___________February 21, 2016__________

We Get Around II

Well, Friday!  I only got half of the pages in my sketch book tissue papered – because of all the erasing of smudges from one picture to another that had to be done.  Time consuming!!!  I’ve been wanting to put in tissue paper to keep the pictures from smudging each other for a long time, though.  Anyhow, there wasn’t much time.  We had to scrunch school in, so that it fit before we took off to town.  I didn’t even get BILLS done – had to take them to swim with me!  I really need a briefcase… that way I could take bills and the Indiana papers/maps and the Hager Park map that I have to decipher and route out a trail through, and…  Yeah.  I’d look preposterous with a briefcase…

First thing we did Friday afternoon was to PAY OFF THE ORTHODONIC BILL/PLAN!!!  They… are so TUPID, they’re not even worth the ‘S’ on the front.  Holy wha.  I was told on Wednesday that it all had to be paid in full BEFORE the appointment on March 9th to take them off.  So I went in with the $$, and Liz says, “Oh, hello!  Are you here to pay half today, and then have just the other half left for next month?”   And it was LIZ who told me it had to be paid in full on Wednesday!!!  GAH!  I… have LOTS of issues with our dentist office.  And they know me.  WELL.  And have I mentioned I can be a little scary?  I’m VERY scary at dentist offices.  I gave Liz a “You’ve GOT to be kidding me” look, and she quickly said, “Or today!  Paying it all today is just fine!”   LoL!  Man, I must seriously be terrifying.

I was a’gonna get gas on my way out of that area, but Ethan spotted my mom at the BP, so we drove *right* on by.  That’s TWICE I’ve seen her this month.  (Actually, I’m surprised we don’t see her more – she lives 6 miles up on the same road as us, goes to the same kinds of places…)  I just avoid that whole thing, though, if at all possible… and we bombed to town.

Okay, so here’s the story.  (There’s ALWAYS a story.)  We’re doing illuminated letters for our ancient history study at the moment.  but it requires a LOT of gold, and I’m the only one with a gold colored pencil.  (Or gold anything to write with, for that matter.)  That’s not going to work, at all.  So I went on-line, and it turns out now Crayola only has gold colored pencils in the 50-pk.  So I price shopped on-line, and it turns out Target was the cheapest, and the one in Wyoming was the ONLY store in 50 miles of us that has the 50-pk colored pencils.  So we went there, next.  And do you think there was even ONE pack of 50 colored pencils there?  Nooooo.  So we spent WAY too much time trying to find a person, then ANOTHER person with a MICR scanner, then a stock person to check in the back… and while we were waiting, I found that buying a 24pk of crayons and an 16pk of metallic crayons – for each child, mind you! – costs a THIRD of the $$ of the 50pk of colored pencils.  So when nothing turned up, we did that.  Most of our crayons are just nubs, anymore, anyhow.

And ran into Barb, the library lady, on our way out!  WTHeck?!?!  Very weird.

But I’d wasted so much time getting help and waiting on stuff, that we were behind, and had to go meet Brian at our hook-up place.  He climbed in with us, and off we went – first to the Red Barn (<< They had one of my photo albums!  Jehovah Jirah- the Lord Provides!!), then to go get gas, then hit the hardware store.  We got two 6′ pre-fab boards for the shelf build.  We went to Meijer for vitamins and D3 (NO. GELATIN!!!) and pizza – and I got those food storage containers that are cheap and re-useable to put the kids’ crayons in and stack them.  Everyone will have a container with their OWN crayons and name on it.  If they lose crayons, they go in the CrapCrayon Tub.  Just… sayin.

We went to supper at one of our favorite places (they let us use TWO free kid meal coupons at a time!), and then Lydia and I went in the grocery store for a quick monthly shop.  LOTS of wind.  LOTS of trouble staying on the road.  It was grabbing my car and pushing it!  Crazy weather.  And it got to 55 degrees, yesterday!  That’s just WRONG!  EVERYTHING is gone.  It looks like May.  In February!!!  Oi my vey!!!!!!!!!

This morning was our LAST swim class of this session.  But the boys did good – Isaac and Ethan are moving up into ‘Fish’ – which is the last level before team.  Aaron really did well – he’s going up into ‘Minnow’.  But Owen…!  He’s not interested in getting his face wet, which is holding him back.  Might have to wait a year and try when he’s older?

It was such a nice day, that after our Shabbat meal, we went for a walk at the lake.  Haven’t done that in a long time.  My favorite thrift shop is CLOSING – so we went in, and there was only one thing I really was interested in – and Brian got it for me.  It’s an incredibly beautiful etched plate in blood red and gold.  (Holy crap – I just found it on-line: https://www.etsy.com/listing/206419783/vintage-goofus-glass-round-plate-red).  Mine is in much nicer shape, though…!

Anyhow, we ended up watching ‘Ant-Man’ – which was hilarious but homigosh, LAME…!!!  It was so LAME!!!  It was funny, but… ((walks away shaking head…!!))

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