___________ March 11, 2016__________

Thumbs Up!

I sprained (or dislocated/relocated or something) my thumb, yesterday.  It’s the double-jointed one (and not to get back on genetics, but every one of my kids inherited that and – about a month ago after supper – sat at the table grossing Brian out with their freaky feats of thumb.  I mostly DON’T do anything that gives people [or me] the heebie-ba-jeebies, but you know how little boys can be.)  Anyhow, that particular thumb can move further than other fingers, but it moved WAY out – I felt and heard it pop completely out of joint – and it hurt when it happened.  *VERY* much so.  Stupid, stupid, stupid!  But I don’t know – thumbs apparently are connected differently to the arm, because it aches all the way up the inner side, to the elbow, too?  No mi gusta!  So I’m kind of cantankerous, just based on the “summ’in ain’t feelin’ so hot” factor.

You’d think thumbs were important, but honestly?  They’re not so much so, typing.  They press the space button – BOTH of them.  One is expendable when it comes to e-mailing, it turns out!  I have learned, that it’s a pain in the hiney in the kitchen, however.  Especially since I’m right handed, and that’s (of course!) the one that I wonked up.  Opening my little yellow pills last night sucked.  (<< Had to give the bottle to Brian who was snickering.)  Holding a glass that’s more than half full… yeah, not gonna happen.  I needed mouthwash, and the squeezy top?  I had to take the stupid thing to Brian, and he snickered some more (he’s always snickering at me, anyhow.  You should’ve seen him when that CPL came in the mail.  He called me, “His Squishy”, the rat-bastard!  In fact, when he read about it in my e-mail to you last night, he was all, “You didn’t tell him you’re my squishy!”  SHUT. UP. BRIAN!!!!!)   << Okay, fine… go ahead and laugh… it’s funny, but SO not, at the same time…!!

Just… for the record, there is a disgruntled hand involved in the writing of this post.  Quite possibly a disgruntled blonde attached to it.

This morning I’m supposed to take the kids to a play.  At 10am, at a public school with masses of public school children.  Which means I need half an hour to get there and half an hour to make sure we’re not stuck in the middle of a group of inner city jerk fifth-grade boys.  WHY did I say we would try to see this?  It’s Penny’s son – they were in our karate class.  And it’s ‘The Sound of Music‘ – which is vastly different on stage than in the movie, so I’d (originally) been thinking that it would be good for the kids to see it.  But it turns out that I… don’t want to see it done, again.  And I don’t want to go to Godwin HS.  (Not a great school in GR).  And I don’t want to schlep out of the house at the crack of a.m.  (<< You and Brian likely BOTH snicker at that.  But mostly we don’t emerge in the mornings… it’s school and low-key waking-up-ish-ness.  This makes me a crappy person, this laziness that doesn’t want to go, doesn’t it?

Brian got his birth certificate from his Daddy and took off work early yesterday to go get that all squared away.  It meant that he was home early – yay! for us, we get to see more of him – and yay! for him, he had more time to put towards the stuff in the barn.  He brought one in, last night.  He has to make TEN of ’em, and they looked like massive ratchet sockets – the size of semi-truck pistons, I would guess.  SO big and heavy!  (I held it in the left hand.  For the record.)

Kids just got up.  And they’ve decided they DO want to go see the play.  And they got up in time for us to make it, if we move N.O.W., so… apparently I’ll be back to write more, later.  Field trip Fridays: oi, my vey…!

It is now later.  A lot, lot, LOT later.  (Six hours?  Something like that?)  Anyhow, I have to apologize for not catching that the pictures yesterday weren’t public.  Nothing on my FB is, and I should’ve known that, hello!  Anyhow, it feels funny, sharing a post from 2013 (!?) for pity’s sakes, but at least hopefully it kept you busy this morning.

I’m pooped.  I was gonna write more, but I forgot half of what I had in mind, and am too wiped out to bother with the rest.  Anyhow, today is for tomorrow’s telling.  In other words, I could’ve sent this *HOURS* ago, and saved you the wait!

Going.  To find a nice soft place on the sofa and crash for a few moments.  There’s something to be said for just being still now and again, don’t you think?  (Except that I need to finish fixing Aaron’s scout pack – the strap was way too short – and it’s by the sofa.  Betcha ten bucks he’ll be there, coaxing me into stitching it up for him within fifteen minutes.  *grins*)  And of course it’s Flashcard Friday, so that’s coming up, yet, too…

Okay, anyhow.  I’m off to flop somewheres for a few.

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