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Happy Morning!  🙂

It’s really turned out to be a glorious one, too!  I wasn’t so sure, because it seems we all had pretty bad dreams over here, last night.  Lydia was cranky from being stuck in a Dr. Who episode all night, I dreamed of my mother, while Aaron dreamed about trolls attacking him.

We had to be up at the crack of a.m. (okay, 7:30 – although I was actually up at 7, and let them sleep the half hour)… that usually also makes for cranky kids.  But we’re so close to daylight changing time that it was LIGHT out at 7:30, so people were much more amenable to rousing, this morning.  I forgot to put my pants on, though.  (STOP laughing!)  I got in the car and went, “Wait…!  Oh, nevermind.”  It doesn’t really matter – I don’t really get out of the car, most times, anyhow.  We go, she hippy-hops in, a while later she hippy-hops out, and we’re on our way.  Usually.  So I can roll out of bed, throw on a coat and boots, and not have to do hair, contacts, make-up, clothes… Who cares?   Except the last couple times I had to go in and pay – but not today.  I told Lydia to find out their Friday hours, because I have to wait until Friday to make the February payment.  So I figured it was okay that I forgot to put on jeans.

(And it’s NOT like I’m running around in a shortie nightie or something – I have PANTS on, just… not ones suitable for public.  I know a lot of ladies have NO problem going out in fuzzy slippers and Spongebob pajama bottoms with a wad of unkempt hair sticking out of their head and no make-up… that’s not me.  Except on Orthodontic day, and frankly, it’s not *that* bad.  Even like this (glancing down), it’s not horrible.  Well… chubby.  Solid black and I just use these as pajama bottoms.  But that’s all utterly beside the point at the moment.  Don’t change the subject, bubz.  😉

I did *NOT* get to stay in the car in m’scrufty pants.  Oh, no.  I had to go in to get the news – Lydia’s done with braces!  Yay!!!  On March 9th, she’s going in to have them taken off.  At that time, they want to clean her teeth, and then they’ll be fitting in the lower retainer.  So she’ll be there a LONG time.  The problem is that they want the account paid in full before that appointment – and I was expecting/counting on a final March adjustment, so that I had a couple more paychecks to build up the not-really-HSA (but we pretend it is one) account.  Plus it would’ve bought time to get us closer to the income tax return payment’s arrival.  It looks like I’ll be raiding the emergency fund for another $300 (ish) dollars.

And Brian came home with bad news.  The car fix-it place never gave the insurance company an estimate on our pending repairs.  The car goes in to be fixed on March 22… and the insurance company called Brian to tell him that they are now at the point where they can’t process the information and cut the check before the car goes in – which means we have to pay the $500 deductible out of pocket, and get reimbursed by the insurance.  BAD deal!  So it looks like we have to raid the emergency fund for that, too… and pay it back when the insurance sends the check, later.  I don’t like it – draining the emergency fund! – but the only option is to bump out the fix, and that would put the car out of commission during the Great Wolf Lodge trip, and we can’t have that.  ((((SIGH!))))

Monnnnnneymoneymoneymoneymoney…!  I swear, I feel like alls I ever talk about anymore is money.  The love of it may be the root of all evil, but the need of it is the root of all headaches.  You know this, right?  The lack of it is the root of all nausea.  (<< okay, well, a goodly portion of it, anyhow!)  I don’t mean to drive you crazy.  I’m just… playing “shuffle the cash”, lately.  Take from here until this is from there and it goes in that spot.  BLECH!!!!  And it’s my job to keep track of everything.  I don’t like messing with the emergency fund, I’ll tell ya.  I mean, it’s a *RELIEF* that there is one, but these little nitpicky deadlines and shufflings do NOT constitute as emergencies in my book.

Tap class was cancelled, last night.  Mz. Jen was sick.  Anyhow, we got to spend the night, together – ALWAYS a bonus.  😀  Brian, during his daily call, said he was concerned.  He needed gas and some cash and his credit card was still ‘in the mail’.  So I figured we could go pick up pizza, get him money, fill his tank (all on my card), and bring it home.  When he got to the house, though?  Not only his card was in the mailbox, but the check from that work he did in January was there, too.  Woo-HOOOO!!  Not that it matters – I’ve been robbing Peter to pay Paul for so long, now, that check is SO Peter’s, it’s not funny.  More of the “shuffle game”.  But still.  At least SOMEONE will be paid off!

THIS is why I get so excited about tax time.  Everything is caught up, paid up, re-filled… it’s NICE.  When we get there, that is!  I just kinda *fidget* until we get there.  Because anything could happen, between then and now.  The stock market could crash.  The gov’t could declare bankruptcy.  There could be an EMP, or a massive multi-location terrorist attack, nation-wide.  There could be a bank run, or an IRS run, or an everything run.  It’s not over until the fat lady sings, check in hand.  And my hand don’t got no check, yet.  😉  Bwahahahaheheheheh!

I was reading the obituaries the other day, and there was this lady…  Annette Gifford.  [ http://obits.mlive.com/obituaries/grandrapids/obituary.aspx?n=annette-gifford-nettie&pid=177719289&fhid=25611 ]  She caught my eye, because a) she has my *real* name, and b) she looks a LOT like my grandma Fern did.  What I figure I’ll look like, when I get to be that age.  Besides, she was remembered for all the things I love – music, baking, cooking, crocheting, and Bible.  I loved that she went by ‘Nettie’.  Had never considered that as a nickname, as a kid – not once!  But that just tickled me, for some reason.

I’ve always declared that – no matter how old – I’m going to have long, long hair.  But Nettie (and my grandma) have me reconsidering the cap-o’-curls.  Old ladies don’t do the cap-o’-curls, anymore – they do the ‘buzz’ (cropped hair that looks ‘tastefully’ butched), or the ‘bob’ (mushroomed hair that looks ‘tastefully’ stupid).  But when people see a grandma with the cap-o’-curls, they think of another time.  Sweet little ladies with gracious smiles and traditional values and a heart that loves, y’know?  Maybe I’ll do that – just because that’s not such a bad kind of thing to be associated with.  I’m just sayin’.

We *finally* made ‘ocean in a bottle’, last night.  I’ve wanted to for YEARS, but toxic chemicals kind of scare me.  (I’m a wuss.)  Anyhow, you take a jar (like a jam jar or an olive jar – it has to be glass), and you fill it 1/3 full of denatured alcohol .  Add two drops of blue food coloring and one drop of green food coloring, and shake well.  Then top it off – 2/3 full of paint thinner.  All the way to the very top, so that it bubbles up like it wants to spill over.  Then seal the top on, and duct tape it closed.  And there’s an OCEAN in the bottle!  It moves slow and strange and very kewl – like giant waves.  Not like the cheaper variation done with oil/water that just doesn’t look as cool as this.  I love that – did it in Girl Scouts as a kid, and thought it was the most beautiful thing, ever.

I texted my brother for his birthday.  Just a short, non-invasive, brief ‘happy birthday’.  He said, “Thanks.”  So I thought I’d take it one more step – I told him that it was my new cellphone number and teased that the ol’ girl was texting now (jump back!) … just so’s he knew he could reach me that way.  He said, “Congrats.”  I’m… pretty sure he’s not ever going to reach me that way.  Brian says with ‘short’ answers like that, it’s apparent he’s mad at me for ditching my mom, and that’s why he didn’t say anything before taking off to Florida, too.  I know, and we did expect that (even though he said he wasn’t going to take sides – people BS to make themselves look/feel better) but… at least I did my part, no?  Just… whatever.

In better news, 🙂 , Lydia got to hear her song and see her recital costume at dance, this week  She’s dancing to Sara Bareilles’ “Manhattan” and the dress is beautiful – wine colored with lace.  She nearly hyperventilated… it’s the perfect cut/color.  Her dream costume.  She’s *still* squealing in happiness over it.  It’s going to be a good concert for her.  I just hope I live thru it – I’m gonna be granny-fied and tapping on a stage to who-knows-what.  Oi…!!  😛  At least I’ll be up there in good company , with my bestie.  It’ll be fun.  😀

Hoooooo!  This is getting long.  No shortage of topics, ever.

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