___________ March 15, 2016__________

Great Wool Flodge

Happy Day-after-Pi-Day!

I really honestly wasn’t paying much attention to that.  Yesterday was our second day of vacation, after all!

Something funny:  Owen turns around to me up the tallest staircase to the slides, yesterday, and says, “It’s LODGE, not FLODGE.”  I had no idea what he was saying until he explained that he thought we were taking them to ‘Great Wool Flodge’, and then he realized it’s ‘Great Wolf Lodge’, and has been having to correct himself, ever since.  Don’t tell the little guy, but I can’t tell the difference!

Another very, very strange thing:  over half the people here (and there are hundreds) are from Ontario.  Most of the vehicles in the parking lot have Ontario plates.  Wonder why that is!  I jokingly told Brian it’s because they can afford to come – THEY don’t have to pay out for Obamacare.  (<< bad joke…)  But really I wonder why that is.

Well, I got a LOT of stuff done, yesterday on the computer in our hotel room, LoL!   I got all of the TED-ed periodic videos downloaded and put in order by number.  I got all of the video music theory lessons from Dave Conservatoire downloaded, numbered, and put in order.  I got all of the 60-second president videos downloaded and put in chronological order.  I meant to get to Hebrew, Spanish, Chinese, and Reading Rainbow, but it’s the organizing of files after their on the system that takes forever!

Aaron was sick all day long, yesterday.  He was absolutely miserable, and camped out on the floor with his pillow and a GameBoy (Se have really old GameBoys that only come out on vacations).  Brian took the other four kids to the water park, and they had a good time.  We swapped off after lunch, and I took the four out and had a really good time, too.  I love to float/swim the lazy river (no tube), and to check out the tattoos.  It’s funny, seeing all the crazy colors and ugly pictures people have put on their bodies.

Confession:  I… am not attractive in the water park.  Ever.  I have this philosophy:  you can either be pretty, or have fun.  My goal in life is to have fun, so I’m NOT pretty.  And I don’t care, mostly.  It’s sad though – the water park is FULL of dads, all taking their kids on the slides and in the pools… but the mom’s won’t ruin their make-up and hairdos, so aside from standing in the calf-deep kiddie pool, they just don’t go in.  I’m one of maybe three women I saw actually WET.  And while yes, they’re very pretty… what a memory they’re making for their kids.  I just tell my kids my philosophy, and tell them that when it’s time to find a mate – leave the pretty ones to themselves, and find one that’s a giggling drowned rat.  😉

We stayed out and played until supper time, and then I collapsed on quite possibly THE SOFTEST bed on the face of the planet and immediately fell asleep beside Brian (who was vegging.  He likes to veg.)  Then we ordered two large roasted veggie pizzas (no meat options other than pork, as usual…), and – charging them to our room to use that $25 guest credit?  The pizzas came to $7(ish), total!  Anyhow, it was really good.  By supper Aaron was done being *sick*, but he wasn’t eating.  And he sacked out on the sofa sleeper never to rise again (at least yesterday), poor little guy!

I sent Brian and the boys out after dinner to find the peeps – it’s ‘Spring Week’ here at the Lodge, and they have hidden 14 inch tall Peeps all over the hotel, so they went out to find the Peeps.  Our bad upstairs neighbors were gone and we had a MUCH nicer night’s stay.

Aaron has popped up like a daisy, today.  Hasn’t done anything ick since about 5pm last night, so I think we’re all clear.  He even ate breakfast – and was the first chatterer in the Kid Cabin, this morning.  (<<  Brian got peevish with me when I spelled it ‘Kid Kabin’ in a previous entry.  Nevermind that it’s also ‘Kid Kamp’.  I… whatever, people!!!!)  Anyhow, so I’m to be packing the room this morning while Brian’s otherwise occupied.  Then we’ll load the car, but go back inside and use the park until lunch, and dress/leave then.  So Aaron will get to play in the water park, after all.

✿☆✿´¯` And none of the rest of us got sick!! ´¯`✿☆✿

On the way home, we’re stopping in Newaygo to see the fish. [ http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-tsr3oTlxLqE/Tf-Mun_gwPI/AAAAAAAAAHg/dOIwgzmxvOc/s1600/Newaygo-Fish.jpg ]  In looking them up, I see that they have a really big jerky factory in Newaygo, too… and we very much love the beef sticks – especially Brian – so I might find out where that is and take him.

Actually, people are melting down needing a Commander-in-Chief, so I have to go, anyhow.  There’s a hotel room to pack up, and believe you me – that’s no small feat!

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