well… barring the last one.)  I screamed.  There were *SNAKES*.  Brian laughed and LAUGHED at me, because it wasn’t just once – it was like THREE times, I was climbing up the sofa, screaming.  At a movie.  Talk about pitiful!!!  I just… SNAKES, people.  There aren’t words.  It was absolutely horrific.  But I think I like the last one, best of all.  I’d always liked the middle one, before – hadn’t remembered a thing about ‘The Last Crusade’.  It was fantastic.

Brian’s brought home 300lbs of steel, to do some serious side-work this weekend.  He actually brought it home Thursday, and couldn’t STAND to have it just *sitting* there… so he’s been sneaking out to the barn here and there to work on it.  It’s almost crazy how much that man loves his milling.  He can’t stop – it’s like an obsession.  So it’s a ‘home’ weekend, again – which is FINE by me, because it’s THE GREAT BACKYARD BIRD COUNT, this weekend (woo-HOOO!), and also we can FILE TAXES this weekend.  (Yesssssssssssssss!)  So I’m happy.  Besides, I have research on Indiana to do!

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