___________ March 10, 2016__________

The Overwhelmed Blonde

This is probably going to be one heckuva sucky post, and I promise it’s not your fault, I’m just not feeling the Internet, today.  Yesterday just totally got out of hand, and it was SO. OVERWHELMING.  On every level.

Yesterday also revealed a lot about my on-line friends.  I posted an actual update on FB (rare, these days!), and I asked for help on the retainer/orthdontia thing.  Figured SOMEONE has to have gone thru braces with their kids, before.  I have a LOT of parent friends, after all.

And everyone had to weigh in.  My FB page was HAPPENIN’, yesterday.  Brian loves that.  He thinks it’s hilarious.  I have always been able to stir everything up – it’s truly a gift.  I just… haven’t bothered, in a really long time, that’s all.  I’m out of practice in having to deal with people.  And the more conflicting information/opinions, the more frustrated I got.  It kept volleying back and forth:  Once you pull teeth out, you’ve put in motion a need for intervention for life.  *OR*…!   It’s bone.  Bones set.  Give it a decent time with the retainer and then let you body take over from there, and it’ll be fine.  But with the flip-flopping between the two?  I got overwhelmed and shut down.  Brian’s in the second camp.  I’m likely with him, only with a horrified suspicion that there might be truth to the first one, and I’ve messed up my child for life.

My CPL came in the mail.  They did – indeed – use the 217lb picture off my drivers license (which was a bad shot, anyhow)… but they upped the horror factor by squeezing the state [rectangular] picture into a square – by spreading it even WIDER.  ((((!!!!!!!))))  My kids were like, “Who is that?!?!”  I swear, that does NOT look like me!  I don’t know, but that has to be the absolute WORST picture of me that I’ve ever seen in my entire life.  That person fits in at our precinct polls…!!  I’m so embarrassed!!!!  HATE the freakin’ gov’t.

The decision to do one more swim session or not was taken out of my hands – the pool has a filtering issue, and they have to drain it to fix it – so the pool is out of commission for the next three weeks.  (Not mine – the one the kids were going to on Saturdays.)  So it looks like we’re taking a break.  I’m not complaining – it’s cheaper not to go.  And I could take the kids to swim on Wednesdays at my pool.  I also just found out that they have open swim on Saturdays at the same time as their classes, so that’s a possibility, too.  We’ll see.

Right now, the kids are ALL shades of worked up, because they’ve realized that it’s so close to Great Wolf, they can count on fingers.  We’re already picking out movies (for the drive – they’re allowed one, each way), and deciding what will go in their backpacks.  Kids get so excited about these things.  We were talking in the hot tub, last night ☺ and come to find out, they’re more excited about the room than they are the water park!  They’ve been that way for a few years, now – they like having the fireplace in our room, playing in the Kid Kabin (log cabin bedroom in our room just for the kids).  I’m really looking forward to a vacation, too.

Brian is also overwhelmed, just now.  His friend has some extra side work for him, and he’s already got SO MUCH going out in the barn, he’s just barely keeping up (he’s out there from the kids’ bedtime to ours, every night, lately).  He’s talking about having to give some work to his dad, in order to get things out in the time that he wants to.  I hate to see him give work away, though… because he says it looks like the shop (his regular workplace) is going to be slowing down, coming up, here.  That’s always nerve-wracking.

He drives me CR-azy sometimes.  Am I allowed to say that?  (He’ll laugh when he reads this.)  Well, he does.  Our tax return in, it’s time for him to get his passport around for that Italy trip in June.  So he went to gather up his stuff, and couldn’t find his birth certificate.  I got called in, because I’m supposed to be the one who knows were everything is.  I keep stuff VERY organized, and everyone else’s are right where I keep them, but not his.  Noooo… the goof never got it from his mom when he married me and moved out!  TWENTY years, and he hasn’t had his birth certificate!  Mercy…!  He left a LOT of stuff at his parent’s home – some of it exasperates me (like his saxophone – the kids and I would LOVE to have his saxophone).  I had lived on my own, for a year, so I had everything that belonged to me (Besides, I was afraid of what would happen if I left anything behind).  But he’s… just… so lackadaisical about stuff.  So… Brian.  😛   I love him, but he makes me want to roll my eyes at him, sometimes…!

Okay.  Going.  And I promise tomorrow’s will be less angsty, k?

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