___________ March 02, 2016__________

A Happier Day

G’morning!!  And wOw, is it a wonderful morning.  We’re *BURIED* in snow!  By the time all was said and done, last night?  We got at least eight inches of snow, yesterday!!!!  Obviously tap class was cancelled.  Tending critters was such a surprise – haven’t had to WADE thru the snow to get to Critter Corner, before [<<this year, anyhow.] !  It’s just beautiful (again) here!   Boy, I sure hope it lasts for a while, this time!

I’m also flying pretty high today because Tommy friended me on FB.  Tommy is an older guy [<< He’s GOT to be pushing 60, by now!] from my ex-theatre group who was Captain vonTrapp to my Baroness Schraeder.  He’s the only man I ever had to kiss on-stage.  (I was absolutely mortified, every. single. time… and it was only a kiss on the cheek.  Brian thought it was hilarious.  But I *had* gotten better – in Oklahoma, I was Cord Elam’s *wife*… and was so terrified of being *anywhere* near him and being somehow offensive, that I was pretty much obsessively popping breath mints, so that I could do the part without shaking in fear.  We only had to dance together, so that wasn’t so bad – I had lots of experience with that from our line dancing days.  Dancing is okay.  And in ‘Fiddler’, I married Motel the tailor, but we only had to hug [<< THANK GOD, because he was a chain smoker IRL, and I had NO desire to kiss some dude who would end up tasting like an ashtray, thankyouverymuch.  *SHuDDeR!*]

Anyhow, it’s been YEARS.  Tommy moved to Wisconsin over a decade ago.  He was always really, really nice, but in that ‘homecoming king’ kind of way that is still draped over his shoulders.  In other words… SO not the kind of person I would be friends with.  But he’s NICE, y’know?!  But I don’t understand: why now?  I mean, I did message him, years ago.  It was when we came out of christianity – Tommy was the one who started my exodus, and I wanted to thank him.  (One night after rehearsal Brian and I went to the bar with the cast, and got to talking with Tommy and a few others about religion – NOT MY FAULT!! – and I was the token good-girl Christian, defending the faith.  And Tommy. Shredded. Me.  I didn’t know he’d gone to seminary, and learned so much Truth that he couldn’t stomach what was being peddled, anymore.  Anyhow, I was SO upset that I didn’t have answers to what he was saying, that I went home and TORE into my Bible.)  So I wanted him to know that he made a difference in someone’s life.  … But that was *years* ago.  Why would he friend me, now?!   The timing makes NO sense to me.  Not that I’m complaining – I just unfriended a Messianic Mess, so I had an opening.  🙂

(I wish I had a copy of ‘Sound of Music’ on video – the one we did, so that the kids could see it.  They’d LOVE it – the baroness sings TWO songs in it, and in the choreography, I got to dip Max (instead of vice versa).  It was SO fun.  And Ryan/Max kind of became a bestie on the set of that, so it was really fun and relaxed, that dance…!)

Monday swim was just me and bearded flipper guy.  Except that I’m starting to think there might be more than one bearded flipper guy.  This one seemed taller and thinner and had lighter hair, I think (not sure – I mostly try not to look).  I could’ve sworn one was shorter and darker.  And another seemed different, too – not so stocky as the darker one.  There may be several bearded flipper guys.  Not sure, but what a revelation!  This one looked a little like Prince Charming from ‘Once Upon a Time’… only with a beard, obviously.  But he TALKED to me, so I kinda hadta look at him, this time.

Why?  Because JON was there, again.  I can say his name, but only in all caps, because he’s *that* important.  JON is annoying, mostly.  He gives me crap at the front desk e.v.e.r.y. time he’s there.  He’s one of those ‘in-charge’ types that take their authority WAY too seriously.  He actually threatened to make me pay for Lydia to sit and watch me swim, last time.  (@$$&@!¢…!)  I can’t really talk about JON without bristling. (<< the way I say it, derisively).  But the last two times, he came in the pool area, to see who’s signing in, to walk around like KING of the place.

And this Monday he saw bearded flipper guy [#3-ish] and I dodging kids, trying to swim laps, and he commanded Bridget put out a lane for us.  So let it be written; so let it be done!  Bearded flipper guy stopped me and told me what was going on – that we’d be swimming together in a lane.  And normally – for example, if it were swim coach – I would FReak the heck out.  But this version of flipper guy had that gay guy voice.  You know the one – very high pitched and nasal, and with kind of a Valley Girl inflection to it?  “Hey, I just want to you know, that, like, there’s gonna be a lane?  So we’re going to swim away from, like, the rest of the people.  Okayeeee?”   <<<  Homigosh, that so totally tickled me!!!  PERFECT way to turn off my freak-out: be gay(ish).  It’s awesome.  I had NO problem swimming with him in the lane, at all, after that!  🙂  🙂  🙂   I insta-liked him.  No more fear!

March is ‘National Crochet Month’.  I’m feeling *very* remiss… I haven’t really crocheted anything, this winter.  Just that lamp shade, pretty much.  I’d wanted to do up this [ http://kimlapsley.blogspot.com/2013/05/the-worm.html ] this year.  And I haven’t even started trying to make Worm.  Actually, Owen would really like a scout pack – I made scout packs for Lydia and the boys several years ago… must be six, since Owen didn’t exist, and I hadn’t made him one.  It’d be a lot easier than making Worm, I guess?!  He’d still be cute.  I want to deviate on that, though – try NOT doing it with the yarn changes.  Instead make just a blue piece and a beige piece and then stitch them together.  It’d likely be WAY easier, if I could figure out the shape with stitches, as it went along.   Which… I’m just proving my BFF right, aren’t I?  GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Owen is CONVINCED that his tree is growing.  On our hike last week, I was going to ask you about this MONSTER seed that he found (instead I ended up looking it up on-line, I think it’s to a Kentucky coffee tree – which apparently is somewhat rare, but found in our part of Michigan?).  He planted it in a pot I’d had outside that we brought in from under the deck, and I’m pretty sure the tiny sprout now coming up is a weed (or maybe clover), but I won’t burst his bubble.  I wonder if the BIG seed will actually do something.  I’d like to see it grow, to be honest.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

Today I have NO idea what’s going on.  I’ll tell you my peeve with Brian: he won’t solidify plans.  Ever.  He got a recommendation from “Day Dave” at work for a tax lady who might look at our IRS letter and see if we really did make a mistake on last year’s taxes or not.  He wants me to go with him, but that means bringing five kids, and I don’t know if the lady would like that.  But he STILL hasn’t asked her if that would be okay or not (they’ll probably just stay in the car and watch something on the DVD player, as a treat – with Lydia in charge).

Anyhow, if we DO go, I’m hoping we can take the kids swimming, tonight at my pool.  I need to work on strokes and diving with the boys.  Except that – for pregnancy/nursing and then chubby mama issues, I haven’t really *dived* in years.  Used to love it.  Now I’m kind of skeered that I’ll look about as graceful as a whale splooshing.  Wincing, just thinking about it!  But the boys really do need help.  Truth?  I’d really like to see if I can still dive.  Kind of like finding out if I could still hang from the uneven bars… only potentially less painful.  (You’re smirking.  Don’t think I can’t see you…!)

Brian’s… not thrilled with the idea of swim, but that’s because it involves other people and locker rooms and other people and getting wet and other people and… comfort zone-y stuff.  I may have people issues, but I push through them while freaking out.  He’s more of an avoidance kind of a guy.  Regardless…!  Anyhow, I don’t know what’s going on, today.  We might be staying home while he sees the tax lady, alone.  We might go, but skip swimming.  He doesn’t really get into solidifying things, so I get to hang out here in ‘no-idea-land’… and wait.   :/   It’s an exercise in patience, right?  I’ve got this, no problem.  But there’s a twinge of irked-ness, underneath.  Just sayin’.  (<< And I *TOLD* you he’d swat me, last night.  SO predictable…!!  LoL!!!!!!)

MARCH!  I need a new piano song to learn!  I have music for ‘Let it Go’… it might be fun.  A little less bee-boppy than ‘Axel F’ (which I mostly still can’t ever find.  It’s in the stack.  But it’s apparently so short, I can’t ever find the bugger.  So admittedly, it didn’t really get learned all that much.  Will continue to play with it as I find it.  ((?!))  )  Also picked up the guitar again, last night.  Did the JustinGuitar YouTube lesson on B7, C7, and A7.  Hadda bite off and spit out every one of the nails on my left hand, again.  *Sigh!*  All my life, never could grow nails.  Now that I’m not near my Mom and they’re long, they *have* to go…  Figures!  (I sound SO like a chick…!!!!  SORRY!!)

Homigosh, you would’ve had such a laugh if you’d heard Owen, last night.  Isaac taught him ‘Pete & Repeat’ (you know that, right?  Pete & Repeat went out in a boat.  Pete fell in.  Who was left?  [Repeat]  Pete and & Repeat went out in a boat.  Pete fell in.  Who was left?  [Repeat]  Ad nauseum.)  But Owen was having SO much trouble, because Brian was making up names.  Who was left?  Humphrey.  Da-ad…!  Pete & Repeat…. who was left?  Rocko.  Sam.  Squishy.  Owen got SOOO frustrated, he started saying it without having anyone fall out at all.  It was MESS.  Then he had people in firetrucks, in planes (no parachute)… The other kids were razzing him like crazy.  Really funny stuff.  And… it’s not translating to the written, well.  Nevermind!

Then there’s Aaron, who I just kicked off the piano.  He goes running to the dining room.  “Guys!  Guys!  I just played ‘Old MacDonald had a Farm’ in the DEEP END of the piano.  It was awesome!!!”   Thinkin’ maybe he’s getting his swim and music references a little mixed up… *giggles!*

I should go.  No really.  It’s probably time.  I could go crochet Worm.  Or a scout pack.  🙂

Have a glorious one!

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┊  ┊  ┊  ★
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