___________ March 08, 2016__________

Super Tuesday!!

My snow?  Yeah… it’s gone.  Yesterday it was 48 and everything started melting – Grand Rapids lost everything they had, but we still had enough going on here (we live in a lower snow belt) to cover the dead crap.  But it was still in the 40s thru last night, and this morning it’s up in the 50s (suppose to hit 60 today!)… and it’s just *gone*.  All of it excepting for the big piles.  [insert nose wrinkle!]

It’s windy, too.  That’s GOOD, because it will help to dry up the melt, quicker.  It’s that time of the year where the goat and poultry pens are just sheer mud, again.  So. Not. Fun.  Wind is a blessing – may it blow and dry up the land quickly, if that’s to be the end of our snow for the year.

It’s tree-tapping time!  I’ll have to see if the family wants to do it, this year.  I know Brian’s answer will be no – his is the path of least involvement, and sugarbushing requires him to… well, come to think of it, he really does little.  Just drills and puts the taps in.  It’s a fifteen minute task, tops.  The kids do the running back and forth with the pots to collect from the bottles, and I do all the boiling.  I do have him work the hydrometer, when we get to the end of things.  You know, since he’s better at measuring and tools and stuff than I am.  It always smells SO good when we boil syrup down in the kitchen.  But do we want to?  We really don’t need to.  On the other hand, it’s kind of becoming tradition.  And laziness seems like a bad thing.  Okay, that does it.  I’ll have him and the kids tap the trees when I go to tap class, tonight.  (Hahaha… TAP class… TAP trees… eh, nevermind!)

Tonight might be tap class without BFF.  She texted yesterday afternoon to say that she’s had the flu for the past four days.  It was a *very* quiet dance class, last night – just me and… me in the waiting room.  I brought Owen’s scout pack and finished that up – he can pick out the button, today. (<< And believe me, that is *SO* exciting, going in Mama’s button box!)  It wasn’t just quiet at dance – there was NOBODY at swim.  Maybe ten people in the pool, total, and no other lap swimmers.  JON was there ((((grimace)))) and he stood around and watched me swim.  I don’t like that.  No, I don’t *LIKE* that.  It may also be that I don’t like him, but then sometimes this cranky side comes out and is utterly irrational.  He’s probably a nice guy, when he’s off the clock.  I just hate him at the pool…?!  And honestly, NOBODY wants to watch me swim.  He needs to go lord it over someone somewhere else, r’something.  (grumble, grumble…)

Nevermind me… I’ve been up from 3am to 5am every night for the past three nights (sometimes longer by an hour or two).  It’s exhaustion talking, most likely.

Speaking of (or not), I had the weirdest dream the other night… about Deadpool.  I really liked him.  He was really sweet, and had a smile permanent markered on his mask.  He didn’t off anyone in the dream – this is likely because my subconscious leans towards a ‘PG’ rating.  I may have had a crush on him.  It was a fun dream.  But short.  Far too short.  So I went on-line to watch the preview?  He was NOTHING like the Deadpool in my dream in that preview!  (Brian watched over my shoulder – laughed his butt off at it… said I probably wouldn’t like the movie.  He’s right – there was a TON of blood splattering and a decapitation in the PREVIEW [!!!]  but I’ll probably want to see it – just to try and *find* something of my version of Deadpool in him.  Hrmph.  Y’know, some days psychiatric help doesn’t sound so bad…)

Anyhow.  Voting tonight.  We’ll go down and vote when Brian gets out of work.  I’ll admit to you right now – I’m voting for Trump.  I don’t like him.  At all.  He’s a mouth and a jackass and a class-less Neanderthal.  I don’t like *ANY* of them.  They’re all mouths and jackasses and Neanderthals, to one extent or another.  But politicians have been in control for too long, and they’ve done nothing good for this country – only for themselves.  Gov’t is a business, anymore.  A too-big, failing business, and it needs someone with a grasp on how to run a thriving company and bring us back to making a profit.  Not to mention we really need a *CHANGE*, and more of the same groomed-for-office bullcrap isn’t going to cut it.

Obama wasn’t a change, he was good marketing and nothing more.  I’m pretty sure that Clinton is going to be elected in the end, but if there was a chance to stop her, it would be Trump.  Cruz would never, ever make it against her.  Trump is the *only* other viable choice.  It’s a matter of picking between a handful of evils, anymore.  Which is also sad – where are the good people?  There *have* to be a few good men left in this nation, no?  (<<They’d never make it.)  I really did like Ben Carson, but he’s too ‘good’.  People who are ‘good’ don’t get elected, now.  People who are strong and fast get elected.  Ben didn’t have it in him.  It’s not about ‘may the best man win’, anymore.  And isn’t that a sorry state of things?

I half suspect that there’ll be a *crisis* in the near future, and that Obama will stay in office.  I’m still not certain he’s not the 12th Imam.  Whoops, there comes out that conspiracy theorist in me!!   Sorry.  😛  It’s okay.  I’ll get over that, someday.  LoL!!

Jewish sites are ALL in a tizzy – there’s a total solar eclipse on Wednesday.  (Not visible from the U.S., but still.)  They’re pretty sure that with the sun’s rays blocked out to us (but NOT from Planet X), it will become visible to the world.  We will see.  I have no idea what will happen, only that it’s time for *something* big to take place.  I can’t imagine it going on the way it is.  Whether Planet X or pandemic or economic collapse… we need *something*.

Always a joy.  I can pretty much tell you right now that Trump and Clinton will win Michigan.  Although I have a LOT of friends that ‘feel the Bern’.  One even created a FB page in order to promote Sanders.  I was included in that whole thing – and un-included myself, post-y haste-y.  Not thinking that’s my scene, do you?  Anyhow, Bernie will probably drop dead before inauguration time, anyhow.  The dude’s too old to run much of anything.

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