___________ March 16, 2016__________

Dumb at the Dentist

Wow.  It’s already been a morning.  And not a good one.

First, it thunder-stormed all night long.  Gusting winds… it’s still blowing and raining.  I didn’t sleep.  Brian slept like the dead.  Then I finally got an hour’s rest and woke up at 3:27 – WIDE awake, after dreaming about my great, great aunts and the Bible (<<< yes, why yes, I’m weird.)  Seeing a familiar number usually is a prompt for me to go get up and receive a message.  So I got on-line at the crack of dark and found NOTHING out.

Oh, except that it looks like my Ben Carson is advocating Trump.  Have I mentioned that I *LIKE* that man?  I do!  He says he ‘forgives Trump’ for the comments in the debates, because ‘that’s what believers do’, and that he ‘just wants to see the voice of the people be heard.’  EXACTLY.  I also learned that Soros is funding the liberals in order to stop Trump.  If that isn’t an indication that Hillary is the wrong choice (IMO), I don’t know what is.  Soros is pure evil – always is found where bad things are being orchestrated.  History will out.

Turns out yesterday was the Ides of March.  3am is a bad time to learn that you MISSED it, fyi.  Et tu, Facebook.

Anyhow, I stumbled back to bed and fell asleep only as Brian was getting up, and dreamed MORE about my great, great aunts and the Bible (<< it picked up where I’d left off, and how weird is THAT?!?!), then that STO_opid alarm started going off, and I think I snoozed it something like twenty times (it’s vague, to be honest) and woke with 10 minutes until we had to leave for the orthodontist to get the upper retainer.  THE. GIRL. IS. NOT. HAPPY.

Neither was I, truth be told.  I got halfway there, and received a prompting to make the annual dental cleaning appts today.  (Normally May Day – 5/1 – is the day I call for appts.)  But it was unmistakable, so… I went in and had to talk to Carla, the world’s most moronic office lady, ever.  I’m not kidding.  Nor was I at all in the mood for her.  Typically, I make the appointments, and then they call and say, “We had a cancellation today – can you have the kids here in ten minutes?” and I say “Sure!” and we fill in the blank spots in the schedule.  So I told her to just fit us in the openings between people.

Carla pulls up the schedule and says, “Let’s see, I have three back-to-back appts on the 13th of April…?”  Yeah.  Cuz… I really want to sit in the car with four other kids for THREE HOURS STRAIGHT.  Um, how about no?  So then she talks me into two of the three hours, and says, “We’ll put Keegan in the first one.”  I’m like, “WHO?!”  And she says, “Keegan isn’t okay?”  I don’t even HAVE a Keegan, hello.  “Oh, um, Ethan.  Sorry.”

Then she pulls up another two hour block, and wants to put me and Isaac in it.  I asked her to do Isaac and Owen, instead – I don’t want to leave the kids in the car like that without me for THAT long.  So she’s trying to fit (unbeknownst to me) Isaac, me, AND Owen in this two hour block, and finally she gives up and says, “Can you just be a different day?”  !!!!!?!!!!!?!!!  Good, Lord…!  And so she says, “Alright, so Owen and Derek are on…”  And I cut her off and said, “Honey.  My boys are all vowel names.  If you see a name that begins with a consonant, it’s the wrong. kid.”  Homi-freakin’-gosh!!  I just wanted to tell her to STOP-STOP-STOP and run out to the parking lot and scream.

I shouldn’t bellyache about today.  We should talk about yesterday, which was WONDERFUL.  We went back into the water park for three hours.  I got to ride ‘Big Yeller’ (<< It’s large and yellow.  Don’t ask.) with the kids while sitting backwards, and homiGOSH, was that fun!  I was hootin’ and cacklin’, and screamin’…!!  It was a total rush!   I haven’t had that much fun in a LONG time!  And I let my hair down and swam the lazy river (it’s better with the hair thing, trust me).

Then we changed and hit the road (plus lunch), and headed down 37 to Newaygo.  Pulled in at a gas station to ask directions to the Great Stone Fishheads.  Three women were working in that place, and not one of them had ever heard of any stone fish sculpture in Newaygo.  “If it’s anywhere, you could try Riverside park.  This road just to the north of our store, and down the hill to the parking lot.”  Ironically?  The Great Stone Fishheads were 500 feet from the gas station.  It will NEVER cease to astound me how ignorant and unadventurous people are.  Just… sayin’.

There was a pussy willow bush that got crunched by a car, so I took some cuttings off it, to see if we could grow roots and plant them at home, but it was a LONG ways, yet, to GR.  So I said, “I need you to find a creek or something so I can get water for my branches.”  And *just* as I said it, we saw a sign for a boat launch!  Perfect.  So the branches rode home in a McD’s cup full of lake water.  🙂

We hit GR (and the “S” curve) at rush hour, exactly (Figures) and on top of that there was an accident that backed it up from Market thru 36th, so that was a JOY (… not…).  And we found out that our A/C got broken in the car wreck – Joy.  (Windows down, it smells like a deep fry at Hall St.  Just so’s everyone knows.)  But we got home with just enough time for me to tend critters, jump in the shower, deck out in dance clothes, and take off for tap class.  *WHEW!*  May I just add that tap dancing after two solid days of climbing tube towers and swimming for hours is NOT a good idea?  Today my legs feel like jelly.

And tap is not getting any better.  I suck at it.  No… I *SUCK*.  To the point where Mz. Jen said, “NO, Anna… hop on the LEFT.”  ((!!))  White chicks can’t dance.  And I’m the cracker-est cracker there is.  That’s all there is to it.  Anyhow, I had Mz. Jen make a little video of the two of us doing the sequence we’d learned on my cell for me to practice at home.  I would’a done it during class, but you don’t know how middle aged women are when someone whips out a camera.  I’ve no allusions about my looks – I’m a svelte elephant on taps.  So I got a video of me doing it… and NATURALLY all the women (who don’t want to be recorded) wanted me to send copies to them.  I learned how to send video via text, last night.  😛  They’ll probably all be showin’ their husbands, and they’ll be all, ‘So who’s the blonde rhino cracker who can’t dance?”  ((Oi. My. Vey.))

Is 10am too early for a nap?

I hear they’re making another Indiana Jones movie.  Brian says Ford is too old.  I say if Sir Sean Connery could kick ar$e in the third one at the ripe old age of almost 70-something, then so can Ford.  Let the guy have his fun.  It’s amusing to watch.  No?

Back to school, today.  Half week means taking shortcuts.  And anyhow, it’s Electronic Wednesday.  Did you know I do a few of the programs required, myself?  Morse, Hebrew drills, Duolingo, and Binary.  I also play Math Lines, just because it’s so darn fun.  Yup… even the old girl can learn new tricks.  It keeps me sharp.  😉

Anyhow.  I should go.  Sorry about the weird e-mails earlier.  No, really.  It’s just one of those recovery days, apparently.  I have stuff to unpack and wet stuff to wash and… I should go.

Have a great Winds-Day.

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