___________ March 03, 2016__________

Counting Blessings… Again!

Yesterday was INSANELY busy for not having gone or done anything until 6pm!  Well… electronic school, but that doesn’t really count.  I got the body of Owen’s scout pack crocheted, and half the strap.  It was a slow day, if that’s news!

The snow is staying, here.  And I hope it lasts through the weekend – I’d like to take the kids sledding.  Brian says it’s supposed to reach 60 next week and not drop again.  That this is IT for this winter.  I’m sad.  This was *not* a winter.  And yes, I know it could’ve been worse – we could’ve not had any dumps of snow between the warm spells.  But still.  I should just be happy and bask in the coverage while we have it, right?  ((• ˚ ˚ •。It’s snowing right now!!! 。• ˚ ˚ •))

BIG earthquake, last night!!  The Nibiru Jewish dude says it’s a sign that Planet X is putting pressure on the earth.  I think he’s grasping, in that.  He’s still writing about it, every day.  If you’re interested, his site is here [ http://absolutetruth613.blogspot.com/ ] but if you visit, remember he’s kind of out there, about all of this.  I like reading him because it’s entertaining, but I don’t necessarily subscribe to his thoughts.

Although… it’s weird.  I was just lurking up old schoolmates, last week, and saw that a thrasher dude that I graduated with was stationed out at McChord AFB – he just retired after 20 years service as an officer (he was in security, apparently).  Anyhow, his wife is from Michigan, he grew up military (loyal to the country)… and they’re moving to Manitoba.  That’s… weird.  Nowhere near where either of them are from, not even on American soil!  What the heck?  I mean, I’m pretty sure Manitoba is gorgeous – Lake Louise and Sunwapta Falls are *definitely* on my bucket list of places to see before I die, but WHY would they do that?  And then this Jewish Nibiru dude says that higher ranking service people are being encouraged to move away from the coasts and into secluded regions… I don’t know.  This is what happened when you’re blonde and have a tiny streak of conspiracy theorist in your blood, I guess?

Where were we?  Oh!  We had to go and see Day-Dave’s tax lady, last night.  We were only there 20 minutes, so the kids just played on the tablets in the truck (forgot – no DVD player – my car’s in the shop!).  Anyhow, it went REALLY well, because it wasn’t just a ‘tax lady’ – the ‘tax lady’ and her husband have an actual accounting business, and the husband is a licensed IRS agent!  WHEW!!!  So he looked over our letter from the IRS, and – while they gave us derisive glances for going with TurboTax, of course – they said we didn’t screw up, per se.  What happened was that things didn’t get itemized correctly, and with TurboTax, if things are in JUST the right boxes, the IRS gets ugly with people.  So we don’t owe them money, after all.  *SO RELIEVED!!!*   Anyhow, they’re going to draft the repeal letter, make the copies needed, and he’s going to represent our case as an agent of the IRS, which… that really goes a long way with the repeal offices.  I’m so glad we went there!  (Thinking we might just have them do our taxes, from now on!)

It was kind of fun – the office was right in their house – they turned their breezeway into an office, and the garage is file storage.  It was an old-fashioned kind of office – with ceramic frogs on the desk, an old adding machine clicking away on a TV tray, and a little desktop stamp-dispenser in the shape of a mailbox.  The office had knotty pine walls, a sliding door with a view to the yard, and a view of doggie treats on the kitchen counter.  🙂   The kind of place you just feel like is ‘comfortable’ – for the clutter and the dated stuff.  They’re an elderly couple – him in a plaid snap-front shirt and pocket protector, and her lovably chubby with frizzy old lady hair and a gaudy red-hat lady sweatshirt and too much eyebrow pencil lining.  Just fun.

We went right from there to the pool where I swim on Mondays.  Because of yesterday’s snow day, the fitness center had been closed the day before, and had been closed thru noon, yesterday.  Apparently a lot of people thought that the pool would be closed (or they couldn’t get out of their driveways!), because there were two boys, a dad/3kids, and bearded flipper guy… and us.  That was it.  It was the gay-ish flipper guy (#3)… I never get there early enough to see his routine, but holy WoW is he high-maintenance!  He has earbuds and an MP-3 player for the 10-minute poolside stretching before he gets in, and he’s got this whole routine he does… yikes.  I go, stretch a tiny bit IN the pool while adjusting to the water temp, and then swim.  He… is complicated!!!  And he doesn’t swim very long.  Maybe 20 minutes.  Well, I knew he got out before me, but I thought he was there a lot longer than I am.  Apparently not!  It was interesting to watch.

I think he was surprised to see me with a huge pack of kids, there, being climbed all over by littles!

Anyhow, everyone but our family was gone by the end of the first half hour – and we had that whole pool to ourselves!!  SO quiet and awesome and… just fun!!!   I got the boys actually DIVING – not just belly-flopping, face-first.  They were looking REALLY good!  And I got to dive.  I was worried (sea cow), but Brian assured me that it wasn’t like that – I still can dive well.  (<< Although… he would lie to me.  I don’t know…)  But I even dived off the BOARD!!  (<< Dislike boards.  They move.)  It was fun.  Owen insisted on swimming every single lane.  In a life-jacket, but still… he thought he was SUCH hot stuff, swimming every row with Mama.  Lydia’s got a good forward somersault and handstand, but Isaac & Ethan go sideways.  I wowwed them with my backwards somersault… remind me NOT to do that, again.  I’ve still got it, but I’ve never really enjoyed it.  😛  Brian went off the diving board for the first time in his life.  He was like, “No big.” until he got out on it, and then he was like, “Wait, whoa!”  But he had fun, too.  Bridgette got to see my gang.  She lifeguards, every week.  So this was something out of the norm.

I forgot my swim bag on the doorknob, at home.  Never did THAT before!  So I had no googles, no towel, no UNDERTHINGS, no make-up, no hair-brush…!!  That was horrible.  Just saying… but very little, in case I faux pas and say too much.  ((((blush!!!)))))

We went to supper at our favorite McD’s (it’s like a forest, inside), and Brian told me that my car would be done and ready to pick up, Thursday night (tonight!).  So it turns out I’ll have my car for Field Trip Friday, and won’t have to take him to work at the crack of a.m. tomorrow, after all.  (Plus I have to go to county seat and get my CPL renewal done.)  But he was worried about $$ in the account for it.  The check came from the kid’s insurance company, and it was in our checking, so I wasn’t worried.  Plus he got payed for that side work from his dad’s shop, this week.  NICE.  (In other news, V-tech [<< shortened to protect the innocent] says they have some side work for Brian coming up for next week!  AND he has work out in the barn, right now… his dad’s shop still has busted machines and finally gave some of the dead-lined work to Brian to try to stuff out on time.  He’s VERY happy, right now.)

But he insisted on checking our $$ situation – I don’t like checking if it’s not payday.  Too easy to freak out.  But I humored him, and… Holy Rabies, the income tax returns from federal and state are here, already!!!    So it looks like today I gots t’do some finiguring to make the right transfers to the right places, tomorrow.  I didn’t expect it to be here, so soon!  In fact, I kind of was afraid that they might not process our return with the 2014 discrepancy – like maybe it would be reason to red-flag the 2015 return?  Thank goodness that isn’t the case!

Anyhow.  So stuff is good.  LOTS of blessings, right now!

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