___________ March 05, 2016__________

Runaround Day!

Well, we’re home.  Good merciful heavens that was one heckuva morning!  Our field trip was to the Kent County Recycle Center, in downtown GR, and then we hadda fly out to Freeport to return the [Jewish] Hallmark video and then head to Hastings to the County Seat, and… I’m definitely ready to settle and not move, for a while!

You should’ve SEEN it this morning, though.  It FROSTED!  Everything was already white with snow, but every branch and week was just sparkling in the sun.  Don’t worry – I got pictures!!  But it’s blindingly brilliant, out there, and it was SO gorgeous, this morning.  Not to mention there was *fog*, which… it was really kewl.  Absolutely beautiful!

THE CAR IS FIXED!!!  [insert happy dance here!]  It looks SOOOO nice.  And they CLEANED the inside.  That… bothers me.  They emptied my trash, and sometimes I ‘store’ things in my trash can, so I’m a little concerned that stuff might have been pitched that I didn’t consider to be trash.  They didn’t even ASK to do that, btw!  Detailing was NOT part of the deal – it was supposed to be front end body work.  So I’m not entirely feeling thrilled about the whole thing.  (It does look nice, though…)

Was TOTALLY spoiled last night – Brian took us to Pizza Hut for after car-pick-up supper.  They had 1/2 off medium pizzas, so we got to try several new/different flavors.  Taco pizza is just wrong.  I like tacos, but… that was not good.  I think it was the overcooked refried beans mashed into the crust, maybe.  Cheeseburger pizza is kind of gross (with BBQ as the sauce).  I wonder how that would be with ketchup, instead?  (Hehehehehe.)  The BBQ chicken was the best.  And there was another one… not sure what it was, now.  Something with a lot of peppers on it, I think.  (edit: Lydia says it was chix deluxe.)  The kids mostly passed on that one.  I was too full to try it.  But it was fun.

The recycle center was FUN!  I’ve never seen so many conveyor belts at one time – they were just everywhere, criss-crossing, going over and under each other.  It was craziness!  And then to see everything that was sorted compacted up into ‘bales’ like that!  Pretty impressive stuff.  I wouldn’t want to work there, pulling crap off the belts – it’d be utterly mind-numbing, but it was fun to see.

And our group was interesting, too.  I’d never done anything with this particular group, before.  Two of the ladies from last week’s not-so-nature walk were there – I don’t really understand why, though.  One has a 2yo and the other has a 5yo and a 3yo.  These are NOT field trip aged kids.  They won’t remember a thing about this, and weren’t even able to understand what was going on.  Mostly they had their hands over their ears and clung to their mom up on the catwalks.  (((O_o)))  There were three dads there – two along with their wives, which was kind of neat.  The third was the annoying mouth of our group – I really didn’t like him.  My gang was the biggest (and the oldest – the other kids were between 2yo and 8yo, mostly.  So my kids were far more advanced.  We mostly just stayed in the back and kept quiet and let the little kids talk (and talk, and talk… about completely irrelevant stuff like what they got for Christmas, which their moms turned around to recycling the packaging it came in.  LoL!!)

Saw a house in Freeport that’s for sale that caught my eye.  Not that we’re in the market, but it was just pretty, y’know?  With the river right behind the house, down the hill behind.  It had only an acre and a half, but it was so nice:  https://www.coldwellbankerhomes.com/mi/freeport/13921-108th-street/pid_9671285/

Going to the courthouse is never on my list of fun things to do, but it had to be done.  I’m six months since CPL training and six months to expiration, so this week is my window to get renewed.  The kids LOVED it – we had to go thru a metal detector and everything (SO cool…!!) to get in the building.  It’s ridiculous.  Nobody wants to shoot the office ladies in the clerk office in Hastings, I promise.  And even if they did, that metal detector wouldn’t deter them.  The guards are unarmed and older than the courthouse.  CPLs are responsible people, anyhow.  I’ve had mine for eight years, now, and never have had to use it.  It’s mostly because with five littles, I can’t run if there’s trouble.  I have to hold my ground… and I have to protect my children.  So that’s why.

We did our Sketch Thursday (a day late, I know) over lunch, since we were out all afternoon.  I’m trying to get thru the 2012 archives at HarmonyFineArts.org , so today it was ‘having to do with a beauty parlor’.  Will back-post it for you.

Okay.  I’m off to attempt to finish Owen’s scout pack.  Make the lil’ guy happy.

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